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Found 8 results

  1. Level: Intermediate/Advanced: You need to be able to slap together a plane that flies reasonably well before attempting a VTOL. Background reading: Start with the fantastic Basic Aircraft Design tutorial in this very forum. Craft used to illustrate this tutorial: BAK Cyclone BAK Karmilla BAK Drakula BAK Zephyr BAK Bumblebee What's a VTOL aircraft? VTOL stands for "Vertical Take-Off and Landing." A VTOL aircraft as discussed here is a craft that's designed to fly aerodynamically, using lift produced by lifting surfaces, but take off and land vertically. Th
  2. Hello people, after getting the Breaking Ground update I was thrilled to finally be able to build stock propeller planes! Well, the hype quickly died because it's pretty roundabout flying that stuff. So after making larger propeller planes and a P-38 replica that was actually flying pretty well (but with constant pitch adjustment), I decided to go simple and make very small planes that don't need THAT much input. So I started by trying to replicate the Wright Flyers. Didn't work out as planned, I had to kerbalize it a lot. Also it still had too many parts (over 40!). Then I discovere
  3. Good day. Since there is an official VTOL thread, but no dedicated STOL thread (or at least not a more recent one, or me not looking hard enough), I thought it would be nice to discuss small, cute planes that can take off and land at low speeds. Mainly because in the last days, I tinkered a bit with these kind of planes. Some of you might know the Fieseler "Storch", a plane used by the Luftwaffe in WW2 as recon machine and by many other organizations since then because it can take off at around 50 km/h (which is like 16-17 m/s) and land at zero with wind blowing against it. I tried b
  4. Yatsykon Concept Co. - With us, you'll soar to new heights! After years of R&D, the Yatsykon Concept Co. is proud to unveil our first ever personal UltraLight™ aircraft! Powered by a C7 Aerospace J20 "Juno" Engine, and with a wingspan of over 17 meters, this small personal transportation craft provides an efficient alternative to the bulky, fuel-hungry, and expensive craft provided by other manufacturers. With a leisurely top speed of 130 m/s, the Yat-1 UltraLight™ provides you with enough range to get to the local island or mountain resort and back, many time
  5. 77 Industries presents: Carrier Aircraft They are all STOL or VTOL, 7 out of 8 have a claw, all very compact so they fit on the elevator of my carrier. Most have a Juno in the nose for carrier operations, some have a dual nose gear for changing attitude. Imgur album with little story Captain's Plane Prop Fighter Jet Fighter Interceptor Taxi Cargo VTOL VTOL Super Aircraft Carrier (EJ_SA Class)
  6. We all do it don't we? Put 3 CRG100 back to back, fill with orange tanks, cluster the cargo bays with so many engines you can't see them, then put a pair of Basic Fins on as wings. Roar off the end of the runway stalling at mach 1, barely miss the water, zoom to orbit. The thing is, Werner Von Kerman's allotment is at the end of that runway, and he's getting quite fed up with Jeb upsetting his chickens. So, the challenge is to show something that can takeoff and land horizontally using a bit less runway, whilst still getting to orbit. The Rules Stock parts and physics
  7. Hey guys, Wanted to share my new STOL Transport. Capable of over 5 tons payload and water operations. Video: Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7-hhvJgx6_lN1IxZlZJWTd1enM Thanks, buzz66boy
  8. I wanted a plane that could deliver goods in the mountains so I built one. It's got heavy duty linked all-terrain suspension and is able to take off from the very first section of the runway and at least land on the snowy tops of mountains at 5.4 km altitude (see screenshots). The name comes from the ridiculous looking suspension but in this case, function comes before form. Enjoy! see 77I- Praying Mantis STOL on KerbalX.com
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