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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, and welcome to my latest overambitious forum project: EMULATING REAL LIFE IN KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM This idea was conceived by me, @TheEpicSquared, and my friend, @Oliverm001x. Description and information of this project CURRENT UNIVERSAL TIME OF SAVE Year 1, Day 61, 0h, 0m CURRENT LAUNCH MANIFEST RULES (IMPORTANT! READ CAREFULLY!) INFORMATION LAUNCH PROVIDER INFORMATION PAYLOAD PROVIDER INFORMATION INFO REGARDING THE GOVERNMENT LIST OF LAUNCH PROVIDERS LIST
  2. Emulating Real Life in KSP- Craft Submission Thread This is the official thread for craft submission under the Emulating Real Life in KSP project created by myself @Oliverm001x and @TheEpicSquared. Here is where the LP's and PP's post their respective craft. (Note: read specific rules before posting!) General Rules, Consult Before Submitting: Launch Provider Information: Payload Provider Information: We look forward to receiving and flying your craft!
  3. KerbX, A direct product of SSSTS we will create the future of space! a new generation of rockets and an unlimited acsess to space About us: kerbX - users guide and history (more will be released closer too the launch of Falkerb X)
  4. KerbX aims to provide a launch service to kerbin that the average joe can enjoy! you can watch our livestreems either on You Tube, our live coverage on Twitch. I hope you enjoy this. UPDATE 1: LAUNCH MANIFEST: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qj8p9_oqCtk7NbR-jhyZFcfzHtQMfRY5vieIx5ebgEQ
  5. Hello and welcome to the home page of the ISEA. Our mission is to do realistic launches in RSS/RO using a variety of rockets. Launch: Breesat 1 + Rsat 2A Rocket: TBD Window: 22:15-22:45 UTC (6:15-6:45 EDT) DATE: OTC 28 2017 Livestream: https://www.twitch.tv/realspaceprogram Our current rockets are Zeus- 2AS, 301,311,321,331,601,611,621,631,641 and 651 Aquarius- 4,2 5,2 5,4 and Heavy Hawk- 1.2 Delta 2 7930-7925 and Delta 3, Scorphious. here are some images of launches of our various LV's
  6. Submit a payload! Must specify all criteria and give a craft file. Include payload propulsion or an extra stage Rockets: Daleth 2 6000 Daleth 2 7000 Daleth 2 7000H Prometheus 2 Belle Prometheus 3 Prometheus 4 Muo Muo Belle A Muo Belle B Muo Belle D Muo Inon Muo 2.5m Fenris Alpha Fenris Alphastar (w/wo Aquilae) Sarnus S1 Sarnus S1B Sarnus S5 (for massive payloads) Sarnus Multibody Payload Submission Example: Name Manufacturer Launcher 3rd Stage (do include if it needs one
  7. Upcomming live launches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IfPaCViC00 RECENT ANNOUNCEMENTS we have now expanded our community envolvement to discord! https://discord.gg/kCtQSBt we have space for @Uace24 and your staff if you want to pop by we also have a Youtube channel now! we are looking to expand more info on the discord as well as rules hope to see you there! ESL or Earth Satellite Launcher will launch your payload into LEO , im using @Kartoffelkuchen's SpaceX pack and my own launchers LAUNCHING A SATELLITE REQUIREMENTS SUBMISION: t
  8. @Kerbiter, you have some comptition now with SpaceK, yes you had a head start but i am your new competitor, SpaceK's goal is to create a reusable rocket PAYLOAD SUBMISION Launch Manifest:
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