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Found 108 results

  1. It would be really cool to be able to sort our contracts by expiration date. That way, I don't have to check every contract before a long flight. I could just look at the closest one. Right now, the list seems completely random, and far off contracts muddle up the list for more immediate things.
  2. I know this has been suggested but my search fu is weak. Can we get the ability to move. All UI elements around the screen? Especially the ones that once were horizontal and now are vertical?
  3. Perhaps the game needs some new wheels! Roller wheels! You know! They could help out with tons of stuff! They would look like such: Shorter than the ones on the U2, no need for that extension, but they should serve a similar purpose. More like this, but aircraft quality, not shopping cart quality. Something like this to assist craft as they land, or to help people making turboprops and such!
  4. This suggestion is for a new item in The Daily Kerbal, Spacecraft Saturday. It would showcase stuff from the Spacecraft Exchange, there's some really cool *cough*This*cough* stuff there.
  5. Hi, i have multiple playback devices i use. Headphones, speakers in my monitor and a hifi-system. To change the playback device, i use a tool named SSD (SetSoundDevice) wich is doing nothing else as changing the preferred playback device. Most games can handle this and allow to change the output device while the game is running. But with KSP, i have to exit the game, change the device and restart the game each time i want to swap from speakers to headphones for instance. Would it be possible to change this behaviour in a future release ? Thx & greetz, ezfox
  6. I have an idea, maybe Squad can make that we can buy whole rockets design (akin stock rockets) for in game money. I just think maybe dev or we players can collects all best rockets design from Curse and other such website and than segregate them for potential mission plan (like MOR\Direct Ascent Munar Landing, best rocket for Duna Rover landing etc. And than allow buy such whole design trough in game money, because some of us are thrill seeking space Daredevil and are not so bright like Bob It would also be nice if we had something like the US Congress or the Kremlin, where a bunch of ignorant morons torpedoes our efforts conquest of space
  7. The recent releases of 1.1 to 1.1.2 have created a lot of problems for some people, including crashes, bugs, etc. Many mods are, obviously, incompatible for now, and many others are themselves coming up with new bugs and problems. There's been some complaining on these forums and other KSP related forums because of this. Would it be possible for Squad to make old versions of KSP still available so that Steam customers could choose when to to upgrade to a new version? Europa Universalis does this by making old versions available on Steam via the beta menu options. Such a system would allow players to hold off on updating until they felt it was stable enough, or until their favourite mods were compatible, etc. It would also greatly reduce negative posts from people in the immediate aftermath of new releases and hopefully spare the developers from what I imagine can be very disheartening feedback right after they've worked really hard to get a release out of the door.
  8. At the moment, players can take contracts to get satellites etc into exacting orbits/inclinations, and this creates (in the map view) a visible orbital reference with tolerances for AP, PE and inclination And it would be useful if players could use the mission control at KSC to plan missions similarly utilising the same system, being able to create an orbital target like the current contracts provide to get spacing, altitude, inclinations etc spot on
  9. A plugin that maybe uses Hypedit functionality to prevent satellite networks from drifting without having to constantly go back and fix them. It's impossible to get orbits truly close without a lot of luck, since KSP doesn't have the most stable trajectories... So frustrating to see my AP/PE bouncing about 50-100 meters while my satellite is just sitting there. It would need to have a single satellite selected, and match all other satellites in its network to its orbital period/inclination/ what have you. It would need some kind of limitation, such as the AP/PE being within 500 meters of the main satellite, and its inclination suitably close. Maybe require RCS ports on the satellite, and consume very small amounts of monoprop for adjustments. I wouldn't mind having to refuel satellites every ~6 years, it would feel very nice. I have no words for the amount of tears that have been shed as I watch my 10 satellite network ever so slowly drift into chaos as I await transfer windows for years
  10. Please, for the love of all that is holy, remove the needless mandatory WYSIWYG editor for forum posts. Or give us a button to switch it to plain text or something. Quoting someone, especially multi-quoting or removing centered text, things like that, is needlessly complicated by this ridiculous editor. Please, a plain text option. That's it. Mobile users will love you. Thank you.
  11. I checked the forum and a first-pass search didn't bring up anything except this: Unnecessary Warning Given to Scientist That topic asks the game to detect whether the Kerbal grabbing the data is a scientist, and skip the warning if true. What I'm requesting is a bit different: I would like the ability to shut off the warning entirely via a 'Don't Show This Again' option, much like the one that appears the first time you use physical time warp. It seems odd to me that a game with such a steep learning curve and so little forgiveness for blowing things up would see fit to let you choose to ignore the risk of rattling your ship apart with time warp but refuse to let you ignore the fact that only a scientist can reset a Goo canister in flight. I've already run the experiment at this point: that's a good thing. I've got the science. Warning me that I might not be able to get another experiment result is like warning me that I might not be able to have a second dessert after supper: it may be nice to know, but it's not necessary. When compared to the fact that I don't even get a warning that only an engineer can fix wheels or that only a pilot can operate SAS in the absence of a probe core, it's a bit out of place. Also annoying. It's very, very annoying, especially when I'm trying to get some extended use out of a single Goo canister (KSC microbiomes, for example)--to the point that I'd rather mod the thing to be rerunnable rather than put up with the clickfest.
  12. Hello guys, Have you seen this: It's and inflable habitat that will be installed on ISS for 2 years. I haven't seen/found any mods about that. There's already USI-MKS by @RoverDude that uses the concept of inflables, but for bases. What you guys think about it? I, unfortunatly, don't have the time and knowledge to make it myself, othewise I would give it a shot. EDIT: I didn't look too hard to find a mod about this, so if there's already one, forgive me
  13. Hi guys, I've been playing KSP since 0.9 and I truly love it. One of the only games in my life I can say that about. Theres been a couple of occasions I've left the game for a while, but I've always came back with the same original excitement. When 1.1 PreRelease was released I came back after a few months (6-7) away and I'm in love all over again...except the contracts system STILL sucks sweaty balls. My main issue is that theres no depth, no substance. No POINT (other than science) to do missions. They don't feel like they're PART of my Space Program, more like little add-ons. What I want is the "Space Program" part of "Kerbal Space Program". There are some mods which attempt to address this and most do a decent job, but its still only surface deep. The closest mod to creating a true space program I feel is Strategia. This is a step towards making a realistic space program in game. At the moment the contracts seem totally random, unstructured events - and I'm sure thats because, they are! In real life, when Kennedy said the USA was going to the Moon, the NASA Space Program became ALL ABOUT the moon. Every thing they did was geared towards this goal (generally, I'm sure they did other things, although I'm not sure testing a parachute while splashed down was one of them). In Strategia, you get to CHOOSE a goal for your space program. For example, "Plant Flag on Mun" - this gives more incentive to land on the Mun, while penalising any other planets / moons you land on while this goal is active. This is kind of a start, not ideal but a start. What I suggest is implemented, and I don't think this would be too much work as its just a rejig of the current system: 1) We choose our Space Programs Goal (lets say landing on the Mun). From that point ALL contracts are geared towards that goal. Lifter tests, Kerbin Orbits in the proposed Lander etc. 2) We can have a few different categories of Space Program Goals - Exploration, Probing, Terrestrial for example - Exploration is our chosen goal to explore somewhere, The Mun for example (as in point 1). Probing is our goal to send a probe somewhere (maybe unlocking that location for a possible Exploration goal once complete) like Duna. Terrestrial goal would be getting data from and around Kerbin. 3) While science is great for unlocking the tech tree, I would like to see it linked to unlocking future goals also. For example, we can't choose Duna as an Exploration goal unless we have enough science from Kerbin, or the Mun etc. In practice this is how I see it working: Beginning of the game, we can only choose a Terrestrial Goal: Get to Orbit. This will give us contracts like, test Lifter, test Launches, Test Launch Escape System, Leave Atmosphere, Get to Orbit. GOAL COMPLETE. Now we're in space we can choose an Exploration Goal and a Probe Goal. Exploration Goal would be Land On Mun. Contracts then appear like, Build Lander, Test Lander in Kerbin Orbit, Fly By Mun, Orbit Mun, Land on Mun. At the same time our Probe goal is active which would be to build a probe to get to Duna with contracts such as Design Probe, Test Probe around Kerbin, Test Prove around Mun, Put Probe into Orbit around Duna. Im sure you get the idea, but overall id LOVE to see this or something similar implemented for Career mode because all it feels like now is a Grind for Science without any real targets. Yes we can create self imposed goals, but we can do that in Sandbox. Anyway, thanks for reading this far!
  14. While I love the work of @Porkjet, I think the Mk3 passenger module could do with some improvements. This has been on my mind since .90 Its extremely large for only holding 16 kerbals and no other functions, it has allot of wasted volume. first idea: I would cut it in half (2 windows) and only carry 8 kerbals allowing you to just squeeze in 8 more peeps to your shuttle without cutting out cargo space. if you need to move more than 8 kerbals then add another one OR just put loads of seats in a cargo bay. (this is the most efficient way to move kerbals) second Idea: add service bays above and below the cabin. like this: this way you could add extra RCS, Fuel or science parts, even a small rover or escape pod. *edit: if the doors opened as pictured above, you could put landing legs in there!!! *editedit: or vtol engines! or wheels! oh my! thoughts?
  15. I suggest that it is obligatory to include the date of the last version of the Add-On (Mod / Plug-In / Parts) in the title of the thread. Most threads have only the version, having no reference to the day it was updated. This makes it difficult to view and search for new versions of mods, considering most users do not have to write down or memorize all versions of installed mods. PS: If this post is in the wrong place, please move it.
  16. I like the main idea of Science mode. It gives you a path of progression from limited simple parts up to the fancy stuff, but with less restrictions than full-on career mode. The problem is, doing science experiments is not a particularly fun part of the game for me, and probably not for a good number of other people as well. I don't like designing ships around the science parts, biome exploitation is time consuming and repetitive, and "timewarp for science" research labs are silly. My suggestion is to expand the scope of activities that can count toward unlocking parts. Bring in some elements of Career mode - instead of just experiments, make it possible gain science by World Firsts and Contracts. The simplest thing would be to just set up conversion factors to translate the Funds and Rep rewards of existing contracts into pure Science, and remove all deadlines and penalties. Balance it such that experiments are still useful, but not required. Not only would this give more options for progress, but adding those options in the form of Contracts and World Firsts would give more objectives and more sense of reward.
  17. So, I was wondering if you could make the forum topic adder/editor have it so that you can choose different methods of inputting text and crap, like, there would be the default in the first tab, HTML coding in the second, CSS in the 3rd, and JavaScript (or other html compatible coding languages) . this would help us make our forum posts unique, and appealing (only if you have knowledge of such coding languages) The main reason why I think it's a must-have feature is because I'd like to be able to add custom graphics into my forum posts, and, be able to do other stuff like animations on the forum post. If I could use CSS/JavaScript on the forum, I'd be able to make a REALLY nice forum post, and be able to present the information even better . Final Thought: You should make it so that people have to have had their account for a certain amount of time AND for each rank in the forum, be able to add more features. Thank you for reading my post, I hope you consider soon...
  18. I mentioned this in another thread I started, but I really wanted to push this idea, since it has grown on me a lot Has it ever seemed weird to anyone else that if I want to send 1 Kerbal to Moho and back (depending on your specific mission architecture) the love-able breadbox with a paint job that doesn't match anything else in the game and a window smaller than -insert your own jokes here- known as the Mk1 Command Pod is the best option? I love the thing, but let's be honest: it's not pretty, it's not got a cool IVA, and it breaks my immersion (hoorah buzz words!) So I have come to request the creation of a new- no, RE-creation of the Mk1 Command Pod. As a mod, we can surely rebuild it, better, stronger, faster. Or at least prettier, which is of course what actually matters. My idea was fairly simple: Leave the general dimensions the same, give the pod an even white paint job like the Mk1-2 and Mk1 Cockpit, and replace the window with one in the Gemini style (aka, inset and forward facing). Then add a matching IVA that's actually full like every IVA EXCEPT the Mk1 Command Pod's, add it as a new part called the Mk1A (for Advanced), and Viola! Now I say that like it's simple, however I am wholly incapable of doing any of that, and don't have the time to learn. That's why I'm making the request If ANYONE with the skill to make a model/texture/IVA/drag-all-that-together-in-code has an interest in the idea, please do give it a try, because I'd love to use one of these. Can you imagine flying a little cargo tug up to a station with your one Kerbal staring out at it in that IVA? Would be way more immersive and aesthetic (ooh, more buzz words!)
  19. Would it be workable to implement an archive of progression, akin to the existing Science Archives? There is the stack of alerts for the World First Milestones, yes, but those are a) unwieldy to navigate, and b) prone to being inadvertently deleted. A separate, persistent archive would prevent this record from being lost, allowing the alerts to be safely cleared and preventing new alerts from becoming buried in the rest of the stack.
  20. Hi all, I know it's out there. A mod that shows more info about the science, like situation and transmit procentage...plz help Also there is a mod for better description of the range of the antenna and dishes...plz help Thanks in advance
  21. I would like to propose that in Career Mode when a mission is over, success or failure be presented in the form of a newspaper screen. It could come spinning into view like in the old 60's television shows. The headline would be regarding the failed or completed mission and the sidebars could contain information on the status of current ongoing missions. If only for such as rescues and 'world firsts' I think it would add a level of entertainment. I don't think it would be that difficult to add a little detail, ship's name, Kerbal in command any easy data collectable upon completion or failure, so that you will actually be reading about 'your' mission and not just a standard screen that quickly becomes boring and so clicked through. Perhaps most useful of all could be information about future launch windows presented as a query - Are the boys at KSP are going to take advantage of it on such and such date? I was thinking when I splashed down the other day that there should be a ship or ships waiting for me just add to the realism a bit. but I figured that there would be not much chance you chaps would go for that so I thought maybe a news headline would be doable.
  22. In 1.1 each vessel will have 1 CPU thread to play with. In most cases, this won't load your CPU very heavily. I'm gonna cut to the case here, what if you could have multiple vessels rigidly connected, but not considered a single merged vessel according to the physics engine? I'm proposing a type of decoupler or docking port. This could be used for: 1. Dividing space stations 2. Dividing large interplanetary ships (i.e. propulsion stage and lander) 3. (My fav) Dividing payloads from their launch vehicles. Problems/solutions: P: Any time the ships are on rails they will drift apart. S: Don't allow time warp until the part re-connects all vessels. (This could be done in the background) P: Resource/crew transfer will be impossible S: Allow the vessels to be connected temporarily through the part's right click menu, although framerates will plummet. I have no idea how this would be coded, I do know it's possible to some extent through KAS's pipes, perhaps a variant of that could be used? Discuss! (I'm writing this on my phone, later today I'll probably update this with more info)
  23. I have done a lot of EVA. Using mods I have built stations and ships in space and bases on the ground with a kerbal. Many times have I travelled from one ship to another wearing nothing but a spacesuit and a smile. There is no first person view from a spacesuit unlike ships in IVA. There is an up and down in a spacesuit but not in a ship and of course there should be no up or down. I suggest that the spacesuit be a command pod. A separate entity. Effectively make it a ship. Then when we EVA everything can look the same as it does now except hanging in place on a ladder or other graspable will probably be easier to script. We could have a spacesuit IVA where our arms and hands are visible. The IVA avatars would all wear the same kind of KSP IVA suit but their experience and role could be added so that when you looked at your crew you could see what roles they had at-a-glance. Spacesuits could be colour coded to their roles pilot - engineer- science again making their roles instantly apparent. It would open a huge door for the modding community. To be fair, even in real life the spacesuit is basically a small space ship and I'm just suggesting that it be coded as such.
  24. Is there a mod that converts or creates maneuvers for low TWR burns? I forget who had the pre-calculated dV for Kerbin escape burns in their signature which is kind of what I'm looking for but that's only helpful when you're doing only-prograde burns. A lot of planetary transfers require some amount of normal/anti-normal and it would be nice (easier) to get proportionately the right amount of normal burn to get to your departure inclination. Ideally, it would be cool to set up a maneuver node (typical maneuver node procedure) that gets you the transfer you need then click a button that converts the node into multiple nodes of some lesser dV. This may be suggested somewhere else or maybe there's a mod that does it, I don't know. I looked and didn't see anything; also, it doesn't look like PreciseNode does it which was my best guess for something that might.
  25. Though I am just a new guy here, (with only 200hours gameplay)I think there is still great potential here, and KSP could be push even further. I just tried KAS+KIS. It allows me to tweak my station in the orbit like NASA. So I guess give Jeb, Bill and Bob more capability is possible. As for now, I can just control them one by one, quite annoying. what if I can give them orders? AND maybe even multiplayer? Imagine this: I want to upgrade my station around kerbin, need help. So I send a quest to KSC with my plan. Then a contract is created with deadline for other players. Once accepted, he will replace one of my engineer on board and help me do it.