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  1. This is my first post on the fan works section so this may be unprofessional or whatever, i encourage anyone to give their opinions on this series (if it becomes a series.) I dont really feel like taking screenshots so sorry, but that my change. Phase 1: Chapter 1: Element B-238 Karl sat lying in wait in the shadows, watching the "Konstruction workers" drill at the new site. He new what they were doing, he picked up the energy signatures, the comms chatter. What he didn't know was what was giving off the energy and why they needed it. Suddenly he heard shouting, and someone poi
  2. So - this is where I am going to post reports and pics from my ongoing space program. Boring explanation: Okay. Here we go. Part I - Another beginning. Part II - Munstep's aftermath Where are we? Two Kerbal Nations - american and soviet - have been battling for the Mun. Yeah, quiet common so far. Surprisingly US-american Kerbals made it there first during the flight of Apollo 8 with Jeb planting the flag in the surface. Recently after successful completion soviet Kerbals have been launched to the Mun aboard Soyuz LOK-4 mi
  3. To the mun with bill "Alpha.. I see the surface" "Copy that Phoenix, wait for the signal " "Now, Phoenix start your thruster to lower your vertical speed!' "On It!" A couple of seconds later "Phoenix, stop the thrusters and wait until you touchdown the surface, Over" "Copy that Alpha" After a hell of waiting Jeb felt the vessel touchdown and said one of his historic words "Alpha.... The phoenix Has Landed" The MCR erupted in cheers and cries as they heard Jeb's Words but quickly return as they need to monitor their screens and look fo
  4. Kerbalkind would go interstellar soon, the preparations were made - crew trained, target acquired, calculations made, spacecraft built. The only things left to were get the warp drive in orbit and then bring the crew up... The warp drive sat on the launchpad. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... IGNITION! The engine clusters lit up with a roar and the colossal spacecraft rose slowly from the launchpad on a pillar of dazzling blue fire, building speed as it gained altitude. BLAM! Something caused a booster to snap off and hit the lower stage, setting off a chain reaction that destabilized th
  5. Alrighty, so this is just going to be the impromptu thread for all things involving my upcoming story. I'll probably add some more stuff later on, but for now I just need a nap... So here's some info. After the Battle of Kerbin, Jeb left Kerbin and is now living on [REDACTED]. On a routine cargo delivery, the delivery person runs into a local gang, stuff happens, Jeb is discovered, blah blah blah, Kerbals find a new planet, new planet wants land, new planet declares war on entire solar system, so on so on. Here you can ask any question (As long as it involves this or any previou
  6. Foreword by Jebediah Kerman It is no secret that Valentina and I did not always see eye-to-eye... Even during the Kerbanaut Training and selection process a bitter rivalry developed between us that alienated her from the rest of the Kerbanaut Candidates. Before applying to join KSP Valentina had served as a Major in the Imperial Air Force - commanding the Emperor's Personal Fighter Wing and flying the latest in experimental aircraft. She had grown up in Kerbin City and her family were influential members of the Imperial Court. I, on the other hand, was a fo
  7. Three words. Hi, I'm back! Let's go. Table of Contents: Prelude-The two remain. Chapter 1-Learning the ropes... Again. Chapter 2-Meddeling around the Mun. Chapter 3-Aluminum Boostershire. Chapter 4-Take to the Skies. Chapter 5-One step to the Stars. (New!) Prelude-The two that remain. The room inside the office was definitely damp. Not too cold, something like what you would feel when Kerbol was high in the sky and a cold breeze would come in from the waters off the KSC and flow through the buildings. Roughly that cold. The lighting was awful in the room as well,
  8. http://imgur.com/k5kwftx My first time drawing kerbals on a tablet . It took a lot of effort to not draw eyelids. What do you think led up to this picture? What's going on? I've been having a huge urge to write a KSP fanfic, but I don't know about what. I want to make a (fairly) depressing story, but I don't want to seem edgy. I drew a picture but I still have no ideas. Feel free to post your own pictures and stories. I would love to hear what you've come up with!
  9. Over 70 million years ago, a desert planet orbits a new star Kerbol. The planet is know now as 'Kerbin' but in that time it was called Kebroni. The giant asteroid which had created the huge crater in West Kerbin hit 890 million years ago at that time. Because of that kerbin was now a desert planet. Only on the poles there were pine forests, and there was life. These organisms were very similar to today's kerbal, and they were the ancestors of kerbal kind. They called themselves the Keba or Keba's or the Kemrah they lived in caves and were very brave. They ate fish and bugs and plants. Sometime
  10. As I said on another thread, I'll be writing a book about World War 3 and posting the chapters here. As I'm working on two other books, I won't be posting as much here. Stay tuned!
  11. This is a WIP. It might be abandoned during development. Also I am not an Author so this might not be top quality but I hope you enjoy the story. Thanks. Delta History. Delta: "A letter from the Greek alphabet and used in mathematics to represent a difference between two values." The Prologue Part one The Prologue Part two More of a mission report in this part. Once we finish the prologue though, it will be much more of a story. I have good plans for this. But thanks for reading this. Fire
  12. The maid quietly poured the green tea then, giving a quiet nod to both kerbals at the table before going to her other dutues in the small space centre cafe. Phoelle Kerman waited a moment before turning to Dilzer. "You aren't able to see them again" she said. Dilzer with tears welling up hesitatied "But I love them, I love you too." "This is the end" she paused, "we're leaving" throwing the important documents onto the table. "What's this?" Dilzer asked. "Sign it" Phoelle demanded. "I will lose everything, Everything I have been working for." Dilzer became more and more upset with e
  13. Has SQUAD ever planned on releasing an actual story for KSP? What are the monoliths, and what does the microscopic writing on them say? What are the Tall Pink Men, and what do they want with Kerbals? Did they create Kerbalkind? Is the whole KSP universe a simulation? Run by the Tall Pink Men? Who is this mysterious group known as "The SQUAD"? ...I'm sorry, my brain ran loose.
  14. "So.... We're stranded." I said in disappointment as the radio crackled to life. "Yeah, looks like it." Bill said from the control tower back on Kerbin. "What do we do?" I asked, looking inside the crew compartment, seeing the 9 other crew members conversing with each other, wondering what was wrong with the plane. "We are going to try to land the lab near to you guys I guess," Bill said after a few minutes. We are soo dead. I thought. "Ok." But where are my manners? I apologize. Let's start back at the very beginning, With our little SSTO all in one piece back on
  15. Ever wonder how the Kerbal Space Program began? How it's gotten to what it is today? Well here you go, The KSP Story The Hornet Program: Part 1 Year 1: Day 1 Wernher Von Kerman was overlooking the production of the Hornet Mk1 suborbital rocket. The last bolt was being tightened on the nosecone of the tall rocket. It had no stability or parachutes so whatever happened to it would be revealed during the actual flight. The engineer Mark Kerman tightened the bolt. Wernher smiled to himself as the rest of the building cheered. The rocket still had yet to be put on the transporte
  16. The Kraken has been proven false. One devout beleiver in the kraken theory,Seanemone Kerman, in his disagreement goes out to find it. He is met with many challenges and decisions, but he presses on to find what powers the universe. (yes i know its a slideshow, its the best way i could think of) here is Chapter 1 here is Chapter 2
  17. Hi guys, I'm starting a blog/story thread about the 'New Kerbin Space Program', I have the intro done but I will be waiting until 1.1 comes out before I start doing mission and posting screenshots. This will be ether a bi-weekly/ Monthly thing so I hope you enjoy! Khronicle Of Kerbin Intro Hi guys this is a blog like thread were I will be documenting the trials and tribulations of the ‘New Kerbin Space Program’ or (NKSP). The original Kerbin Space Program was started in 438 AK (After Kracken). It was started by a group w
  18. Into the Deep, Dark Black Backstory Decades ago, the Union of Kerbal States was a peaceful organisation, devoted to helping all of the different kerbal states achieve balance, eliminating world poverty, things like that. It also had a rapidly growing space program, aiming to put Kerbals on the Mun. Before they could, though, the Republikan Kerbal States broke away from the Union, plunging the world into khaos. Eventually the situation stabilised, but then the RKS attempted to test its first KIIAE weapon. The launcher failed during its flight, sending the KIIAE crashing to the
  19. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am currently studying Game Development and one of my (many) assignments was to create a story for a game, original or based off an already existing game. Obviously, I chose KSP. I wrote this in a kind of script form. I thought I might post it here on Fan Works so that I don't lose it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. Dark Star Aeroworks Ltd. have been the premier aeronautics association in the nation of Lithronia ever since before the First Kerbin War. The company has grown exponentially over the past 50 years; fully funding the nations air force, produces 5000 aircraft a year through factories all over the country, and arms at least 5 air forces across the globe with state of the art prop and newer gas-turbine powered pursuit, strike, bomber and trainer aircraft. They have also supplied numerous airlines with highly advanced, turbine powered commercial airliners that have ferried passengers across the pla
  21. Alright, sorry I didn't see if there was already something about this, I was in a hurry but a post I saw was something about a story and it gave me an idea to add a story mode. Anyway, I'd go into more detail but I gotta go, I'm in a hurry. So... I'll be back later with more detail...
  22. MatttheCzar


    Prologue The rovers had driven for 80 km, when out on the horizon, the glint of metal appeared, glistening, bright enough to outshine even the bright münar soil. Valentina turned to Seanfel, who was busy warming up chili in the rover's microwave. "We finally made it!" To that, the entire cabin perked up. Copilot Wehrton started to get a little giddy at the thought, while engineer Megta broke into questions immediately. "Is the descent module intact? Is it true that the flag was knocked over in ascent? Why, I can't wait to see the effects of the münar heat cycle after so many ye
  23. Hello everyone, I'm Captain Nakou and I have a little Youtube channel. I'm not here to advertise my (very little) channel, but because I'm looking for some material : In my episodes, I introduce games, independent or not, and I like to introduce them in context. I talk about what the developers did before, why they've created the game, stuff like that. So that's what I am looking for here : Is there anywhere here, or in the blog, the stories of "How KSP was made?" "How Squad got the idea?" "What push them to make this awesome game?". I can't find those information so I came h
  24. THE PROJECT TO COMPLETE A 100% GROUND-BASED CIRCUMNAVIGATION OF THE PLANET KERBIN USING A SINGLE VEHICLE, AND TO GET A SHINY BADGE FOR DOING IT: NOTE: I have pretty much stopped work on this project due to a bug. You can read about said bug more here. Meanwhile, I have decided to start another Elcano run, this time on the Mun and in a completely bare-bones stock install. You can read the new run here. I'd like to start off by saying this is going to be an immense project, and I'm not sure I'll actually finish it unless someone is pestering me about it. That's why I'm making this thre
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