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Found 13 results

  1. My rocket, a 1,825dm rocket with some 1,25dm engines work fine. But as I was to edit my design (I use contruction time) the struts does not seem to attach on the second point. I am able to attach the first point, drag the strut as usual but when I click to attach it, it dissapear, or my mouse seem to select the part I am clickin on. Anyone else familiar with the issue?
  2. Hello i was just wondering since normal struts have weight do autostruts also have weight?
  3. When I click to connect an anchored strut from one object to another, the anchor moves from the part I put it on originally.
  4. After having the beginnings of my first space station wobble into my own personal Kessler Syndrome, I've decided to look at other options to keep my creations stable. I previously only used EAS-4 Strut connectors, and they did just fine for keeping rockets and landers together. But my space station, having been composed entirely of Sr. docking ports and pieces which are entirely stable on their own, did not have this option. My searches suggest that Autostrutting may be the answer to my problem, but I'm having trouble getting clear info on it; Does Autostrutting dynamically change what a
  5. So I have actually had this problem for a while now but have never asked it. As an example situation, let's say I'm going to Duna and want to have some detachable boosters on the side of the first stage. If I just attach them to the side of the ship by the side decouplers, they will wobble all over the place because they are attached by a very small point. That's not an issue, right? Just go back into the VAB and attach some struts going from the booster's nose cone to the first stage fuel tank. Easy. But then something strange happens when I am placing the struts - I'll stick the first point
  6. I'm trying to build a Mimnous space station that hopefully, will act as a Kerbin system gateway. This station is vast since it has a lot tanks for refueling outbound Kerbin system travelers. I've built the thing part by part launch by launch with connection ports. However, it has become extremely unstable and it wobbles like a rattle snake making further docking impossible. I've read that that I could solve this problem with EVA struts. Question: So the question is are EVA struts available in PS4 enhanced edition? P.S Thanks for the great game.
  7. [ KSP 1.2.2 + RSS + SMURFF ] When building tall rockets in the VAB, we need struts to reduce wobble. Sometimes it works nicely, struts attach perfectly with symmetry 4,6 or 8. At other locations, strut ends seem to refuse to attach even after repeated attempts and varying the locations slightly. And even when doing individually (no-symmetry). Usually the first strut end stays in place, while the second strut end jumps to somewhere else, either shorter or longer. Is this a known bug that I just have to live with?
  8. Installed v1.2.2 on my system and started importing my craft files into the save folder. Noticed that all the strut endpoints are protruding from the surface location they're attached to. Looks rather clunky compared to their historical behavior from 1.2.1 as far back as I remember them being added into the Alpha versions of the game. Not sure if this is intentional or a by-product of the following item listed in the 1.2.2 changelog: * Fix for strut connectors attaching below surface on SRB-KD25k. Anyone else noticing this? I know a lot of players (including myself) relied on their
  9. Hi all, Early on in my career game Lageranda Kerman managed to get herself stranded in low Kerbol orbit. It took several failed rescue attempts to teach me just how far down the gravity well that is. In fairness, there was no way the Terrier's and FLT-800's I had access to at the time were going to cut it. I've come a long way since them, and am determined to bring that kerbal home no matter what the cost! (And for my own gameplay reasons, preferably without resorting to Xenon tech). I'm completing work on a huge, single-launch behemoth that will establish a research and mining b
  10. How often do you use them?? i use them when i build big vehicles and realising i got too much parts for a mission. i personally really enjoy them as a new feature and i think its pretty cool. what are your thoughts?? -Alan
  11. Hi! I’m using LT-2 Landing Struts to land on Eve, below its tolerance limit of 12 m/s, but they always crash. Maybe I don’t understand how this works, and impact tolerance is not the same as stress tolerance, but when the vessel “lands” it’s going at 9.4 m/s, which I thought was safe. Here are two pics of before landing and after “landing” (all struts explode and then the vessel flips and everything is over: http://imgur.com/a/6SnKY (pics are from different landings, but both were going at the same speed and ended exploding) Thank you very much!
  12. In the release notes of V1.1.1 there was mentioned, that wheels now have "auto struts [...], similar to fairing struts". Are those fairing struts noticable somehow? Because I'm unsure if I now still have to stut up my payloads in fairings, or if they get added "magically" when loading the craft onto the launch pad. How are those things working in V1.1.2?
  13. I think it would be cool to have landing struts that could auto level your craft when it lands on a slight incline? Can't always find a level surface to land on. Basically independence suspension for a lander.
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