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Found 12 results

  1. The task is simple, create an electrically powered aircraft catapult capable of launching a craft weighing at least 15 tons. Success Criteria; Electrically powered low part count (below 50 parts) relatively stable capable of launching a craft to 30-40m/s Pictures and download are obligatory
  2. I made a rover delivery system and have a rover as sub-assembly - the root part of the rover is a docking port (jr), but when I want to attach the rover by its port to a specific port on the craft in the VAB it just floats around the port when I want to attach it. It does not "snap on" as it should. Help please! https://imgur.com/a/UG1kOmK
  3. Oddly, after all these months, I still don't know how to do this. I've got a seaplane with a cargo bay. I've got a little boat I want to put inside it, and I put a docking port on the boat to hold it in place. How do I do that? I can't open the boat and make it a subassembly because KSP won't accept an entire craft with a root part as a subassembly. How do I get the boat, which I built and tested separately into my plane? I could load one on the runway, drive it off to the side, then launch the plane, switch and drive the boat into the bay, but that seems clunky. It
  4. I've been having this problem for a while now and have managed to reproduce it several times over. I take a Structural Wing Type B, attach an Elevon 2 to the end and an Elevon 3 to the root, then grab the wing and save it as a subassembly. This works fine but when I later pick up the subassembly, I can neither attach it to whatever I'm building, nor drop it unattached, nor drop it onto the toolbar to delete it. Game just makes a click sound but nothing happens and: game doesn't freeze, but I can't do anything because there's no keyboard shortcut for dropping the part, so I have to Alt-Tab
  5. Hello everyone! Is there's a way to edit subassembly ingame, rename/change description, move to another subassebly category?
  6. I want to edit the name, description and categories of my subassemblies. I tried directly from the .craft file but it decategorize them if change the name and is not really helpfull being editing text files outside ksp There is any mod for this? I searched here and in ckan, but I don't find anything.
  7. Well. You guys asked for it! So here it is! So I am now releasing the rotor bearings used to power my popular "Kinchook" stock Chinook helicopter replica to the public. They're very simple and low part count. A single probe core between two fuselages surrounded by Ibeams can hold rotors soundly in place under even the most stressful conditions. The base bearing subassembly is only 14 parts! But don't forget to add struts on your own holding the Ibeams and structural components in place as this is necessary to keep the bearing functioning stable. As you add power and weight to the rotors o
  8. So, short form: I've got a design I want to be able to 'snap into' a few different cargo bays using the TT-38K decoupler. I can't figure out how to subassembly it so I can mess with it. I've tried using it for a root part, but no joy. What methods do you guys use when you have standard booster builds or cargo components that you want to radially attach to an existing design to speed up assembly?
  9. Hello everyone, First I apologize if this topic is in the wrong section as it isn't really a gameplay question and none either dedicated to the technical support... I will update the game to 1.2.2 and will make a full save as usual, but I would like to know if their is a way to save my different subassemblies "folders" like it can be seen on that picture : Every time I had make a new install (not an update) due to some crash or any other problems I just past the subassembly folder in the career folder. All the craft files are present but only under the common "Subass
  10. I am not certain if anyone has suggested this in the past, but I was curious if there could be in the next or future KSP release(s) a simple Vehicle and Subassembly name search in the list like the part search that was added in 1.1 so players with hundreds to thousands of vehicles and subassemblies saved, like me, could find vehicles faster than having to scroll through them all. If not, is there a way to mod it into KSP like the part search before version 1.1? Thank you for your time in reading this, Jason
  11. How do I unlink the RCS/gear/etc. of my docked mini-ship subassembly from the main ship? I have a large ship with a docked scouting ship. When I turn on RCS, or press 'G' for gear, the mini ship works along the big ship. I want to unlink these ships. The mini ship is in a bay and does not need to fire its RCS or deploy its gear when the main ship is landing or maneuvering.
  12. Falcon 9 Reusable | SpaceX Replica This rocket is a replica of the spaceX falcon9 v1.2 launch vehicle. It's first stage is capable of sending a 2nd stage with a payload of up to 17t into orbit, and autonomously return for a landing. PAYLOAD REQUIREMENTS Fairing: <2.1t Payload mass: <17t Cost per ton: $1450.59 Cost per launch: $24660 WARNING: Some part clipping involved. Instructions on how to use the launcher. The first stage has 9 engines in an octaweb configuration. During launch, all 9 engines will fire. Howev
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