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Found 7 results

  1. PARA-SCI APPLIED SCIENCES DIVISION In other words, a repository of all craft I have created that I have deemed worthy to share with the public. At present all ships use exclusively stock parts. Some aesthetic-only clipping of batteries, Science instruments, and fuel tanks to a minor degree is involved, but no moving parts are clipped and I've done my best not to "abuse" part clipping to create overpowered fuel tanks, etc. (Essentially I've preserved the "intended" fuel volume using nose cones or fuselage parts). WARNING: All of the download links are broken due to Dropbox changing the w
  2. Hello I have got a big problem. When i enter Subassembly mode in Vehicle Assembly Building and i save something in it i can't go back to vehicle building mode. There is "+" in up-right corner of part window. When i click this part it doesn't appear in VAB. Important thing is that - symmetry button is faded black. Please help thanks
  3. Hi all! I have a little problem using these subassemblies. I'm playing on computer and I'm trying to build different things to send to my bases on different celestial bodies. One of them is a battery pack, as science costs a lot of electricity to be sent. This battery pack needs to be a rover, so I'm using a Probo QBE with some struts around and some docking prts and, well, here a screenshot of it without the wheels yet and missing a few things, just dev time... This will attach to the docking ports I have on my different bases. Well, as soon as they reach the planets th
  4. Here are some subassemblies for making rockets and bases off of Kerbin. I am currently working on missions that use nothing but these subassemblies, so pics will come then (I cannot fit every subassembly in one craft and it launch). You can post your pictures of what you do with it. https://mega.nz/#!04VjRZSC!FFTEL_X69kHcgk2GqEPORhBcvqnAkAa9z0S2lV1TUkI Minmus, Gilly,or orbital Station mission 11 (Centrifuge, capsule seating five, science module, ore module, node, and bearings): https://mega.nz/#!J5UzSaaR!3clg_w1GnE33M8V3cC8PoIu8vEdqzTMK1h86Mf6SbRA
  5. Would it be possible to have pages or a scroll for the subassembly category, like in the other categories of functions? This way someone could have more than 15 subassemblies (ascending and descening togelling adds some), and view them more easliy without using subcategories. I have searched, and I have found no mod.
  6. Hello there! I've often been asked about many small subassemblies that I use in my game, and I've been teasing for a while that I would get some of the ones I most often use together, and release that as a pack. So here you go! They have been developed over several versions now, and there are a couple in there that I am very proud of. Enjoy! :-) DRIVE POD If there was one sub I am proud of, it would be this one. The original one I don't even remember when I built, but this is the updated version, with thermal management and the latest building tricks. Thanks to some careful part
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