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Found 10 results

  1. The rules are simple: You post a stupid reason to call 911. Example: Calling 911 to get a sandwich. Calling 911 to ask them to mow my lawn.
  2. So i did this thing with my chromebook. I got my little chromebook and converted it to Linux, downloaded KSP and started to make basic rockets! Now the thing is I can't run it with the graphics all the way up. Only on the most potato settings. I made it to the Mun and started to download craft files. Overall I'm feeling pretty good about this. What about you guys? (BTW I'm new)
  3. This thread is sort of like the "Most Kerbal thing you have seen in real life" thread, just in KSP. It would probably have to be turning a Kania truck into a rocket. It was just for fun and I think I used infinite fuel to get it to space, but that's what the kerbals are about, right? Honestly, I haven't done that much kerbal-y stuff in KSP. I haven't really been to space that much. I'll put pictures of the truck here soon. EDIT: I just made a helicopter version that actually (pretty much) works. Now I am working on a truck/plane! ANOTHER EDIT: The plane worked ok, and I landed successfully, besides that I lost part of an engine during the landing. It only happened because I have the wheel brakes set too strong and the truck turned and rolled a little as it came to a stop.
  4. LETS GET THINGS STRAIGHT 1. https://splasho.com/upgoer5/ 2. This is me explaining basic KSP using only the 10k most common English words. (yes it’s based on that one xkcd) 3. I have no idea where to put this. It’s in Fan Works for now. 4. I’m using way too much bold. 5. Here we go! This will be updated. When I’m happy and finished I will say so and leave this to die in page 7 of fan works. 6. THIS WONT BE VERY ACCURATE REMEMBER THAT PLEASE because I have a very limited word choice THANKYOU 7. I will be excepting words in ‘single quotes’. I need them sometimes to define things. 8. Here we go! Fr now KSP Explained with the ten thousand most common English words 1. What is KSP The game Kerbal Space Program is A game that you pay for that shows space and going to space pretty well. It has big space car things that make fire to help them go really fast into space. Sometimes you can decide to have small green people ride into space. You control the big space cars using your computer. Even the real people who do real things in space really like this game.
  5. What things do you think are the most kerbalike? I’ll start the thread by listing some things. ( Please try to number them off, continuing on other people’s posts ) 1: Jumping off the VAB. 2: Jumping off the VAB, crushing another Kerbal. 3: Shooting missiles at the VAB. 4: Going to the Mun only using flea boosters. 5: Shooting kerbals at each other. 6: Shooting kerbals at anything. 7: Use a jet engine to make a kerbal hover. 8: Kamakazi the KSC ( kerbals love the K )
  6. Basically, you attach a lot of boosters on decouplers to the side of the main rocket. When you are high enough, decouple everything and send missiles flying in every direction. Very stupid, especially in career as it is a money dump and danger to your buildings. ( somehow though none of my buildings have been destroyed by this ) But maybe someone could make it useful...
  7. I booted up ksp today for the first time in ages and I noticed the distinct lack of a collider display mod. I only knew the name of one, collide-o-scope, and the Github page had it updated for 1.5; I assumed it would sort of work. There appears to be a new two folders in the local files (plugins, plugin data) and i tried sticking the mod in them. It didn't work so I tried the old method with the Gamedata folder. That didn't work either; I'm not sure which dodgy part is the problem and also not sure how to install mods now at all. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. please delete this post. I figured out a fix for my problem
  9. hai all, so i have a youtube channel that is about ksp stuff. for somewhat reasons, i kinda ran out of stupid ideas. if i think your idea is possible and i can do it, i will make a video on it and give some credits to you. plz help meee!!
  10. Hey guys! I'm new to the forum and made a Ship Pack for anyone who wants to see it! Also, I made a fan-made trailer to commemorate this awesome exploration game!!! (Lol more of a commercial at the end)
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