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Found 3 results

  1. Far away from Kerbin... A whole galaxy lies in wait. New stars, new civilizations, new snacks. Welcome... To the Hagito Galaxy. The Hagito Galaxy is a community project created with the aim on expanding and forming an entire Galaxy, star by star. No matter what is submitted, it is accepted by stability. This is a project I have taken over from @Galacticvoyager and I plan to revive. Accepted Systems Accepted Civilizations System Designer Sheet (IMPORTANT!) Have fun!
  2. Disclaimer: You may have ONLY ONE POST IN THIS THREAD. Discussion goes here. Hello! By now many KSP players and frequent visitors to the spacecraft exchange have come across the previous ship submissions thread for @HatBat's wonderful Kethane Station military-themed KSP video series, the latest episode of being Episode 25: The series is quite similar in nature to Macey Dean's "Spiritwolf" and EnterElysium's "World War K". The show also utilizes Nassault-style cinematics when advancing the plot. During the second season of the show, @HatBat started experimenting with other military space agencies within the world of KS. After managing submissions on his own for a long time, he asked me to assist him in keeping things under control. This thread is where you'll be able to submit military ships and resource vessels under the name of your own space agency for future episodes, following the guidelines/rules below. ______________________________ Rules: Please confirm that you've read the rules at the end of your submission. Otherwise your submission will be ignored. - You may only have ONE POST PER SUBMITTER. You can however create a small post linking to your submission regarding submission updates within the Kethane Station Discussion Thread. - When/if you update your submissions in your post, please let us know in the discussion thread linked above. - Keep it stock. There is a single exception for BD Armory (continued) for atmospheric craft like fighters, bombers and tanks, etc. - Try to keep ships efficient in part usage - please try not to be impractical with your design's part count, as they will be loaded ingame alongside other craft of similar sizes and complexities. If a ship is a major problem to work with (due to lag, size, etc.), than its chances of acceptance are lower. - All ships submitted must be thoroughly tested and if they're found to be non-functional then submissions from that user will have to be ignored. We don't have time to ask people to fix their broken ships. - Starships that can reach orbit legitimately will be have a better chance of being used (i.e., having a launcher for a capital ship, or having a manned fighter be able to SSTO, for a couple examples). This is just a suggestion, but keep in mind it's easier to work with an orbit-capable ship. - Submissions aren't just limited to warships, logistical ships, miners and stations - are all welcome. However, adding some useful tactical information about a vessel along with a category will help, and aid in providing some unique info to your submissions. - When submitting you'll need to be as neat as possible. Have a clear title for your company/manufacturer and every ship along with it's category. Include an Imgur album and good pictures of the ship(s) in action (make sure the images are well lit). @Mobius's post is a great example of how to go about this. Host the files on a well known site like Dropbox or KerbalX, otherwise we will not download them. - You must add information about your space agency so HatBat can mention it in the show if he uses one of your craft. This could be a simple bio or an entire history. If you don't add information then your ships will be credited to HKA or GMI directly. However, don't pump any company lore full of crap like 'Oldest company on Kerbin' 'We have our own warp drives' 'We entirely colonised another planet'. It will be ignored. Along the same lines, please do not assert actions of HKA and/or GMI outside of the show's plot. - Please pick a side: HKA or GMI. While it is just a recommendation, staying on the fence makes your agency/submissions harder to work with. - Designs CANNOT utilize game exploits/bugs (think kraken drives, missiles designed to induce physics bugs, broken parts, etc.) to function. This applies to ships, munitions, armor, and so on. - Ships may NEVER be designed with intent to ram other vessels. - While yes, it may be fun to try and make some nigh-invulnerable or all-powerful ship of doom or superweapon, please try and keep your submissions fairly balanced. It's just not fun for one submitted ship to one-shot every enemy vessel it touches in an episode. ______________________________ Now, for those who might not have experience in making military spacecraft in KSP, @Spartwo has a great tutorial series here on getting started with just that- ranging from basics to weapons and more. Additionally, taking a look at the submissions other players have added for inspiration and design tips has never hurt much either. This thread's OP and rules can and will be updated from time to time by @ScriptKitt3h under the guidance of @HatBat. Additionally, there is a discord for the series/submissions; follow this link to join. Do not forget: You may only have ONE POST PER SUBMITTER. The discussion thread for KS is here.
  3. Hello there and welcome to the short spin off series, KSP:KS:The Final Frontier. This here is a discussion thread for my upcoming fan series on the Kethane Station series created by HatBat. Bellow is a list Contracts. Contracts are basically submissions for specific craft that will be necessary for the filming of this series. Contacts: HKA --Space Carrier --Must not include space fighters but should be able to accommodate a variety of ship sizes. --Has to have anti-aircraft and anti-ground combat systems. --Must have a runway to accommodate a variety of ship sizes and stop lengths --Must have re-entry ability but does not need to fly. --Must be able to float --Due to the nature of how I am filming, it does not need fuel or any staging for takeoff -SSTO Bomber --Should use the inline mk2 cockpit --Should have stock weapons --Must have a delta wing --Must have the ability to reenter --Must use R.A.P.I.E.R engines --Due to the nature of how I am filming, It does not need fuel or staging for takeoff -SSTO Fighter --Must use the inline mk2 cockpit --Must use BDa weapons --Must have the ability to re-enter and leave --Must Use R.A.P.I.E.R engines --Due to the nature of how I am filming, It does not need fuel or staging for takeoff -Spy Satellite GMI -Space Carrier -- -Space Destroyer -Space Explorer -Spy Satellite Misc. -Large Space Station --Has to be in a ring shape with a large diameter (About 6 Dynawings tip to tip) --Make it look as realistic as you like --Part limit, <1000 -Basic Telescope Satellite --
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