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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, Before going into detail of installed mods, craft and log files, I want to collect some opinions on this issue. I have a big ship (Station core) with 285 parts, 3,598 tons and 45mx35mx35m. It has enough TWR. It is being launched with clamps, to avoid sticky launchpad bug. I have launched way heavier and bigger things to orbit before, with almost same setups for years, so I wouldn't consider myself a noob in KSP. I recall having similar issues back in time, a couple of times over the years... But I ended up, just giving up and starting over. This time I want to solve this... When I launch this ship, it just sits in mid air. Not a single centimeter of movement, down or up. To make sure it wasn't a TWR issue, using the console menu, I lowered the Gravity of Kerbin to 0... 5x mutliplying the TWR but still no movement. (Checking with MJ surface info) To get even more precise info, I cheated it to orbit, without clamps parts. Full throttled both the solid boosters and the engines, not a single digit changes neither from Pe or Ap... The ship won't even move using RCS or torque... It has a torque power above 14.000 with 3 toroidal R.Wheels from FTT. In fact those reaction wheels combination was the first thing I checked before going on the detail building spree, and they were working just fine. It's just LOCKED in place... I tried; Removing all manual struts, Disabling all auto struts and rigid connections, Rerooted to mutliple different parts, Even changed the SAS part with different versions, Not to mention dozens of times of reloading the file, saving it as a different craft file, exiting entering building, directly launching from the pad, relaunching the game along with mutliple crashes... So my question to you is, before asking any pictures, or mods info, or log / craft files, please tell me what will you be looking for, in those? What may cause this issue? Is my ship (file) doomed to be broken and I have to start from scratch again? What year is this?
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