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Found 11 results

  1. The Idea: Like many others I love The Space Shuttle, mods and Kerbal Space Program, what else could you do but mix all 3 ? That's what I'm doing. A while ago on the subreddit, I did something similar surrounding the ISS. I want to continue that but also expand into other reality based and fictional shuttle missions, adventures if you will. The goal of this whole thing is to use Kerbal Space Program and a large amount of fantastic mods from this community to give everyone a unique vantage point of The Space Shuttle, her missions, their payloads, and hopefully enjoy the wonders and beauty of space and space exploration. My Inspiration: The idea behind this is not original by any means and I feel it is necessary to credit those who inspired me, and if you like what I do, you'll certainly like what they've done. @Jay The Amazing Toaster And his Kānāwai: Ares to Mars Kevin Gustafson and his amazing among other things ISS & Mir documentaries on Youtube @winged and his amazing among other things amazing Constellation Mars video @Zorg @alberro+and @Pioneer_Stevefor dazzling me with their magnificent screenshots @AmateurAstronaut1969 and their fantastic series on the ETS Space Station Freedom @Jacktical and their awesome series on the IRL concept of Space Station Freedom that goes by the name of Space Station Liberty @D0m1nu2 and their excellent International Manned Laboratory series, a recreation of International Skylab conducted in RSS! @Aviation365 and their wonderful series Go At Throttle Up, an RSS/RO depiction of Shuttle Flight both real and fictional while obeying Shuttle parameters. Myself, @lemon cup, and @D0m1nu2’s Sister Series, ISS Adventures, an in order recreation of the history of The International Space Station. You can find that here: Mods: Like some, I get very carried away with mods. It gets out of hand very quickly... below is a list of highlights and under the spoiler will be the entire list. @benjee10With Redirect, SOCK, and Habtech2 @DylanSemrau With Photon Corp @Beale With Tantares @tony48With KSRSS And the ReStock team with of course Restock. Thanks to those who submit missions, and to those who read and interact with this project! Shuttle Adventures has gotten really far and I'm happy to be a small part of it!
  2. DISCLAMIER: The Auora crew transport is not retired. It just isn't capable of lifting the payloads the Ranger can. So Andrew the Astronaut Industries presents the SSCT-1 "Ranger" Download link: https://kerbalx.com/Andrew_the_Astronaut/Ranger-V02 What do you think?
  3. Shuttle Payload Technologies v0.2 This is the development thread for Shuttle Payload Technologies, a mod that I'm currently working on. The main goal is to flesh out the amount of parts available for shuttle payloads. Currently in the plans are: KU Band Antenna Spacehab Weird Shuttle-Salyut module thing Build-your-own LDEF + contracts for it Spacelab Pallet experiments + contracts Probably some satellite mounts Maybe Hubble and it's servicing equipment from the following missions? Anything else people ask for that I agree with! License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License Changelog: Download Spacedock Github Required Mods: Comorant Aeronology DIRECT
  4. Tried taking some images of my trying to re-create STS-1. The images were taken somewhere between kazakhstan and the Arabian islands/middle east
  5. I built an STS replica mostly based on some tutorials I saw, and if I wrestle with the controls during ascent, It works. The only problem Is reentry. When I reenter, if I pitch up more than 5 degrees it flips over and sways around, going in backwards. The only way to land it is to deploy the drogues and flip it over. The com is in front of the col even with the fuel drained and it flies well if launched from the runway. (I didn't get to take a screenshot of reentry because I was fighting it.) the cargo bay is open in the pic where the fuel is drained does anyone have a solution?
  6. Some Kind of Stuff! A Kerbalized look at some real spacecraft and my best replication of them. So, in addition to my small obsession with Eyes Turned Skyward, I also find myself leveraging my OCD level of attention to detail building and flying other spacecraft, and for the purposes of doing stuff not specifically related to Eyes Turned Skyward (which is going to be a rather large series in its own right once it gets there) I'm going to do this new series, Some Kind of Stuff! So what does that name mean? Obviously, its a parody of the idea of the "Right Stuff". The attitude, charisma, skill, and intelligence to be an astronaut. So when it comes to Kerbals, I imagined they have to have some kind of stuff. Hence the name! Anyway, this series is going to be touching on the other things I build and fly in KSP, starting with the Space Shuttle, my first demonstrated launch of which is below. In this series we'll most likely be covering other things, and in particular I know I'm eventually going to cover Apollo with this, and that'll be fun. But without further ado, here's STS-1. A semi-replication of the very first Space Shuttle mission using my new Shuttle that flies like a dream.
  7. Program status: hold due to SSSTS 3 mission falure first a bit of backround i feel as its important as it can explain the story a bit more the kerbals had been flung into a new dimension in that they uncovered plans for a "Space Shuttle" they made one and called it "The Jeb" they knew it would fly...but not as well as it did i am also going to be launching your payloads for SSSTS 3 and beyond This is the story of the SSSTS program... this is quite long-winded so strap your straps...were was i going with that one Ok, the new plan... restart the SSSTS program at SSSTS 3 and change up things firstly, ill be taking the shuttle for 1 mission a day and slowly work through your suggested payloads into LEO and every 5-20 missions i will launch one of my payloads (dont have the payload over 60 parts as my pc may melt...unfortunately however you may weld the satilite into 1 part if you wish but you will have to tell me what the coordernates are) the mods are RSS and RO (no sugested mods) SSS (space shuttle system) and ISS community (those are realy the only mods i use i will update them as i go along) mission: SSSTS 1 Commander: Jeb Pilot assistant Val Mission specalist 1: Bill Mission specialist 2: Bob Vehicle: Jeb Objectives Test the vehicle and retern it safely back to Earth Mission: SSSTS 2 Vehicle: columbia Commander: Jebadah Kerman Pilot assistant: Valentena Kerman Mission Specialist Bob Kerman Mission type (public secret or military): secret Objectives: Test Canadarm for future satilite launching test capture mechanism with Test Sat I release satilite test the canadarm when going home (get it in the payload bay essensialy) test the new life support system Mission Time: 3:22 hours Mission Photos SSSTS 3 Vehicle: Discovery Crew: Crisuki Kerman Laalla Kerman Daphphia kerman Gusvin Kerman Payload: To Be Decided (TBD) Planed Duration: 3 Days the news as of now: the ENOK (Earth Nations of Kerbals) has shut the program down unfortunately the new program is yet to be announced
  8. I was wondering if anyone has built a successful STS in RSS/RO/RP-O game, I've been trying for around a month to get one to fly, orbit, and land with no success. I'm using KSP 1.1.3 since that was the last stable RSS/RO/RP-O build and I have a sweet saved game on it in the late 70s with a maned Mars base, large space stations around Earth, the moon, and Mars, orbiters around all the planets except for Pluto.
  9. dear community, as discussed here first images of following mod 'Rocket Factory' : STS - AIAKOS 1 - Space Transport System projectstatus : work in progress. get AiKOS Project album on IMGUR view album on IMGUR and here
  10. Hello everyone ! This the first time I post something on this forum and it's the first I try to do Space Shuttle/ a replica in KSP and I think I did pretty well ! So here it is, the abandonned Russia space shuttle with her lifter, Buran and Energia ! NOTE : The plane from the first image is this one from this post of @Scientia1423 WARNING: - Don't fly it with MecJeb Smart A.S.S, ascent guidance or any sort of autopilots ! Some flight advices/instructions : - Enable soft control at launch ( CapsLock ) and disable it when jettisoning the first boosters - After the jettison of the 4 boosters, set the vector's glimbal limits to 100 and DON'T go full thrust - If you lose control at this point ( the ship try to go upward ) : Cut all engines and/or TimeWarp Craft File Hope you'll enjoy
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