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  1. After the failure of the original Sentinel Design Bureau, all funding was cut and the agency put on life support. Luckily, however, it was revived by the latest administration in the great nation of United East Kerbonia! Now it stands to expand kerbalkind through the planets and moons of the Kerbol system, but first, it has to start all over. This is a rescaled 2x career using a whole slew of mods and custom visuals based off of Spectra. my goal is to somewhat reaalistically explore the kerbolar system and colonize it, and maybe go interstellar. Link To The Original Table of Contents ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1 | Starting Somewhere Chapter 2 | Strange Rockets ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1 | Starting Somewhere When the Sentinel Design Bureau was revived, a new rocket had to be made to make up for lost tech. Building off of the blueprints that were discovered being used as Bill Kerman's coffee napkins. The result was a brand-new family of sounding rockets. Behold, the aptly-named GoUp 1! With a BANG, the GoUp 1-1 lifts off into the air. Unfortunately, the stability on the first stage was . . . questionable at best And the second stage ignited upside-down But, in the end, science was gained . . . And a new rocket was developed, the GoUp 2! A mighty rocket, with only 1 stage but way more Delta-v It made it higher than ever, but unfortunately, the antennae and batteries were forgotten, leading to no science gain, a terrible misfortune Luckily, in the GoUp 2-2 mission, this was remedied, and science was gained And that end the the first three missions in kerbalkind's rise to the stars.
  2. It had been 12 years since the 7th Kerbin War ended. 14 years since the space program ended. Kerbals have always had a habit of worldwide conflicts, having fought 5 in the last 50 years. But this war was different, it was worse. Massive armadas of ships were deployed only for a handful to return. In the end, the Kefrican Federation won, but at what cost? Retired director of the old Space Program John Kerman brings the old kerbonauts and scientists back together, but with the economy in ruins and almost a decade of work destroyed, will they be able to succeed in bringing Kerbalkind to space? This is a story/mission report with a lot of Forgotten Space Program Influence, but is kinda based on my old, dead version 1.11 career. Modlist: Enjoy the story! Chapters: A new beginning 01-A great start 02-Old parts, new mission 03-Like peas in a pod 04-KOOSE on deck! 05-Boring stuff number 1 06-The Anomaly 07-Project Rediscovery The Elcano (note, this is done in another unmodded save to make the entry stock) 08-The Roadtrip 09-The Elcano Begins 10-Bumps and a "tiny scratch" 11-Over the Rim Back at the KSC :12-Intercept Back at the KSC :13-The Plan Back at the KSC :14-Flight of the Dynamic Back at the KSC:15-Doppelganger Back at the KSC:16-Old props and old kerbonauts 17-Back to the Elcano 18-Cliffs and Craters
  3. I had an idea for a saga today, but I wanted it to not just be me. So here it is. KAR WARS. Your job here is to make a good series of posts building off of each other’s posts. I want it to be like a Si Fi adventure based on the Star Wars and Star Trek that we all know and love. I do not have time to play ksp today so I will end you with this. I will just back to you later with the OG post, or you could create the first post. But remember, you need room for the next post to build on your post. And yes you must include photos from ksp
  4. The Dawn We Left At A KSP War Story (By: @Mukita12) For the last five years, tension between the Republic of Hartfordia and the United Striabar State arose to a near highest level after Hartfordian government accused the Striabar government for inhumane acts against people with Hartfordienne background, even going so far as kidnapping Hartfordia's own citizen. It was only a matter of time before war broke up between the two of them and finally on December 16th, 2021, The Hartfordian military launched a surprise lighting warfare attack on the Striabarian Government. Will the Invasion succeeded? Will the personnels from all three branches of FANRH destroy the threat in southern region of Kerbin? From the world of MWRP Geopolitical Server, Mukita12 will bring you war story filled with Action, Sacrifice, Glory, and Honor. Chapter Prologue The Rumbling Thunder Chapter One Here Comes the Cavalry Chapter Two Delay More chapter to come Author's Note: Greetings Kerbonaut, this is Mukita12 here. After reading @DarkOwl57's World War K, Battle of Kerbin and other of his war series. I'm inspired to write this kind of story as well, and the fact that i'm currently having war in the Nation RP that i'm in (which is where the maps from the above comes from) also inspired me to write a story. I will try to make this as semi-realistic as possible whilst also making it casual and Kerbal Friendly. My estimation would be that i probably post a chapter once every two or three weeks. If you guys want a semi spoiler, there will be 2 major character in the story. An Infantry grunt who is a member of the mechanized force and a tank commander, who's part of the armoured spearhead
  5. I kinda got bored so i will make this series, expect infrequnt updates The premise here is that Gaelkind colonized every single world that orbits Ciro, but has since broke into smaller warring faction. The story centers one one of them called Gaelia Remata, one of the warring faction that is determend to reunite the system again. Before i spoil litearly the entirity of the plot let start the Prologe. Ofc thanks to @Galileo for making the Galileo Planet Pack so this series is able to exist in the first place. Chapter 0 - Prologue Chapter 1 - Part 1 - First Victory Prologue The República Gaelia is a mighty republic. It spans accros the entirity of the Galilean system. It has made turned every single world prosperous. But those are long bygone days, The República Gaelia has since collapsed under its imense weight into many warring factions. Among the mightest is the Otho-Gauss-Nero Federation, the largest of the warring facitons. But everyone underestimates our determination of uniting the entirty of the Galilean system again one victory at a time.
  6. Well, it finally happened. After three years of reading people's fanfic on this site, I finally got around to making my own. I hope you enjoy it. So, here goes! Chapter 1:
  7. We Who Witnessed A KSP Novel Written by Lo var Lachland The Lord Kraken tooketh the Kerbal and putteth on Kerbin to worketh it and care for it. And the Lord Kraken Commanded the Kerbal, "You art free to roam Kerbin, but if 't be true thee enter the Garden of Nat'peh, may the Kraken forsooth strike thee down, for thou has't disobeyed the Lord thy Kraken. But the Kerbal didst enter the Garden of Nat'peh, and lo, that Kerbal wast cursed by the Lord the Kraken, and banished to the surface world to serveth the rest of his life in loneliness and fear of the mighty Lord his Kraken, for the Kraken rules all. Coequal after that Kerbal hadst been warned of the trembling power of the Lord his Kraken, the Kerbal didst not obey and wast therefore still ill-fitted to the Kraken. From that day on, the Kerbal wast looked on with distain by the other creatures and the Kerbal wast hath used as an example of obedience to the Lord thy Kraken. Table Of Contents: Prologue Chapter I - Discovery Chapter II - Awakening Chapter III - Arrival Chapter IV - Thoughts Chapter V - Rift Chapter VI - Juliet Chapter VII - One Week Later Chapter VIII - Aftermath Chapter IX - USS James E. Williams Chapter X - UKSS Edlu Chapter XI - Lucy Chapter XII - Creature Chapter XIII - New Beginnings
  8. Each user who posts to this will continue the story, adding 5 words in one post. The rules are: Follow the Forum Rules. Only add 5 words to continue the story at a time, no more and no less. Wait until someone else posts to post again. The 5 words must continue the story, meaning they need to make some sense. Alright. Go! The story starts with: Once Upon A Time In...
  9. Chapter 1 - Doomed Chapter 2 - Time's a tickin' Chapter 3 - Around the fleet Chapter 4 - Moment of drama Chapter 5 - The Green in the black Chapter 6 - Spanner in the works Chapter 7 - One down Chapter 8 - Two to go Chapter 9 - Thumbs Up Chapter 10 - Val's down Chapter 11 - Static Chapter 12 - Snappy Dresser Chapter 13 - Field Trip Chapter 14 - The Box Chapter 15 - Siren Song Chapter 16 - The Hatch Chapter 17 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Chapter 1 – Doomed The results were in, there could be no doubt. The mystics had read their tea leaves and run for the hills. The scientists had studied the data, run simulations and run for the hills. The talking heads had listened to the mystics and the scientists, then grabbed their microphones... and run for the hills. Emergency statement: Regarding recent discovery and the way forward. The discovery made just a few days ago has been a shock to everyone on Kerbin. Comet Tiddles (named after the late Dr Tiddles Kerman) is on a collision course with our world and the results will be devastating. In just 42 days our encounter with Tiddles will result in a firestorm of destruction, the likes of which we have never seen. The surface of Kerbin will be rendered a lifeless ball of rock, leaving us but one option if we wish to preserve something of our species. We must make a new life on another world and that world is Laythe. This will not be a new beginning for us all, only a select few. But those selected will carry with them the seeds of our species’ future and our hopes. Dr Stranlow Kerman: Chairman - Kerbal Institute for Astronautics (KIA) Year 976 Day 329. Laythe Orientation and Survival Techniques (LOST) - Mission summary The Team The LOST team will be composed of three member of each of the following disciplines · Pilots – As much as we'd prefer not to send any of these thrill seeking jokers, we had to give the team at least some chance of finding its way to Laythe. · Scientists – The original plan was to send three members of KSC management (they were insisting due to the whole apocalypse thing) instead of a scientific team. We resolved that issue using a tasty looking cake, a storage closet and duct tape. · Engineers – These will be responsible for mining minerals from the surface of Laythe and processing them into materials for the colonists. We had hoped to send more scientists instead (specifically the senior members of the KIA), but the engineers wouldn’t give us details on the techniques they use to get the converter units so productive, so we’re stuck with sending them. The vehicles Four vehicles will carry the members of the LOST team to Laythe, three of them controlled directly by a pilot, while one will follow autonomously. This last vehicle really complicated the mission, but we didn’t want the scientists and engineers complaining about the pilots having an extra player for games night. · The lifter – A vehicle capable of flying from the surface of Laythe to orbit and back again. We don’t know what use this will have to a team of colonists, scraching out a new life on the surface, but the pilots insisted we give them “a ride” worthy of their skills. · The Plant – The mining and processing plant will supply the needs of the colonists. Engineers are pretty territorial, so the pilot and scientist members of the team have been warned to keep their hands off it. · The Lab – A fully equipped research laboratory on wheels, that will allow the scientists to gather samples from their new home and find out if there are any surprises to reveal. However we suspect it’s just a pretty standard hunk of rock, with some gas wrapped round it. The scientist members of the team want it to go on record that it is not “a school bus”. · The Hab – A module providing accommodation for the colonists, as well as a common area for the three parts of the team to interact. Corners of equipment have been covered with cushioning materials and all surfaces easy clean, in case of disagreements on the colony becoming a little heated. In addition to these four vehicles, attached to the lifter on its journey to Laythe, will be two rover vehicles. The pilots have “called dibs” on these, as these are “real rides” and not “a school bus”. The Schedule With just 42 days until all of us on Kerbin must answer to the Kraken, there will be no time to lose preparing the four vehicles for departure to Laythe. Careful design, testing and manufacture; concepts which the KIA has adhered to strictly in it 162 missions (9 fully successful); will need to be replaced. The new order of the day will be grabbing what we have from stores, slapping it together and hoping it works. Launch of all four vehicles from the KSC will be in 19 days, with departure from Kerbin orbit to Laythe 1 day later. With the use of the new F-12 series Complex Harmonic Endothermic Atomic Transductive engines, journey time to Laythe will be only 21 days. This will allow the colonists a few hours to enjoy life on the surface of their new home, before their old one bites the big one. Should the accuracy of the predicted time of our impending doom be off just a smidge (orbital mechanics is hard after all), additional supplies and possibly colonists may be dispatched to the LOST team. Good luck and may the Kraken be with you. Jerman Kerman: Mission Director
  10. Hello, everyone. My name is ffx. This is a sandbox mission report. The current plot long story short is that the ksc just gets sucked by a wormhole to the RSS universe and some thing is trying to destory the ksc This is also my first story time @jimmymcgoochiefor inspiring me to create this Also text in () are creators comment Chapter 1: Warped Episode 0/Backstory: Scroll down lol Episode 1: Warped: Episode 2: Rising Tensions Chapter 2: Chaos and War Episode 3 Episode 4
  11. Well I'm cooped up in quarantine, and I've been playing KSP in my down time. I've decided to do something rather more ambitious than usual, since I've got time to see it through. I'm building a space station to ship off to Jool, and it's called CLOUD ONE. It'll have landers of all sorts, miniature probes, "droids", and housing for 80 Kerbals on top of a huge NTR-propelled booster stage. I may as well write silly stuff about its travels to share with you all. Here's some pictures as I was beginning assembly of the hab section yesterday. https://imgur.com/a/zzyfT5d
  12. Been working on this one for a while, ever since I got the inspiration from the classic FTL Drive mod. So without further ado, I present: Network Effect Prologue - The Loophole Wernher von Kerman cruised up to the gates of the Kerbal Space Corporation’s launch center in his rickety sedan. The automated security scanner flickered over his car, matched up his access codes, and allowed him through without a word. He let out a barely audible sigh as he swerved into the closest parking spot. His hand hovered over the door handle. Pulling it would mean yet another day of pointless corporate “science,” researching trite ways to squeeze a few more percent of payload efficiency out of the tired old sat-lifter designs that KSC vehemently refused to overhaul. Endless tweaking of the same few dozen engine models, hoping against hope that this change or that might marginally improve their specific impulse or thrust. It wasn’t supposed to be this way… once, he and his team had been at the forefront of the United Kerbal State’s space race effort, racing along the bleeding edge of research and development. It was he who brought the nation’s extraplanetary ambitions from exploding trashcans with one open end to satellites, stations, and kerbed landings on the Mun. Back then, their expansion out into the untamed worlds of the System had felt like a guarantee, as certain as the sun rising in the morning. Then came the falling public interest, the budget cuts, the privatizations… the stars receded, becoming as cold and distant as they had always been. The UKSR, their rival in the space race, had grown brittle and shattered. The Kerbal Space Center became the Kerbal Space Corporation, seemingly destined to do nothing more exciting than launch commercial satellites into LKO. Any grander voyages were decades off, even with the strides bigger companies like Space-K were making. Why bother? He could retire now, live comfortably for his few remaining years. Never have to touch a lab table again. But no. He couldn’t. There was always that little voice in the back of his head, reminding him of the ever-present chance that he could accomplish something meaningful with his time. Wernher shook his head, popped open the door, and headed towards the R&D facility. # # # The first indication that something was amiss hit him immediately after he opened the door. The normally sedate atmosphere of the facility was practically buzzing with energy. Underpaid, overcaffeinated interns were zipping through the halls, visible only as green blurs if you didn’t focus on them. Voices poured out of the PA, with dozens of kerbals competing for dominance of the lone channel. Wernher adjusted his glasses and dived into the roiling tide, scanning left and right for familiar faces. The first few labs he entered - usually the busiest ones, dedicated to propulsion research - were abandoned, with only a few scattered experiments to suggest that the occupants had left in a hurry. At an intersection, he took a left down the skywalk into the engineering department, only to narrowly avoid colliding with Bill Kerman as he emerged from a conference room. “Wernher, where have you been?!” he exclaimed before Wernher had even regained his balance. “We’ve been trying to raise you all morning, but everything bounced!” Wernher groaned. He had muted his hand terminal in a fit of early morning fog. “Sorry, Bill… technical issues.” “Never mind that, man, we gotta get you to the high-energy labs!” Bill grabbed Wernher by the shoulders and steered them both in the opposite direction. “The high-energy labs? What could possibly be going on there? They’ve been getting by on pocket change for the past decade!” “Look, that didn’t matter! They’ve stumbled across something, something big. I can’t tell you more out in the open like this, but this is game-changing historical stuff.” “How game changing?” ventured Wernher. Bill stopped and looked him dead in the eye. “You know that interplanetary future you keep pining for?” Wernher blinked. “Which lab?” # # # Wernher stepped into high-energy lab number two, directly behind Bill, and locked the door behind him. The lights were dimmed, and a small crowd was gathered around windows looking into a vacuum chamber. Inside, a jumble of electronics and some other technological bits he didn’t recognize sat on a test bench. Off to the side, one of the brains in charge - Meisner - was sitting at a control panel. It was covered in blinking readouts, graphs, and status reports, all competing for visual dominance. Wernher’s eyes ached just from glancing at it. He looked away and elbowed his way into a prime viewing spot. “So, what exactly am I looking for?” He whispered to Bill. “Trust me, it’ll be obvious. Oh, they’re starting!” Meisner switched on his headset and began to speak to no one in particular. “Beginning test number… four, on my mark.” The contraption on the test bed flared to life, dozens of scattered LED lights blinking on in unison. Two bands of hastily-shaped scrap metal embedded in the middle began to spin up in opposite directions, generating the occasional burst of sparks that arced strangely through the airless chamber. Wernher looked around and noted that the lights, already dim, had gone out completely. Some incoherent screaming from an adjacent lab suggested the effect wasn’t limited to their immediate surroundings. The… thing in the vacuum chamber was clearly drawing massive amounts of power. “Mark,” intoned Meisner. “Beginning sequence.” The spinning bands accelerated, their rust and pockmarks becoming barely-visible streaks. Sparks flew in a continuous stream, and Wernher heard the harsh pop of fuses blowing somewhere nearby. He leaned in close. What exactly was this thing supposed to d- He was cut short by a blinding flash of light, forcing him to involuntarily shield his eyes. Had it exploded? No, he was very much unhurt, and there had been no “big kaboom,” as the kerbonauts from the glory days would have called it. He blinked away the spots in his vision, looked back into the chamber, and blinked again. The mystery machine had cleanly vanished, leaving nary a scorch mark or stray bolt - the only mark it left was a semi-spherical divot that had been magically carved into the bench. “Bill, what the hell did I just see?” hissed Wernher. “It’s kind of a long story,” replied Bill. “Just give me the cliff notes version, then.” “Well… from what I can tell, Meisner’s team was working with their miniature particle guns, and accidentally discovered something. He calls it a ‘loophole in the universe.’ With the right mechanism, you can exploit it to remove mass from one location in space and instantly re-insert it at another, regardless of distance.” Wernher let out a meep and resisted the urge to fidget with his glasses. “So what you’re telling me is that they’ve invented faster-than-light travel… using fifteen year old equipment and a budget smaller than the average kerbal’s childhood allowance.” “That’s exactly what I’m saying. Although there’s still a few kinks they have to iron out… something about catastrophic molecular decomposition and unpredictable end states. Definitely not ready for store shelves, but give them a few days.” “Mein gott,” said Wernher. “Are you dense, Bill? Lock the doors, put the local net into restricted mode. No kerbals or data will enter or leave this building until I say otherwise!” “Woah, woah, Wernher, what are you doing? This may be a big deal, but we don’t need to lock down over it!” “Just do it! This is the biggest revolution in transportation since our ancestors turned their roots into legs. The last thing we need right now is this news getting out, followed immediately by half of the country beating down our gate!” Bill jumped, startled by the sudden outburst. “Y-yep, I’ll go take care of it right away. What are you going to do?” “I’ve got some important calls to make,” he yelled back, already headed for the hallway. “The President, for starters. Followed by some old friends of ours.” “The P-p-president?” he stuttered, but Wernher was already gone. Bill gulped and hurried off to the server room. None of them realized it yet, but the fate of Kerbin and its inhabitants had been forever changed. The System was open now, the vast distance between the planets reduced to a mere statistic in this post-relativity world. And it was going to be the biggest, bloodiest gold-fueled colonial rush anyone had ever seen. # # # And that's the prologue! I'm almost done with the first chapter as well. In the meantime, constructive criticism is much appreciated - this'll be my first real shot at a proper long-form story.
  13. Chapter 1: Joining the Party Chapter 2: Band on the Road Chapter 3: A Hot Gig Chapter 4: A New Riff Chapter 5: Raising the Curtain Chapter 6: Reforming the band Chapter 7: Final Performance MISSION BACKGROUND: YEAR. 1999. LOCATION: THE MOON, TYKO CRATER. A BLACK, RECTANGULAR OBJECT FOUND BY ACCIDENT WHEN RESCUING A KERBONAUT AND RECOVERING A SINGLE PIECE OF THEIR SPACECRAFT. COMPOSITION… UNKNOWN ORIGIN…. UNKNOWN GIVEN NAME… TYKO MONOLITH SIGNAL SENT FROM MONOLITH TOWARDS JOOL. REASON… UNKNOWN YEAR: 2001. LOCATION: VICINITY OF JOOL. SPACECRAFT: K.S.S. DISKOVERY AS SPACECRAFT APPROACHED JOOL’S TWO INNER MOONS… LAYTHE AND VALL… ARL – 202L COMPUTER MALFUNCTIONED. CREW: CO-PILOT BOB KERMAN KILLED BY ARL-202L WHILE OUTSIDE THE SPACECRAFT. COMMANDER JEB KERMAN DISCONNECTED LOGIC CIRCUITS OF ARL-202L. ARL-202L UNIT TAKING A TIME OUT. FINAL MISSION STATUS COMMANDER JEB KERMAN ENCOUNTERED OBJECT BETWEEN JOOL AND VALL. THE OBJECT IDENTICAL TO MONOLITH FOUND ON MUN… EXCEPT IN SIZE. MONOLITH NEAR JOOL IS BIG… LIKE REALLY BIG… YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE HOW BIG IT IS…… AND DARK… AND SPOOKY. COMMANDER JEB KERMAN LEFT DISKOVERY TO INVESTIGATE. LAST TRANSMISSION FROM COMMANDER KERMAN: “BY THE KRAKEN, IT’S FULL OF SNACKS.” REASON FOR MALFUNCTION OF ARL-202L… UNKNOWN. MEANING OF LAST JEB KERMAN TRANSMISSION… UNKNOWN. LOCATION OF JEB KERMAN… UNKNOWN (PRESUMED DEAD). COMPOSITION OF SECOND MONOLITH… UNKNOWN POSITON OF SECOND MONOLITH… LA GRANGE POINT BETWEEN JOOL AND VALL POSITION OF K.S.S. DISKOVERY… ORBIT OF VALL. CONDITION OF U.S.S. DISKOVERY… UNKNOWN. END MISSION REPORT FILED BY; HEYWOOD KERMAN… DIRECTOR, KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM. 2001. NOTE TO SELF: KNOW MORE THINGS!!! Chapter 1: Joining the Party "By the Kraken, it's full of snacks" "By the Kraken, it's full of snacks" "By the Kra…” The ringtone on Doctor Heywood Kerman’s phone cut short as he tapped its screen, taking a call from KSC security. “Yeee’llo… how can you help me” answered the head of the Kerbal Space Program cheerily. “Uh huh… ok… a strange guy hanging around the tracking station” said Heywood, repeating the message from center security “so why tell me instead of sending one of your minions to check it out… oh you have… and this stranger asked for me. Ok then, I’ll head over there now”. On most days Heywood would have considered posting the minion from security to a less desirable posting for pestering him with this kind of nonsense, like parts retrieval in the arctic. But he was intrigued to know what this stranger had to say, plus it gave him the opportunity to try out his new executive transport pod. Heywood had taken delivery of his new conveyance a few days earlier and he’d only had a couple of opportunities to take it for a spin. As well as saving him time travelling around the center, it also allowed him to glide effortlessly past those less fortunate, less deserving than himself, who had to hoof it around on foot… what a wonderful feeling. On his arrival at the tracking station Doctor Kerman stepped out of the ETP and strode over to the KSC security guard that was waiting there for him. “So how’s the golf cart” asked the security guard. “It’s not a golf cart, it’s an executive trans…” “…port pod” completed the guard. “My boss said to remember to say that… sure looks like a golf cart though, even has some clubs in the back”. Ok… no matter how beautiful the morning was, this guy was getting the arctic posting. “So where is this stranger” queried Heywood. “He’s hiding on the other side of the dish” replied the guard “said he wanted to look like he just snuck up on you when he starts talking”. Ah…. A fellow gamesman mused Heywood, possibly someone worthy of my great intellect; let the games begin. With that thought in mind, Heywood climbed the stairs of one of the mighty dishes that allowed the KSP to both track the position and communicate with its vehicles around the Kerbol system. It was one of the greatest achievements of the KSP, although its communication function had recently started to play up, losing contact with the more far flung of the program’s craft, necessitating the launch of many vehicles, with dishes bolted to them, to act as relays. Having ascended high enough to clearly have the upper hand (well two of them to be precise) over his unseen opponent, Heywood sat down to get his breath back. A moment later a kerbal in a dark suit stepped out from the other side of the dish and walked around its massive base before stopping at the foot of the stairs. “Heeloo… Doctor Heyvood Kirrman?” enquired the stranger. “Kerman… yes, I am he” replied the Doctor “so who might you be?” “Errrr… Might be?… ah, am Dimitri Kerman, chairman of the Kirrbil Institute of Space Science” rolled the ex-stranger. Hmmm… Heywood thought, KISS, the organisation responsible for the only other national space program on Kerbin. He’d heard of these guys and what he’d heard wasn’t good, at least that’s what they all said on NiceBook and Kwitter, so it must be true. “I vish to speak vith you about your problem” stated the kerbal now known as Dimitri, “de problem of your kosonauts dat disappeared”. “Kosonauts… oh you mean kerbonauts” corrected Heywood. “Nyet… kosonauts” counter corrected the chairman of KISS “dat you shoot into space”. What with the comically strong accent and the moustache twirling of this guy, Heywood didn’t trust him one bit. Ok, he didn’t actually have a moustache, but if he did, then he would be twirling it, Heywood was sure of that. “Which disappeared kerbo… er… kosonauts do you mean?” Heywood asked, as they lost those guys all the time. “Kosonauts dat vent to Jool after you dig up mirnolith on Mun” specified the chairman. “How do you know about the monolith” questioned Heywood, then realising that its existence was a huge secret “… er, which monolith… I mean, I didn’t say monolith”. Damm, he’s good thought the KSP director, we only rediscovered a couple of months ago, what we sent those guys to Jool for. The existence of the monolith and the implication that it proved the existence of something other than kerbal life in the universe, had been deemed such a huge secret that memory wipings had been ordered regarding its existence, for all but for a select group who would direct the Diskovery mission. But due to a clerical error, they had also had their memory wiped. It was only when people started asking why there was a large black slab being used as a lunch table in the break room, propped up at one end by a box of files marked “Classified - Top Secret” and a stack of disks at the other, labelled “Diskovery crew mission briefing video – only to be viewed once at Jool” that things fell into place once more. “So the mirnolith dat you say does not exist, vat did you discover about it?” asked Dimitri “all ve know is dat it’s black”. Hmmm…. looks like the game is up thought Heywood, seems like he knows everything. “Nothing, it’s impenetrable” answered the Doctor “we tried everything, on it; flaming rocket fuel, whacking it with a hammer, even threw some super hot chilli sauce on it, nothing worked”. This talk of chilli reminded him that it was at least an hour since his last meal, so he’d better wrap up this conversation quickly so that he could go get himself his 3rd breakfast. “Why don’t you try just saying what’s on your mind” said Heywood, with same curt tone that he reserved for interns that brought him the wrong lunch order. “Well, ve know dat you are building de Diskovery 3 to return to Jool” (the Diskovery 2 had to be scrapped when it was discovered it had been built with all the fuel lines connected the wrong way round) but we are ready to go next month in the Keonov” replied Dimitri. “I thought it was going to be called the “Jool Exploration Ballute Experimental Deceleration Interplanetary Access with Heat shield” asked Heywood. “Da… but we thought Keonov sounded much cooler” replied Dimitri “So you’ll get to Jool first, what of it” said the increasingly hungry and impatient Heywood. “Vell, ve heard dat computer on Diskovery vent a little… la la la” the chairman said, pointing a finger at his head and spinning it in little circles. “If our crew vent onto Diskovery it might do something crazy to dem or Keonov”. “But it was deactivated by Jeb Kerman before he left the ship” said Heywood. “Vell, to be safe ve thinking dat some of yoorr peoples would go on Diskovery first, you know… just to be safe” said Dimitri, wiggling his fingers in front of him as he did so. If he’d been closer to his previous meal and if it wasn’t chicken Tuesday at the KSC (he did so love his chicken) Heywood might have asked “safe for whom?” but instead decided to leave that question for now, after all it wouldn’t be him going on the mission. “Hmmm… I’ll take it up with the politicians, but I might get some problems with taking you up on your offer, you know… with you people being evil and everything. No offense” stated Heywood. “Errr…. none taken” replied Dimitri and then muttered something under his breath, before slinking off towards the perimeter fence. The follow morning saw Doctor Heywood sitting on a bench next to the Secretary of Space Affairs, Victor Kerman, his immediate boss (urghh… how he hated that word) outside the President’s official residence. “Is this some kind of joke” asked Victor. “You want me to go in there” he said jabbing a thumb over his shoulder “and ask him if it’s ok to for some of our fine brave kerbonauts to jump on a KISS ship for a two year trip to Jool”. “Er… yup” replied Heywood. “The same KISS that gave your people that crate of extra strong vodka last New Year and then while you were all passed out, snuck in and stole the entire stock of nuclear engines” Victor queried. “Well they…” Heywood started. “and the same KISS that dug an 80km tunnel under the border, so they could drain one of our subkerbinean liquid fuel lakes” continued the Secretary. “But…” Heywood blurted “Not forgetting the wooonderful gift they gave the president on his re-election” said the Secretary “You remember; the box of rocks, with the message “even these are smarter than you”. “So… you think he won’t be too keen on the idea then?” asked Heywood. Victor Kerman gave Heywood a look that others would have taken as a simple “no… not in the lifetime of this universe” but instead he took it as “This just needs a little bit of the Heywood magic to seal the deal”. “Well we could tell the President that once we get our people on the Diskovery that we won’t tell KISS anything about what we find on board, we could even lie… tell them a bunch of crazy nonsense that no-one understands.” Heywood could sense that for some reason Victor wasn’t quite buying the idea. “Oh… and we could steal stuff from their ship” he offered as a sweetener. Victor tilted his head to one side, contemplating this last idea. They had been on the receiving end of many KISS acts of pilfering over the years; perhaps this would be an opportunity to finally take something from them. “Tell you what, I’ll go in there and speak to the President and you go on the mission” suggested Victor. “Err… what” Heywood blurted, not expecting this turn of events. “Me… go to Jool. Not a chance, do you know how far away that is, do you know how dangerous it’ll be, do you know I have kids” all the while thinking “do you know what they will do to my office while I’m away”. “If I’m going to go in there with your hair brained scheme, then the least you can do is go on the mission to make sure that we get something nice from that ship of theirs” insisted Victor. Heywood had to admit that he did like the “idea” of going to Jool, if not the reality of it. Oh well, at least if he went, he might discover something that he’d get to put his name on. A few days later on a dusty road at the edge of the KSC, Heywood was jogging; engaged in a grilling physical and mental regime to prepare himself for the mission to Jool, accompanied by his son Christopher. “Something beginning with R” shouted the excited child. “Errr… Space Center” replied Heywood “No silly, that don’t begin with R” corrected Christopher. Hmmm… this would be tougher than he’d thought “Railings” Heywood responded “I don’t see railings” replied the child. “Well, they’re planned to be installed next month and they begin with R so I win” stated Heywood with even more pride than usual in his voice, having used four dimensional thinking to take the game. “No you don’t win, they not here… try again” admonished the child. “Ok, ok… er… so… daddy is going on a long trip and I’ll have to sleep most of the way” said Heywood, changing the subject. “Are you gonna die” asked Heywood’s son. “What! No, why’d you say that” said the shocked Heywood. “Well, you go’in on a long journey and it’s with those naaasty KISS people and the people you sent last time all died… and… and… the Kraken, he lives in Jool doesn’t he” listed the child, slightly too excitedly for Heywood’s liking. He had a point though, considered Heywood, there is a whiff of danger about this mission and there hadn’t been a Kraken related incident for quite a while, we’re about due one by now. “Don’t worry… daddy will be back in a couple of years, to tuck you in with a bed time story” said Heywood. “Two years” said the child “I be too old for bed time stories by then. Maybe you take me parachute jump’in” Parachute jumping! The kid was much too like the pilots at the KSC for Heywood’s liking, showing no interest in the exciting world of project management, but two years was a long time, he might have grown out of it by then. Yeah… two years. Next in Chapter 2: On the Road to Jool Heywood meets his other compatriots from the KSC aboard the KISS ship the Keonov as they make their way to Jool. For the complete 2001: A Space Absurdity go here.
  14. I'm planning to do a "mission report" where I use the whirligig world planet pack to do a story. I will have pictures after a few chapters. great mod.
  15. After deciding to get rid of my last 3 mission report threads I then decided to make a new one! Why do I do this to myself? But this time using Kerbalism! Why do I do this to myself? Kerbal Aerospace Rules: No reverting Quicksaves and quickloads are allowed Full difficulty Kerbalism Career mode Normal mode settings Mod list: Flag: Goals: Not change the mod list (a big problem of mine that leads to major bugs) Land on every planet and moon. Have bases on every planet and moon. Try not to kill the Kerbals. Try not to abandon this thread.
  16. Welcome to the Kold War Preservation Thread! Unfortunately, in the Grand Forums migration of 2015, the original Kold War post was lost, so the previous thread is now unable to be used for updates. Hence, I've made a brand-new thread, with tags, no less, for all future updates of the story. For the time being, I'm just going to put the link to the external Kold War site and ebook links here, rather than each of the episodes' text, as there is a lot of content and I'm quite short on time. READING ONLINE: Kold War Story Site KSP Forum Links: OFFLINE READING (i.e. ebook readers, etc.): Download: [PDF] Download: [EPUB] Download: [MOBI] STAYING UPDATED: To keep up to date on the story, I recommend 'following' either this thread or my profile, as I'll post on my profile when a new chapter is updated. In addition, I generally post a draft version of the next chapter to the Google Site before it's updated here. Hence, if you want sneak previews of the next chapter, I suggest subscribing to that site as well. STORY OUTLINE: This provides an overview of what's happened so far, useful for keeping up-to-date on the story while waiting on updates. Note that it is a work in process, and there may be some differences from the main story. In case of differences, the timeline takes precedence. WARNING: If you are a new reader, looking at this is not recommended, as it does contain spoilers for the entire story so far. I suggest you read the story first, then look at the timeline if you are confused as to things are progressing. Optional Download: [PDF] UPDATES/CHANGELOG:
  17. Chapter 1: Slipping the Surly Bonds Chapter 2: Ordained Destiny Chapter 3: Distant Voyager Chapter4: Voyages End Chapter 1: Slipping the Surly Bonds Since the dawn of kerbal kind, on the shores of a peninsular a few hundred kilometers from the KSC, kerbals had stared up at the night sky and wondered about those sparkles of light and the great river that ran through them. Kerbals had evolved from their primitive, even violent beginnings, to become a race of space-farers that had visited the closest of those points of light in the sky and dreamed of journeying even further out into the cosmos. Dr Heywood Kerman took a moment to think of all the talented people at the KSC, who created the wonderful means of transportation that now carried him through the upper reaches of Kerbin’s atmosphere, on a mission so important and so secret, that he was its sole passenger. On the other hand, to hell with them… those guys were jerks, constantly whining about things like “safety” and “laws of physics”. He was the great Dr Heywood Kerman and he had no time for such minor matters. The spacecraft approached the great mass of the recently completed Odysseus, the largest space station in Kerbin orbit, spinning about its center like an enormous Catherin wheel. Heywood’s craft was spinning too, although not at the same speed, the disparity of which almost had him lose his lunch, something no good kerbal wants to do; it is the 6th most important meal of the day after all. Finally the rotation of the two was in sync allowing the spaceplane's pilot to guide it towards the docking bay at the center of the Odysseus. Something requiring a steady hand and keen observation of the instruments and not a mouthy management type shouting that they “wanna have a go” while jabbing at random buttons with their big pudgy fingers. During the remainder of the approach to the station, Heywood sat back relaxed in his seat, idly thinking about what it would be like there. Would there be Martians, what is a Martian… for that matter what’s a Mars. Wow, that sedative the pilot jabbed him with was really good… maybe he wouldn't fire him after all. After a short stay on the Odysseus, although not as short as planned due to the “button jabbing leads to hypo stabbing “incident, Heywood departed for the Mun on an Aries shuttle. On the way, Heywood decided to make use of the new “waste facilities” on the Aries, a major first for the team of crack engineers at KSC that had made it possible. Prior to this the instructions for the crew of a vehicle on any mission was to “hold it ‘til ya get there”. Not so bad on a short trip to the Mun, but the six week flight to Duna base was a bit more of a challenge. Still, astronauts were a tough bunch, plus the savings made by not installing these on the other craft left enough in the budget for that really nice desk in Heywood’s office. Skimming across the Munar surface, Kerbin rose over the horizon. Heywood raised his hand, obscuring the planet with his thumb then pressed it against the window. “Squish… hahahaha”. Maybe a little of that sedative was still in his system. As the shuttle proceeded along its shallow arc towards the Mun surface, Heywood’s destination, Klavius Base came into view. It had taken many years of hard work by the KSP and taken the lives of many kerbals to create, so many, many kerbals and often in such amusing ways. The best of these were on a blooper video that he showed every year at the Christmas party titled “Kerbin’s dumbest astronauts”. Strangely most people had left the party by the time the video ended. Ah well, no accounting for taste I suppose. Finally the great bulk of the shuttle descended the last few metres to the landing pad. Heywood found himself musing, if the engines ran out of fuel now, or the pilot accidentally hit the staging button, then this trip could end with the usual hilarious results. That would make a great addition to my clips collection… maybe… errr... perhaps not. It was time for him to snap out of that train of thought and focus on the reason for his journey. A mysterious object had been uncovered near the Mun’s South Pole, that posed so many questions, but gave no answers. Next in Chapter 2: Ordained Destiny Dr Heywood Kerman travels to investigate the object buried beneath the surface of that distant part of the Mun. What will he discover, will his pilot have to resort to emergency medical measures again and will he take a packed lunch.
  18. Chapter 1 That's No Asteroid It was a sunny morning at the Kerbal Space Center. The birds were chirping and skies were clear. Just a normal morning. Mission Control is full of activity because there is a interplanetary mothership in LKO and it's about to depart for Duna. This seems like a normal mission. But it's about to be cut short. The Tracking Station is currently tracking the mothership but something massive was detected entering Kerbin's SOI. There hasn't been an interplanetary mission in 2 years. What is it? The object appears to be perfectly radio silent and appears to be an asteroid. But much more larger than even the largest asteroid ever detected. And it's orbit appear to be changing. The object later entered HKO using an unknown form of propulsion. It later performed several Hohmann Transfers and settled into the same orbit as the mothership. Mission Control started to get worried. Meanwhile, the news sent a shockwave throughout the planet. We were not alone this entire time. The object in question was discovered to be Gilly. It was no asteroid all along. Who could have guessed? It has moved from Eve orbit to Kerbin orbit using a form of propulsion that is yet to be invented. In the KSC, scientists propose that Gilly was an alien interstellar probe disguised as an asteroid that arrived here around 4 billion years ago. The same time as the solar system formed. The interplanetary mission was later postponed and the Kerbin Space Agency begin planning for a mission to the now relocated Gilly. A mission to Gilly has never been this easy. 2 months after Gilly arrived the Kerbal X rocket was ready for liftoff and the crew was ready. Now it's time for the preperation. The Kerbal X was delivered onto the KSC's Launchpad by rocket crawler. The crew later entered it through the Launch Tower. Final checks are made and the mission is ready for liftoff. "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, Ignition started, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and liftoff! We have liftoff!" The spectator crowd cheered as the crew venture to orbit to discover the ancient secrets of Gilly and eventually discover we were not alone. The crew capsule entered LKO and eventually the crew begin plotting for a rendezvous with Gilly. Some delta-v required. After some time the crew module successfully rendezvoused with Gilly and entered orbit around it. The craft decelerated from orbit into a collision course with the surface. Using it's thruster, it softly landed on the surface. A crew member looked outside through the window and saw the beautiful blue marble Kerbin, hanging in the sky, shining brighter than the full Mun. The crew went outside for EVA, and saw the desolate landscape. There's barely any gravity here so the crew used their jetpacks. In a deep valley, they saw sharp spikes poking out of the ground made out of some unknown material of biological origin and it's glowing white. "What on kerbin is that?" "Is it the aliens? Maybe we should have listened to the conspiracy folks." "These aliens don't look like the black aliens they imagined. Instead it's whatever that thing is." "Can you guys shut up for a moment? We're professionals here. Let's sample it for kerbin's sake." Eventually they did. They decided to put it into a spare, empty mystery goo container. They described the biological material as "Similar to mystery goo but it's glowing white, possibly bioluminescence." They named it the "Gilly Goo" i suppose that they have no other options other than that. After they sampled the spikes. They lifted off into orbit once again. Then performed another burn to escape Gilly's minuscule SOI. They returned once again to Kerbin orbit. Lastly they perfomed a final burn to deorbit the spacecraft and reentry. As the fires of reentry burned the ablator and the G forces buckled the capsule. They have returned to Kerbin's safety. They splashed down into the ocean. They turned the sample to the R&D. We got our first look at alien life. Although it was risky considering possible contamination to the enviroment or by us. We call a moist speck called Kerbin our home. We once remained ignorant of the vast universe that lies above the skies. If we don't go above the sky, then the sky shall come to us. (Chapter 2 is in WIP.)
  19. I made a tale of epic proportions. I call it: ---The pirates of the Quarantine--- ok... I just kind a wanted to see if I could make a real "Air ship" and thought it would be nice to turn it into a small story-like thing. nothing special haha.
  20. Note:This is basically like novel except it's more a tv and also it only shows the sport. the sport i'm using is Formula Endurance Cup from KP So yeah. Drive to Survive a Racing Series Content Season 1 (2091) Circuits Owlian Grand Prix Hermish Grand Prix Pecina Grand Prix Kalban Grand Prix Owlian Grand Prix Teams and Driver: Rasolt Formula Motorsport: Car 1: - Henri Ninel-Kerman (Belanirislav) - Élie Ebner-Kerman (Owlian) Car 2: - Kevin Stephenson-Kerman (NKS) - Norman A. Walter-Kerman (Hermish) Flankland Motorsport Team Car 1: - John Doe (Wovian) - Maxine Stevens (NKS) Car 2: - Aria Kerman (NKS) - Newgun Kerman (Grestin) IMVK Motorsport Car 1: - Arstoy Nezyeshi-Kerman (Belanirislav) - David Mancharter-Kerman (Hermish) Car 2: - Bell Kerman (Owlian) - Melfrid Kerman (Grestin) Cemir Racing Car 1: - Luddan Kerman (Grestin) - Nedrick Kerman (Grestin) Car 2: - Elias Wood Kerman (Owlian) - Joseph Henshire-Kerman (Hermish) Krotz Formula Motorsport Team Car 1: - Elizabeth Kornell-Kerman (Hermish) - Albertson Edminston Kerman (Owlian) Car 2: - Fayila Azbyonas-Kerman (Belanirislav) - Yuri Barsukov-Kerman (Belanirislav) Chapter: 1. Season Start Note: I SWEAR I WILL FINISH THIS ONE UNLIKE MY OLD ONE
  21. Hello, I have decided to make a story. It will be a multiple part story, and its name is Jebediah. The story follows Jebediah Kerman as he embarks on the biggest quest he will ever take part in. Also featured are Valentina, Bill and Bob. Hope you lot are hyped, it's gonna be a pretty good story! PROLOGUE When Wernher Von Kerman published his groundbreaking works on rocket design and orbital mechanics, did he know that he was going to become one of the worlds biggest celebrities? No. He didn't. Did he know that his findings would create the worlds first space agency, KSA? No. He didn't. He had ideas for rockets to be used to give people a new glance at the universe. To, how would one put it? Branch out. In terms of turning Kerbalkind into a space faring civilization. As technology advanced, so did space achievements. the Kerbin Space Race brought many accomplishments; first satellite into orbit, first man in orbit, first space station, even the first landings on the Mun and later, Minmus, Duna and Eve. After that, the public relations boom ended. No one really cared about the space programs around the world. International budgets were lowered and space travel became mostly limited to LKO/KEO travel. The Year is Year 62, and heres where we start. Chapter One: The Last Crew It was another boring launch. Of course, there was a turnout to watch the launch, but it wasn't big. Big turnouts had died off years back. Kerbmerikan Space Station crewed launch 32 was on the launchpad, preparing for takeoff. It could be the very last mission to KSS, as it was far from modern and the alotted budget for the KSA was shrinking every year. MC FLIGHT: "Launch in T minus 5 minutes. You lot good for launch?" KSS 32: "Valentina here, roger." KSS 32: "Bob here, roger." KSS 32: "Bill here, good to go!" MC FLIGHT: "Good to hear you lot are good for launch." MC FLIGHT: "Launching in T minus 4 minutes." MC FLIGHT: "ETHOS, CRONUS, ODIN, ADCO, CATO." MC ETHOS: "Go." MC CRONUS: "Go." MC ODIN: "Go." MC ADCO: "Go." MC CATO: "Go." MC FLIGHT: "Excellent." MC FLIGHT: "T minus 3 minutes." KSS Bill: "Why was Jeb scratched from the mission again?" KSS Val: "He had an important board meeting, since hes on the board. I think its about the heavy budget cuts last week. Half my friends have been fired." KSS Bob: "Sounds about right. Anyway, the KSS awaits!" KSS Val: "Might be the last mission there, this one. I heard rumours that they're re-entering KSS soon." MC FLIGHT: "T minus 2 minutes." MC FLIGHT: "T minus 1 minute." MC: "10, 9, 8, 7, ignition sequence start! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ENGINE IGNITION!" MC: "LIFTOFF! WE HAVE A LIFTOFF!" KSS 32: "We are alright here, G Force is doing us good!" * * * Jebediah: "You can't do this to us! Where do we go if we are fired?" Wernher Von Kerman: "We have no choice, Jeb. They aren't giving us enough money. I BEGGED. " Linus: "I agree with Jeb. Do we just give up on the dream? We need to do something." Wernher: "I'm sorry. My decision is final." The room burst into outrage, people lunging at Wernher. He managed to get out, where he made a swift exit to his office in Administration. Jebediah left the room, feeling worthless. Then, he had an idea... Chapter Two: Jebediah's Plan "Alrighty boys, docking sequence initiate!" Valentina, being a young but talented pilot, was mission commander for KSS Expedition 32. She hit a switch above her, illuminating a docking port about 75 metres away. Her displays lit up with {[Automated Docking: Engaged]}. "Things are looking good!" Said Bill, the mission's engineer. As their LKOCS (Low Kerbin Orbit Crewed Spacecraft) drew closer to the space station, mission control were watching carefully from the KSS' hull cameras to ensure the docking was successful. "Dock in 50 metres. 40. 30. 20. 15. 10. 5,4,3,2,1. Dock complete!" exclaimed a very happy Gene Kerman, having the first good news in days. He had attended the board meeting discussing the recent budget cuts, which would make any Kerbonaut (or retired one) pretty sad. * * * Jebediah Kerman was not an ordinary Kerbal. He had traits that not many kerbals have in high amounts. He was a very smart, imaginative person. The previous day, he'd found out the budget cuts had the chance of dismissing multiple Kerbals, demolishing areas of the Kerbal Space Center and well, pretty much withdrawing Kerbmerika's presence in space. This had given him a very, very crazy idea. So crazy that if he was ever found out he would most certainly be arrested for high treason. His plan was, well, to start a war! "What could go wrong?" He mumbled. His plan would be subtle at first. He would have a trained spy infiltrate the Kussian Federations rocket manufacture plant. He'd have the spy drill a very small hole in one of their craft set to launch within the month. If all went well, it wouldn't be detected until it was too late; when the hole had sucked the majority of the atmosphere out of their space station Величественный орел. The federation would immediately launch an investigation, being lured by a metaphorical breadcrumb trail which would lead straight to the Kerbmerikan armed forces... Chapter Three: Infiltration "Jebediah, Jebediah, old friend! How are you?" Jebediah had set up a meeting with his old friend, Phildorf Kerman. They'd been friends since they were kids, growing up in the same town, near Baikerbanur Space Center. They'd watch the early unmanned rockets of Kerbalkind, engines crackling as they ascended into space with awe. Of course, only one would end up in the astronaut corps; Jebediah. Phildorf was a secret agent. He'd do any job flawlessly, so long as one had the money. "So, what want from me, eh? You didn't call me for reunion! Tell me!" Phildorf questioned. * * * "Infiltrate Krussian Space Agency... Very difficult. But I can do." Phildorf gave a warm hug and a handshake to Jebediah, and he was off. How would he do this? Ah. Fake ID. He'd imitate being a native Krussian, which wouldn't be too hard, considering his thick Krussian accent. He caught a flight to Krussia. The next day, he successfully entered the Krussian Space Agency, as a rocket technician. He casually went into the capsule of the Krussian P-1 Crew Transport, got out his drill, and drilled a miniscule hole, which he then glued shut. A seemingly good seal, but once it entered space, it would become brittle and shatter. If all went to plan, it would cause cracking of the hull, causing an explosive decompression. If they were lucky, they might survive. say they were close to the station when it occured, they could either use their EVA jetpacks to get to safety, or the seal might break at the final moment of docking, causing a huge chain reaction, which could blow the station up as well... Phildorf made a swift exit after covering up his trail and laying a false one. Mission complete. Chapter Four: Devastation It was a sweltering day. Of course summer days are, when you're in a desert. The Krussian Space Agency was launching its P-1 rocket from their space center, Desert Spaceport. Jebediah Kerman was watching the launch, of course from a live broadcast at the Kerbmerikan Space Agency. As the numbers counted down, the low grumble rose to a deafening crackle and roar, as the giant rocket rose. Emblazoned with Космическое агентство (Krussian Space Agency), the P-1 rocket was their pride and joy. It had not experienced a major problem since Year 54. The rocket was now about 1250 m high, when something terrible happened. Something that would shape the history of Kerbals as a species. The rocket suddenly became a fireball, or was it? It seemingly hovered there, a flaming, red ball. It looked like a star, only tiny! Mission control was going crazy. Both. Thats how peculiar this was. Kerbmerikan and Krussian watched closely. Suddenly, a monitor in the Krussian Mission Control Room flashed with some text. {[WARNING: NUCLEAR RADIATION LEVELS: EXTREMELY HIGH]} {[PLASMA LEVELS: CATASTROPHIC]} It exploded. All measurements were acting erratic. There seemed to be a tear. What could cause this phenomenon? Jebediah was utterly shocked. Did Phildorf do this? Was it supposed to do this? What science could this... thing hold? The tear seemed to fall down to the ground. Little did the kerbals know that someone, an intelligent species 7 billion light years away, had commenced a nuclear experiment, which so happened to coincidentally occur when the explosion happened. It caused a rift in spacetime, a wormhole...
  22. So this is it. My last work for the KSP community. A ton of writer's block and negative feedback led to the figurative end of my IRL writing. I just wanted to leave the fans of my favorite game with one final piece. It's a short story, split into three (maybe four) chapters. Hopefully you enjoy it, in all its barely edited glory. First of all, I have some thanks to make. These will be in the spoiler below. Right. On with the story. Thank you in advance, for reading. ANOMALY CHAPTER I- DETECTION The Endeavour spacecraft sped in the blackness of space, carrying four tired kerbals, millions of kilometers from home, around and around in the orbit of their the penultimate stop on their exploratory journey of the Joolian system; a little greenish speck named Bop. Zigbald Kerman, the Endeavour's commander, was a veteran of spaceflight: legendary pilot of the Tranquility 14, first manned mission to Minmus, and the flight engineer for Pilgrim 2, kerbalkind's first voyage and landing on Duna, among countless other missions. He had logged a record 3,926 days in space and was nearing the end of his illustrious, multi-decade career. He was the last of the 'early' kerbonaut classes- joined before the Mun landings and after the first orbital flight- which meant he was due to be replaced by newer kerbonauts, a fact he was none too happy about. As he said, newer kerbonauts were 'mollycoddled Sams and Sallies who'd never flown a rocket by the Kerbal instinct, but by the damned manual: younglings who needed an electronic cuddle to stop themselves from destroying the damned spacecraft in a hyperactive fit induced by too much sunfruit juice and djan chips.' Zigbald's cynical attitude thoroughly irritated his second-in-command, Verfal Kerman. She herself was a 'middle-career kerbonaut' and spent all the 779 days in space she had logged before Endeavour doing rotation on the various orbital stations in Kerbin's SOI. She thoroughly disapproved of Zigbald's 'idiotic' approach to flying the multi-billion fund spacecraft, and almost flushed him out the Docking Port 4 exit hatch when he suggested 'a close-up fly-by of Jool's rings, to scare the rookies.' She took an almost motherly approach to the other two kerbonauts' wellbeing on Endeavour, a fact that had the kerbonaut psychology department back on Kerbin dumbfounded and Zigbald intensely irritated. After all, Lizmund and Rayby were comparatively babies on Endeavour, being under three-quarters Verfal's age of forty-one cycles. Lizmund was an orbital engineer on the Dynawing shuttle program and had spent her short career repairing various faults on the Kerbin International Space Station, and general maintanence on the vast CommNet satellite coverage network. So far her help with maintaining the Endeavour's communications and power generatation systems had been totally invaluable, and helped avoid a large number of harrowing problems. The there was Rayby. The baby of the crew at just twenty cycles old, he was a scientist studying astrobiology at the University of Kerdlington, just thirty kilometers as the fletchling flies from the KSC launchpad. The star of their program, he had been funded by the taxpayers of Kerbin to accompany the kerbonauts to the Joolian system in the hope of finding life on Laythe, and maybe Vall. However, the two moons were barren of life, aside from metals in Laythe's sand which Rayby claimed to be a sign of a once-great civilization; he was especially glum thanks to his inability to find any organisms. These four kerbonauts were the latest in the long line of great explorers to leave the fragile envelope of Kerbin's atmosphere in the search of their long lost home-planet, which they had named 'Aquarius' due to its predominately water-covered surface. Unfortunately all the Kerbals had was a ripped photograph and a hazy stellar co-ordinate to go on. That hadn't stopped them from mounting kermanned missions from Moho to Eeloo, desperately trying to find a clue to exactly where Aquarius' star system was, or the other half of the ripped photograph. So far, other than an SSTV signal on Duna, a smelly probe recovered from Eve's ocean called Po'er 10, and the aforementioned discovery of rare metals in the Laythian sand, nothing had been found. After thirty-five cycles of searching and hoping, the mystery of Aquarius was still no closer to being solved. An anomaly on Bop, however, heralded a faint glimmer of hope: an area roughly a kilometer in diameter on Bop's surface seemed to emit a pulse that scrambled and garbled satellite transmissions. 'Perhaps it's a transmitter to Aquarius, or even a cloaked spacecraft that might take us there!' thought Mission Control. To that end (and owing to Bop's incredibly low gravity) the KSC had authorized the landing of the entire interplanetary mothership on Bop's surface to process signals and samples in the relative comfort of the main lab complex, rather than hurriedly squashed into a lander cabin. And so, with that fateful decision, began the greatest adventure ever to grace the Kerbal species, an act that would define the space program for millennia and crumble the very rock that Kerbal evolution and heritage was built on. * Zigbald's reminiscence of a day in the Barkton launch complex with his wife was rudely interrupted by the squawking of the Kerbin comms system. "Endeavour, you are under analysis for Bop de-orbit burn. Please disclose altitude and orbital speed, over." Zigbald keyed the response button and, a touch grudgingly, replied, "Copy, Flight. Orbital altitude is nine oh five four apoapsis, eight nine one seven periapsis. Orbital speed is 61.2 meters per second. Awaiting go/no go for Bop landing burn." He let go of the comms button with an audible click, only to hear a sibilant hiss of static, then another transmission from Kerbin. It sounded a little breathless, as if the radiokerbal had just got back from running the KSC marathon. "Endeavour...you are go...go for Bop landing, I repeat...go for Bop landing." A pregnant pause lasted a few seconds, then a gulp and the hacking cough of someone clearing phlegm from their throat. "We anticipate landing burn ignition in 186 seconds...retain sustained thrust for twenty two seconds. We are targeting a landing... within 200 meters of anomaly... you will lose contact with us inside the circle of interference." "Roger that," said Zigbald into the reciever. "How big is this anomaly, Control, and what the hell do the preliminary scopes tell us?" The reply came back a few seconds later. The radiokerbal had his breathing under control now. Thank the Kerm, thought Zigbald, the heavy breathing was making me damn uncomfortable. Can't speak for his missus though. "Endeavour, the glitched reports and scans we've managed to pick up indicate a many-tentacled object roughly thirty meters across by six high. Reports indicate a possible organic make-up. See you on the other side, Slick." The transmission cut off. This was the last communication Endeavour ever received. * Rayby perked up. The mention of life and organic compounds brought a huge grin to his face. Verfal, however, had reservations. Thirty meters! It's huge, she thought, what if it's alive? Sentient? Will it try to destroy the Endeavour? Eat us? The last thought sent a mental shudder rushing through Verfal's brain. No. Okay. Kerm knows you spend too much time worrying. Just start prepping Rayby and Lizmund for surface ops. That'll... make it all fine again. Clearing her throat and switching from her 'irritated kerbette' voice she used to address Zigbald into her 'nice smiley' voice she used when around kids, or friends. "All right, Rayby, Lizmund, we'll be landing soon. The gravity is very low, worse than Vall. Lizmund, you'll need to keep an eye on your stomach. If you get gravity sickness ping me or Rayby on comms. DON'T ping Zigbald unless you want a three-hour lecture on 'how Kerbals were never gravity-sick in my day' and 'I'm so old, I was at the Mun's birthing celebration...'" This got a derisive chortle from Rayby and a small smile from the blushing Lizmund. Over the roar of the nuclear engines, Zigbald turned round in the piloting chair and bellowed in their direction. "I heard that! It's not too far to float back home you know! Why, without my impeccable piloting skills you would ALL be-" At this precise moment the spacecraft groaned and shuddered violently, as if it disagreed vehemently. Zigbald made a noise rather like a koobish being slowly flattened and returned hastily to the controls. Verfal smirked. "As I was saying, gravity is very low. Rayby, please refrain from EVA-packing off into the far reaches of the planet; we don't want a repeat of what happened at Vall, now do we?" Lizmund giggled and Rayby blushed, remembering what he and the older communications engineer had done in a crater some six klicks from the landing site (Nothing too inappropriate: anything further would have required taking off their spacesuits, which is a very bad idea when you're on a planet with no breathable air and an average temperature of 200 below freezing.) Verfal continued with a small smirk. She'd more or less had the same conversation with her kids back home on Kerbin many cycles ago. Clearing her throat in mock seriousness, she continued. "Now as you're aware, I permitted fraternization-" she drew out the word, embarrassing the two younger kerbals, "-in our crew-" "MY crew!" shouted Zigbald from the piloting chair. Verfal rolled her eyes and continued speaking. "...so long as your fraternization didn't impact your work or produce any unwanted passengers." At this, Zigbald burst out in a fit of barking laughter, Lizmund blushed furiously and Rayby shook his head and hid his face in his palms. Verfal suppressed a laugh and ploughed onward with her speech. "I'm proud to say you've achieved in this regard. No extra mouths to feed- though we suspect it's not from your lack of trying, judging by the noises coming from Rayby's sleeping quarters occasionally..." She grinned at the two mortified rookies, then switched to her 'business-kerbal' voice. "Rayby, you'll exit the spacecraft first through the lab airlock. Your job will be to conduct visual observations before attempting to gain a biosample. In the unlikely case that this thing is actually alive, get back to the spacecraft immediately and recite the full crew abort code so we can all leave Bop in an emergency. Zigbald will exit next to plant a flag, followed by Lizmund. Lizmund, please set up your signal surface equipment before Rayby goes in to obtain a sample, to ensure we don't miss any natural or unnatural transmissions. I'll perform an inspection of the Endeavour to make sure we haven't left behind or damaged anything, before exiting the craft and performing soil observations. Zigbald, what's our ETA to surface?" asked Verfal. "One minute fifty-seven seconds. Strap in tight, kerbs and kerbettes." came the grizzled reply. Verfal smiled. "Just do as I say, and it'll all be fine. Now who's ready to become the first kerbals on Bop?" * The Endeavour spacecraft, a single burning pinprick of white and orange, touched down on Bop, an uncharted speck at the edge of the Joolian sphere of influence. As Rayby descended the ladder, he got a feeling of profound vastness, as the sun set over the edge of Jool and illuminated it’s rings, with Laythe and Tylo visible as coloured dots. So this is what it must have been like for all those before: seeing a sunrise from orbit, witnessing Kerbinrise from the Mun, gazing at Ike through the haze of Duna's dust-clouds. I, Rayby Kerman, have committed a first, he thought as his feet thudded into the dirt, throwing up a small cloud of dust. Unconsciously, he keyed the comms button in his headset. “Wow...this is...it’s just...incredible.” Rayby activated the maneuvering thrusters in his EVA pack and floated over the nearest ledge. * Verfal, Zigbald and Lizmund heard Rayby’s awestruck tone. Damned kid got what I had on Duna and Minmus, thought Zigbald. First Kerbal syndrome. He’ll remember this for the rest of his life. Some hotshot got that feeling the first time we saw the planet from space. “Not quite, and all of its at once.” Dammit, what was his name? Jeff? Jeb? Something like that. The passengers were then jarred from the serene calm by a burst of unprintable expletives, then a gasp. Rayby’s voice hissed sibilantly from the radio, the whispered shock distorting his voice. “What in the name of Eumon Kerman’s stupid engine is THAT?!” Zigbald cursed and suited up, radioing to Rayby as he did so. “Kid. Kid! What’s up out there. Gimme a sitrep, dammit!” Verfal wore a strained expression on her face, fearing the worst. Lizmund gazed mutely out the window in horror, terrified that something had become of her partner, and friend. Zigbald shot out of the hatch, almost plummeting off the ladder in his haste. His ears thrummed with broken-up audio from Rayby’s radio connection. “I think it’s dead...dead...looks like...obtaining sample..” Zigbald rose over the ledge, and glimpsed Rayby moving closer to the anomaly. Only it wasn’t an anomaly. And Zigbald suddenly knew it wasn’t dead at all. "Kid! Get the hell out of there, for Kerm’s sake!” Rayby, for his part, didn’t realise his radio had been jammed. He thought it was just a break in transmissions. The anomaly loomed before him, its leathery flesh a tower of faded, pale green. Overcome with a sense of insignificance, Rayby fell to his knees; a dissonant echoing voice oscillated through the chambers of his mind, yet he knew only he could hear it. “WHO DARES DISTURB MY SLUMBER…” Rayby could only gape in horrific awe at the spectacle unfolding in his mind. The voice made a small hmmph of dissatisfaction, then spoke again. “SO, KERBAL. YOU THINK YOU CAN CONVERSE WITH A BEING OF MY IMMENSE POWER? I SMEARED YOUR FELLOWS ACROSS SPACE AND TIME. I CAN DESTROY THIS ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM IN SECONDS. I HAVE DESTROYED CIVILIZATIONS ACROSS THE GALAXY FOR EVEN DARING TO GLIMPSE ME, AND YOU...YOU THINK IT POSSIBLE TO EXIST IN MY PRESENCE? WHAT ARE YOU, KERBAL?" Rayby's voice quavered, like the strings of a harp. “What are you?” he thought-spoke. The voice made the audible equivalent of a smirk. “SOME WOULD DARE TO BRAND ME AS A GOD, IN FEAR OF THAT WHICH THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, I AM NO GOD. NOR AM I A DEMON. SUCH TRIFLING LABELS FALTER AT THE SHEER IMMENSITY OF MY BEING.” FOR.. I… AM.. THE… KRAKEN!
  23. Hey all, I have been working behind the scenes a little bit with the help of @UomoCapra and a few others to create a Kerbal book series. Before officially announcing it and launching the series I wanted to put my little Kerbal feelers out to gauge interest and get any suggestions or ideas from forum users, specifically those of you who have discussed Kerbal stories or enjoyed the missions before (here's looking at you @STORMPILOTkerbalkind @million_lights @Just Jim @Rover 6428 ) The book series will be loosely based off of my (steam featured) Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel missions from Making History (you can find them here). The idea is that I will release a 20-40k word novella every 3-4 months complete with illustrations (think Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but with a few illustrations per chapter, not every page). Here's the catch-T2 is not looking to formally licence the IP to sell books, which means this is going to be a free fan-fiction project. I am a professional writer and have a publisher for my actual books who will help me with the editing and formatting. I plan on distributing the books here, on my website, and on social media as they are finished, hopefully in Epub format (which if any of you know is a universal digital format for easy reading). But they will need to be free and available to anyone and everyone. So unless there is quite a bit of interest, I can't justify starting the project. This will be a labor of love for KSP, and as such require my own time and money. I'm considering starting a Patreon page to help support the effort and allow me to have some breathing room when it comes to writing my actual Disparia novels. I'm also looking into producing actual printed copies of the book (again, for free) for those interested (though I'm still looking into whether or not I can do so). So before I jump in head first, I thought I would figuratively "Check my staging" for interest and suggestions. If anyone is interested in seeing this project proceed, please let me know (and for more info on my missions check those out, or see any of my past live streams or my actual, you know, books). I'm not posting links to that stuff here (because I don't know if I can). Safe to say you can find it if interested (or PM me). Cheers! ----------------------------------Here is an unedited glimpse at the first chapter if you're curious---------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1 The sky was most certainly blue—that overt fact had not escaped Jebbediah Kerman’s grasp. It was blue every day, unless it was raining or snowing. That it was blue was interesting. Why it was blue was more interesting. Try as he might, however, the eight-year-old Jeb could not find the answer. Every raised hand during his classroom studies was met with the same terse reply from Henrietta Able Kerman, Jeb’s second grade teacher: “Put your hand down and pay attention to the material!” Her voice grated and cracked on occasion, like a lifetime of hostility had broken her vocal chords but not her determination to see excitement in children doused and stomped into oblivion. So the answer to why it was blue would remain a mystery (at least for now). But that was fine. It wasn’t the blue sky that captivated young Jeb; it was the night sky. At night the blue vanished like a thin mist, like a curtain pulled away from the true sky. That sky was black. It was also shiny, colorful, active, and exciting. Every day during school Jeb would spend his time with his chin resting in his palms, his elbows on his desk, his eyes turned towards the window and up towards the sky. Sometimes it was sunny and the bright light of Kerbol would cause him to squint until his nose and brow were deeply furrowed. Sometimes it was cloudy and the abstract shapes would drift by, coalescing into imagined shapes, then pass quietly out of sight. Sometimes it would rain or snow and the deep layer of gray would block his view but not his imagination. There was much more to the world beyond the terrestrial one that he was familiar with. There had to be. Birds soared through the sky with ease, something no Kerbal had done before. Clouds drifted by seemingly weightless yet bound to a steady track through sky, guided along their invisible highway by an unseen hand. And what was beyond the mundane terrestrial world? Jeb didn’t know. Stars. Planets. Asteroids. Other floaty things. Astronomers and scientists had discovered, studied, catalogued, and reported on these objects for hundreds of years. Legends from dead civilizations mythologized the objects in the sky and incorporated them into their views and beliefs of the realms beyond daily reality. These objects were seen, studied, and incorporated into each culture. But they were not well understood. No Kerbal had left Kerbin’s surface for more than a few seconds, and when they had, it was usually because they fell off something and were quickly reminded that when you lose contact with the ground there is only one direction you can travel—down. But knowing that they were there and understanding what exactly they were besides transient lights and objects in an untouchable ether were two different things. And try as Jeb might, pushing his brain muscles with all his effort until sweat pooled in his green, furrowed brow, he could not learn more about them through sheer willpower. He could not… “Jebbediah Kaldrin Kerman!” Ms. Able shouted. “Get back in your seat this instant!” Jeb shook the cloud of imagined images from his eyes and focused on the reality around him. He was standing at the back window in his classroom looking out on the blue sky and the feet of the towering Origin Mountains. The window looked west towards the mountains where the late morning sun had fully bathed the green, gray, and white mountains in intense light. “Sorry Ms. Able,” Jeb replied. Though he said sorry, that his eyes remained focused outside suggested his words and feelings were in conflict. “What do you think you’re doing this time?” Ms. Able asked. A few birds, dark against the brightening sky, darted back and forth playing or chasing each other. Watching them, Jeb answered, “I’m watching the birds.” He said it matter-of-fact as though it was justification for not paying attention. “Jebbediah, come here.” Ms. Able, who had been standing by the chalkboard writing words that related somewhat to anatomy, slammed the chalk into the rail beneath the board, cracking it in three pieces. She puffed out her bulging and prodigious chest, adjusted her floral dress, and took two steps towards the front of the class. Jeb, lingering for just another moment, turned and walked down the center aisle between the separated rows of desks and stopped in front of his teacher. Jeb was only eight years old but already he (and most the other students) were eye level with their teacher. Ms. Able was, using only slightly exaggerated descriptions, as wide as she was tall. Her pale green complexion always glistened from a layer of sweat cause by the massive exertion everything seemed to be for her. She wore only dresses out of necessity. The dresses were so large and required so much fabric it was a wonder there were any sheets or pillow cases to be found inside the city of Granite Heights, the city of 5,000 people in which Jeb lived. As Jeb neared the hulking mass of Ms. Able the sour smell of old dairy, her distinct aroma, met Jeb’s sensitive nose. He scrunched his nose up reflexively to keep any air from passing through his nostrils. “Yef Miv Abuh?” Jeb said, the words coming out stifled due to lack of airflow. “Stand in front of the chalk board,” She ordered. Jeb walked around his teacher and stood where commanded. “Flap your arms like a bird.” Jeb raised his arms obediently and was about to flap, but hesitated. “Flap my arms?” He was far enough away from the diaboloical smell of his teacher that he could breathe (and speak) normally. “Flap them!” Her grating voice raised a few octaves and her green face turned a bit brown as she blushed from the effort. Jeb nodded, his eyes opening wide. He began flapping his arms quickly up and down. After a few moments his face began reddening and he panted from the effort. The harder he worked the more the kids in his class began to giggle. By the time a bit of sweat began forming under his brow the giggles had evolved into outright laughter. “Enough!” Ms. Able shouted and at once Jeb stopped flapping and the children went quiet. “Did your feet leave the ground?” Jeb looked down at his feet, lifting one off the ground and inspecting the sole of his brown school-issued boots. They revealed nothing. “No,” Jeb answered. “Did you hit the ceiling?” she asked. Jeb looked up at the spackled ceiling that was distinctly lacking a head-shaped hole. “No.” “Did you do anything that could in any way remotely be construed as flying?” “What does construed mean?” “Did you fly! Did you fly at all!” Ms. Able’s face had turned from green to brown to red now. Jeb tried to take an instinctive step back but slammed into the chalkboard. “No,” Jeb answered. “Are you at all like a bird?” Jeb shook his head no. “Kerbals will never fly. Now sit back down in your seat and pay attention!” Ms. Able pointed vigorously towards Jeb’s seat at the back left of the room. As her arm came to a sudden stop the gelatinous bulges that made up her meaty arms did not, jiggling slightly for a few moments afterwards. Jeb trundled towards his desk, hanging his long green head low to avoid the stares of his classmates. The first few steps were met with complete silence. By the time he was halfway to his desk Ms. Able began moving about. Just as he sat down she pulled the projector screen from its tidy roll above the blackboard until it stretched towards the floor. Keeping an eye on Jeb and the other on the rest of the class, Ms. Able said, “As you know, students, today we begin our health and anatomy module. We will be covering the Kerbal body for the next two weeks. We will discuss your module project after the slide show.” Ms. Able walked down the wide aisle between the classroom (set wider than most classrooms on account of her impressive girth) and stopped near Jeb where the permanent slide projector was stationed on an old wooden platform. “No talking during the slide show. If you have a questions raise your hand and I will answer after we reach a stopping point.” She scanned the room for a moment. “Robert McDonald Kerman, please turn off the lights.” Bob McDonald, a wispy Kerbal with dark, intense eyes stood from his seat at the top right corner of the classroom and switched off the lights. A moment later the projector roared to life and a bright square of light filled the white projection screen at the front of the room. A distinct metallic thunk slightly preceded the first image on the board. Ms. Able then pressed the start button on the tape player and a peppy male voice whirred to life. “The Kerbal body,” The disembodied voice began. “A marvel and a wonder of natural engineering and home to all of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.” On screen was a fuzzy picture of a dozen different Kerbals of varying ages, all of them, smiling as they stood for an informal portrait in what looked like a park or field. “Next Slide.” This voice was different than the narrator, deeper and with less emotion. Ms. Able clicked the projector and another image appeared. This one was a cartoonish rendering of the inside of a Kerbal’s head. “Kerbals are unique in the animal kingdom,” The narrator continued. “They might not be the fastest, strongest, or largest creatures on Kerbin, but they do have something no other animal can claim—a giant brain capable of complex, rational thought housed in a nearly impenetrable fortress of a skull.” There was a pause in the narration as a flourish of dissonant instruments played a bit of fanfare. Coming out of the recorder it sounded like animals being tortured. “A Kerbal is made up of bones, muscles, ligaments, skin, and about 20% chocolate pudding. In today’s presentation we will begin with the head, perhaps the most amazing part of any Kerbal. A Kerbal’s skull is the thickest of any animal on Kerbin. Inside the thick skull is a secondary layer of a spongey material known as Squidgy Puddo-formus. This combination of rigidity and sponginess protects them from high velocity reading impacts and full contact knitting disasters, things most Kerbals are prone to experience.” Jeb, as the recording continued, slowly lost interest and found his eyes wandering back towards the window. The sky was blue and bright, beautiful. His head might have been in the clouds, but his feet and amazing Kerbal brain were planted firmly on the ground.
  24. Introduction I have decided to abandon a previous project and make a new one. I've decided to do something that, no one that I know of has ever done before. A YouTube series and text, all in one. It will be succeeded by my friend @The Minmus Derp's upcoming fanfic, set about 200 (Kerbals live super long, that's like 2 months to you) years after Seeker (which ends in 2200). I personally think that Lucida Sans Unicode is a much smoother font than Arial, so it will be used prominently. At the end of every book, there will be a notice in Comic Sans (see below) This ends Book Sixteen - Test. Next coming soon! In spoilers below are snippets you may like to read. In the post below are sneak peaks of future chapters and authors notes. This is basically a bunch of mission reports ( e.g. K.S.S. Salvation ), an R&D ride (movie sets), and a fun thing. It will be a few "books" long. Thus, without further ado: Book One - Rescue. (note: links are provided for ease of reading) Very important authors notes below. I use 1.4.2, some features shown in Project Seeker may be outdated. PLEASE NOTE VRY IMPORTANT Table of contents: Book One - Rescue Prelouge-here Prolouge-here Chapter I-Holey Moho!- Here Chapter II - The KSS Salvation - Page 1 Chapter IV Hey, don't forget the Salvation!!- 1 Episode 5 - The K.S.S. Firestar - YouTube/Page 1 Chapter VI Enter Stellala. - p1 Chapter VII - Waitwaitwait, we're rescuing who now?? - p1 Chapters 8 and 9: A Ghost's Lamentation - p2 Chapter 10 - The Rescue of Natallian Kerman (or On With The Show!) - p2 Chapter 11 - 'Twas the Night Before The First Day of the Rest of Your Life Book Two - Mystic Prolouge - She Was Alone Supplementary material: Prelouge: In the begining, there was Eden. Eden was a beautiful planet, with lush hills. Creatures called "Darbels" lived there. But eventually, Eden was decimated by TX and Eden's highly toxic moon, Serpent crashed there. Some Darbels fled, some to unknown regions, some to Kerbin, where they shed their purple toxin-resistant skin, some to Duna, where their scales turned blue, to protect from the harsh cold, and the remaining population of Eve sealed themselves in a pocket universe, living in eternal peace. Prolouge: And now, 90,002 years after the decimation of Eden, Kerbin is thriving. There is a ship called the K.S.S. Inspiration on its way to a Jool Aerobrake, and another called the X_X_X_ XXXXXXXX orbiting XXXX. Sadly though, not all Kerbals support Kolinization. The X_X_X_ XXXXXXXX is the XXXXXXXXXXXX of the XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX. XX, XXX XXX XXXX XXXX, life is good. worm·hole ˈwərmˌhōl/ noun noun: wormhole; plural noun: wormholes a hole made by a burrowing insect larva or worm in wood, fruit, books, or other materials. PHYSICS a hypothetical connection between widely separated regions of space-time. Chapter 1: Holey Moho! Gene Kerman walked into Tracker room 01 of the KSC Tracking Station. The little Mystery Goo inside twisted itself into a shape that, very clearly asked "Hiya, Gene! Whatcha doing here?" It was creepy and uncanny how Goo could say exactly what they wanted without talking. "Hi, Goo," Gene said. "I got bored, so I walked in to check on the mission status." "Well, then, don't let me bother you!" the Goo ... twisted? said? expressed? "I'll flash a warning on-screen if anything happens," the Mechanical Jebidiah unit in the room said. " 'Kay, Jeb. Now, let's see..." "Oh, yes, um, Jeb, zoom out, activate instruments." "On it!" "Deactivate notifications." "Show Relays, Probes, Ships, Stations. Then zoom out, switch to holo-mouse control." "Alrighty!" Hmm, Gene thought. Where's the Tracked Objects list? "Jeb? Where's the Tracked Objects List?" "Huh. Um, main computer, where's the Tracked Objects List?" "Huh," a new voice said, presumably the TSMC. "KSC Central, have you any idea where the Tracked Objects list is?" "Hmm," the voice of the KSCCC said, "I don't know..." The whole room fell into silence. If the KSC Central couldn't figure something out, no-one could. Then Gene spoke up, addressing all the computers in the room, the Goo, and all the workers inside the TS at the time. "Well, --" "GENE, THERE IS A VERY LARGE OBJECT INBOUND TO KSC TRACKING STATION!" "What the Kraken?!!" "RUN!" And Gene ran. I promise, the Seeker Project is very far from over... (I know it made no freaking sense but it will be critical to the later story) Jump to Next Chapter
  25. *Edit: I will list each chapter as it is available below. ALWAYS download from this post to ensure you use the most up-to-date version* Chapter 1 DXX Download Chapter 2 Download DDX Chapter 3 Download DDX Chapter 4 Download Beta Note: Chapters marked with DX are final and have been played by others and cleaned up of any glitches, errors, or generally broken bits. ------------------------------ Hey all, I've been browsing the forums and it looks like this is a pretty good place to share missions and mission ideas for Making History? I got the DLC day one and have been playing around with the editor ever since. It's powerful, but a bit tricky. That being said, I'm trying to formulate some cool ideas for unique missions and wanted to get your thoughts. I'm a writer by day and love sharing stories. Instead of just doing recreations or one-off missions I thought it would be cool to do a very narrative-driven set of missions that follow each other logically. For example, if you download and play mission 4 and finish it, when you start 5 everything would be in the same place you left it for a bit of continuity. I'm just curious if any of you would be interested in Kerbal missions with a lot of text and story based narrative (that is funny, don't worry) and a mini novel-like approach to missions with each one named with a chapter number in it. The story would follow Jeb from his first day after graduating the Kerbal Space Academy and a rather mundane mission, eventually leading to more elaborate missions exploring the solar system. My first test mission is almost finished and I will upload it here in the coming days for a quick example if anyone wants to see what I mean. I'm still trying to learn everything well enough to actually tell a story though. Thanks everyone! PS-here's Jeb leaving the academy and being swarmed by fans.
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