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Found 7 results

  1. PARA-SCI APPLIED SCIENCES DIVISION In other words, a repository of all craft I have created that I have deemed worthy to share with the public. At present all ships use exclusively stock parts. Some aesthetic-only clipping of batteries, Science instruments, and fuel tanks to a minor degree is involved, but no moving parts are clipped and I've done my best not to "abuse" part clipping to create overpowered fuel tanks, etc. (Essentially I've preserved the "intended" fuel volume using nose cones or fuselage parts). WARNING: All of the download links are broken due to Dropbox changing the way their public URLs work, and most of the craft below are outmoded anyway. This thread will remain open for archival purposes, but consider downloads closed until I can get around to publishing updated craft. DESIGNED FOR 1.0+: Spaceplane Hanger [1.2] Fear not, I have not misspelled "hangar," but in fact have created a monstrous vehicle capable of dangling spaceplanes precariously above the ground as only a true hanger could! Features a high lift range and weight capacity, and it sports an extra command pod enabling Kerbals to oversee lifting operations from within the safety of the vehicle. DOWNLOAD | Imgur Album Portable Station Advanced and Portable Station Expansion Kit Advanced version of the Portable Station. Less compact (about 30% longer), but with several new features, including pre-packaged ISRU mining bot, survey probe, and Science probe; detachable drive stage with probe core and RTG for self-retrieval; upgraded fuel and Ore storage; and expansion capability with the accompanying Expansion Kit. The Expansion Kit is unable to stow within a Mk3 cargo bay, but can be easily packed in a Size 3 fairing, can be attached to the station and carried along before final deployment, and like the station itself is subassembly-friendly with a large docking port as the root. It features six ring segments, which with the space tug included on the station can be assembled into a habitation ring; several extra docking ports; and auxiliary storage for LiquidFuel, Oxidizer, MonoPropellant, XenonGas, and ElectricCharge. Download Portable Station Advanced | Download Portable Station Expansion Kit Ore Bot Tiny Edition Extra-compact lander designed to work in tandem with the Portable Station, landing on a small object such as Minmus or the Mun, harvesting Ore, and bringing it to the station for processing. Equipped with four RTGs enabling it to mine overnight and in places far from the Sun such as on Jool's moons. Also capable of stowing within a single short Mk3 cargo bay. With a total delta-V of over 1200 m/s, potentially capable of transporting Ore between bodies such as Jool's moons. Also subassembly-ready with the junior docking port as the root - just stick it in the Subassemblies folder. Download Portable Base What's better than a Mun base? A Mun base IN A TEWB! Base-a-doochous! This is a complete surface base, including an ISRU drill and refinery, Science lab, housing for up to 12 Kerbals, and a rover and skycrane for self-assembly, all designed to stow within a Mk3 cargo bay (a length of at least two long cargo bays, one standard cargo bay, and one short cargo bay is required). Also works for Minmus and any other objects smaller than the Mun. NOTE: The skycrane must be refueled after delivering each component to the Mun's surface, which requires a separate fuel reserve. I recommend the Portable Station listed below. Instructions: Download Laythe Plane 3 Sleeker and better-performing than ever! An ultra-compact spaceplane designed to fly on and reach orbit around Laythe, capable of stowing within a Mk3 cargo bay. Carries one Kerbal and a full suite of scientific instruments (only the Science Jr. and Mystery Goo experiments have been omitted). Fuel contents have been tuned based on 1.0.5 aerodynamics for best performance. Features RCS, standard and junior docking ports, and probe core allowing remote operation (such as for rescue missions). Download Kanoe 1.2 A teeny tiny boat for Kerbals to take for spins in watery locations. Approximate travel range is only about 500 meters (i.e. 250 round trip). Also includes a junior docking port to enable easy deployment and recovery. The Oscar-B tanks at the back are intended for flotation and thus should not be filled. Download Portable Station What's better than a space station? A space station... in a tewb! This is a fully functional station designed to pack within a Mk3 cargo bay (a length of at least one long cargo bay plus one standard cargo bay is required). This is both the most compact and the most feature-rich edition yet, including an ISRU converter, three jumbo docking ports and six docking ports in each of the smaller two port sizes, and reserves of LiquidFuel, Oxidizer, Monopropellant, and XenonGas. Instructions | Download SSTO Shuttle Mk1.2 The above shuttle has been improved using shock cone intakes and some mass and drag optimizations, allowing it to reach orbit with over 100m/s more delta-V left over and handle better on the way back down. Download Stackable Ion Probe Ultra-compact stackable, reusable ion probe for orbital Science harvesting. Useful when carried aboard a mothership for missions to multiple objects, such as the Jool system. Total delta-V estimated at 4600m/s; capable of burns up to approximately 300m/s at a time before recharging. Not recommended for trips beyond Jool's orbit (i.e. Eeloo) due to solar panel constraints. Download Ore Bot 2.1 Compact lander designed to work in tandem with the Portable Station, landing on a small object such as Minmus, harvesting Ore, and bringing it to the station for processing. Equipped with a large number of RTGs enabling it to mine overnight and in places far from the Sun such as on Jool's moons. Also capable of stowing within a single standard-length Mk3 cargo bay. Download Mako Replica The Applied Sciences Division's first replica - the "Mako" all-terrain vehicle from Mass Effect. Like the original, it features an overdesigned suspension, powerful jump jets capable of ascending over 300 meters in a single bound (Note: jumps over 5 meters are ill-advised as the suspension is partially composed of batteries that will explode on impact), seating for four, and a working cannon (only one shot though). Download
  2. Hello I have got a big problem. When i enter Subassembly mode in Vehicle Assembly Building and i save something in it i can't go back to vehicle building mode. There is "+" in up-right corner of part window. When i click this part it doesn't appear in VAB. Important thing is that - symmetry button is faded black. Please help thanks
  3. Hi all! I have a little problem using these subassemblies. I'm playing on computer and I'm trying to build different things to send to my bases on different celestial bodies. One of them is a battery pack, as science costs a lot of electricity to be sent. This battery pack needs to be a rover, so I'm using a Probo QBE with some struts around and some docking prts and, well, here a screenshot of it without the wheels yet and missing a few things, just dev time... This will attach to the docking ports I have on my different bases. Well, as soon as they reach the planets that is... I just can't save that as a subassembly to add it to my launchers... Why? It keeps telling me: the selected part is not attachable I did understand that it is actually the commandpart that is not attachable, but the entire thing is though. And to save the whole as an assembly, I need to drag it selecting the probo, but the probo has no attachement slot left, so, what, how do I do that??? EDIT Well, double post, I know... But I just found out that I should start building my subassemblies with an attachable part. So I restarted using the top docking port as first part, meaning the parent so I could drag the whole assembly by it..... Well, I guess this is learning uh....
  4. Here are some subassemblies for making rockets and bases off of Kerbin. I am currently working on missions that use nothing but these subassemblies, so pics will come then (I cannot fit every subassembly in one craft and it launch). You can post your pictures of what you do with it. https://mega.nz/#!04VjRZSC!FFTEL_X69kHcgk2GqEPORhBcvqnAkAa9z0S2lV1TUkI Minmus, Gilly,or orbital Station mission 11 (Centrifuge, capsule seating five, science module, ore module, node, and bearings): https://mega.nz/#!J5UzSaaR!3clg_w1GnE33M8V3cC8PoIu8vEdqzTMK1h86Mf6SbRA
  5. Would it be possible to have pages or a scroll for the subassembly category, like in the other categories of functions? This way someone could have more than 15 subassemblies (ascending and descening togelling adds some), and view them more easliy without using subcategories. I have searched, and I have found no mod.
  6. Hello there! I've often been asked about many small subassemblies that I use in my game, and I've been teasing for a while that I would get some of the ones I most often use together, and release that as a pack. So here you go! They have been developed over several versions now, and there are a couple in there that I am very proud of. Enjoy! :-) DRIVE POD If there was one sub I am proud of, it would be this one. The original one I don't even remember when I built, but this is the updated version, with thermal management and the latest building tricks. Thanks to some careful part placement, it can draw fuel from any of it's docking ports, so you can attach this baby to pretty much anything to give it pretty long legs. And with a minimal part count of 12! KLAW POD The drive pods are great, but they do need a way to be moved around. Whether it's that, or you need to move an E-class potatoroid around, the Klaw Pod is your friend. With plenty of docking ports to not usually need the bug-prone Klaw, strong RCS and reaction wheels, and minimal part count, a pair of these with handle ridiculously large payloads by placing them on opposite ends, and even the single one can handle more than it looks like. Orbital building is much easier with one of these, and since you don't need to give any piece of your stations independent RCS propulsion, part count for large multi-part builds goes down greatly. KMU Still, you are not going to leave all the fun of station assembly to a bunch of probes, right? Then this here is just for you! Featuring the absolute minimum amount of parts for such a thing (10!), the Kerbal Mobility Unit will extend the range of your EVAs while not costing you in framerate. And if you have Jr. docking ports around, you can use it to move stuff! CUPOLA POD If the manned assembly thing appeals you, but you want to go all stylish and air-conditioned about it, then this luxurious 2001-style manned pod is just the thing for you. With docking ports of all sizes, it is very rare indeed to have a payload that can't be shifted around with one of these... and you could always fit a Klaw Pod on the nose to handle those. Also useful to complete station contracts... and as general docking port adapter ;-) HL-20 ESCAPE VEHICLE This one is not that useful, really, but in the few emergencies when you'll want it, the ~1.5km/s in the tanks and the ability to glide to a soft landing in any atmosphere will allow your kerbal to safely return to kerbin in the event of any plausible emergency in cismunar space... and maybe a bit beyond. The accommodations are a bit spartan, but you can't beat it in size or part count... it fits a Mk3 payload bay when tilted 45º, and is a mere 16 parts. And more importantly, it looks rather cute, IMO. SIMPLESAT In order to really make a profit with all those satellite contracts, you need a reliable satellite that will fit pretty much anywhere. This is exactly it. Usually launched as a secondary payload on other flights, the SimpleSat has a rather impressive ~3km/s in the tanks, enough to reach all manner of crazy orbits, even when you chuck in the special equipment required for your particular mission. Mk2 bay-friendly! ASTEROID REFINERY All you will ever need to mine an asteroid, minus the engines to move it around. A universal port on one end means it can actually serve as a mount for either one or two Drive Pods, so it can actually move the potatoes around to where you want the refuelling operations to take place. It could use a bigger fuel reservoir, but then it wouldn't be as customizable, just by adding modules, or be a mere 20 parts, would it? Best used with a couple of Klaw Pods and the single Drive Pod to wrangle asteroids really cheaply with something that can be taken to space inside a SSTO bay. ORE TANK Presented for completeness, my standard Ore Tank. It is not coincidental that it is exactly the same size as a X200-32 fuel tank capped with Sr. docking ports, nor is it accidental that it has Jr. docking ports on the sides... you can bunch them in large groups, and they are an excellent platform to bolt Drive Pods on. Not much more to say about them... but just think how much fuel a 3x3x3 arrangement of these would be able to hold, being structurally sound and not that part intensive (10 parts each, for 30mT of propellant inside). ...So there you go. I could have included others, but I thought these were a good selection to get started. Tell me what you think and if you find something obvious that I should have included but I didn't, I am open to adding more crap before I archive this into R-SUV (when I finally get around to updating R-SUV to 1.05... ). In the meantime, here, have a nice RAR with all the files together. DOWNLOAD: http://www./download/1eke4p9519gel41/Subassemblies.rar Rune. And double kudos to the guys that gets the reference in the thread title.
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