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  1. it would be nice if the DLC Actually added the Descent module from the Soyuz because am annoyed that there is no soyuz style descent module
  2. Hello fellow kerbals. Let's talk about science mode ! I - The Issue I might be some kind of a masochistic player but I can't help to think that even with a 10 % science rewards settings, unlocking the tech tree feels wrong. In my experience, for a 10 % setting, it's : 1) Unnecessarily grindy at the very beginning 2) Somewhat normal around moon and minmus if you travel a bit through biomes with like 2 moon missions and 2 minmus missions 3) Still way to fast to unlock once you can get into other planets orbits 4) Rendered completely pointless by science lab, whic
  3. Sometimes, mostly when service bays are in horizontal possition, the ship does a big jump because all the doors opening, but I only need to open the upper doors Am I the only one?
  4. We need jet engines to have suction force, for example, if a kerbal comes within 5m of the center of a Goliath engine facing fowards, they will get sucked in and be killed if the engine is on idle. If the engine is full power, suction force starts 15m away from the center of the engine and increases the closer you get, until a kerbal gets within 7m of the center of the engine, which is when they will get sucked in. If parts are light enough they will get sucked in as well. I think that parts 0.25 tons or lighter should get sucked in or be pulled towards the engine. I think this should only app
  5. I really like the idea of havin a red circel on the map with a radius of 250km arround the KSC. Outside that circle the "Recover Vessel" option (both in flight and trackingstation) is disabled. The circle marks the 0% funds for recovery mark and the ksc is 100% with a let's say 20km radius as a bonus to compensate the lack of recovery outside of 250km. Would make the game interresting at least and stil be fair because of the better payment close to the KSC. Just an idea I had. Cheers.
  6. As I understand it, the new Mission Builder in Making History allows for making missions that require mods. I suggest making a sub-forum to the Making History Missions forum dedicated to missions that require mods. This way it would be easier to find missions suited for a vanilla game or a modded game to suit your install. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/98-making-history-missions/
  7. When you are plotting manuever nodes, the readout on the side of the navball shows how much D/V the burn shall take, and how much you have done. This works fine when you have one node active, but if you have multiple, it only shows the closest, which can be annoying when you’re planning a transit to Jool, but you can’t see how much D/V you’ll need to capture because you have a correction burn of 2m/s active as well. I suggest a way to cycle through which manuever node is active on the navball.
  8. I was thinking with all of the PC versions and the outdated advice associated with the older versions that may not be accurate for console version 1.00 there should be a sub-forum just for console Q&A. I search for info about some topics and all I can find are threads that are years old from several major versions previous to what the console edition is based on. Console players wouldn't have to wonder if the advice they're receiving is current or not.
  9. After several hours of gameplay on sandbox and testing my creativity, I decided to get more serious and start a new career mode. As an airplane lover I really felt a lack of utility on creating atmospheric aircrafts despite being useful on running short distances to gather surface samples on the very beggining of your career. I really saw no need on building those gigantic and awesome airplanes. It would be even more awesome building those on career mode, where you would to plan and desing a even more efficient and better airplane then your casual "sandbox jumbo". As a simple solution, I came
  10. Holy sciencey title Batman! Basically what I'm suggesting is for SAS to be a module on command pods/probe cores that's automatically assigned to the SAS action group but can be removed and set on other action groups, just like the brakes on wheels and lights in lights and crew parts. What this would do is open up an entirely new action group with new properties. I know you can already set things to the SAS action group, but it's basically suicide to disable SAS mid-flight, especially in some aircraft. As for the "new properties" I mentioned a sentence or two ago, the SAS action group can be on
  11. [First time I've made a thread so please let me know if I need to do anything differently or post somewhere else ] So here's a suggestion - functional simulated Space Elevators and Skyhooks not as vessels but as KSC pseudo-Structures that can be upgraded like any other. I don't know if I'll ever get around to making this myself so I want to put the concept out there for feedback and for anyone with more modding experience than me. I'll start with Space Elevators since they're simpler to use and implement. Using one would go something like clicking on the structure in the KSC, seeing th
  12. A few days ago I built a glider in KSP. Pretty awesome at fist, but it got boring after 3 flights or so because there was no way of staying in the air without descending. So I started thinking: "What if weather, wind, turbulences and thermics was added into the game?" This is basically what this suggestion is. Weather, wind and thermics. This would give gliders a sence and make the game more chalenging, for example when you want to land on Duna or Eve, but there's a storm underneath you or if you want to launch a rocket. Would you like to see a feature like this in the game? (And yes, I know t
  13. This is a summary of the previous exchange between @KSK, @Bottle Rocketeer 500, and myself. KSK origionally said To which I replied BR500's reply... My Reply KSK's Reply Again BR500 replied My sadly reasonable response KSK responded And besides my last response that is what we come up to. What do you think?
  14. Hi, this is my first post here, so please tell me kindly, if I should do anything in any other way. I would like to post a suggestion: prevent draining of probe's core (okto, hecs) battery by any other module. Situation: some other module is draining all the juice but I cannot switch it off, because okto/heces does not have enough power to do so. No power for core to disable what is disabling it. Dead core, even with solar panels and sun shine, that just happen to not provide enough charge for whatever is draining the power. Alternative: enable switching off anything even if t
  15. The way the runway levels up is very weird. It starts off so bumpy that it is easier and safer to just take off from the grass right next to it. What I'm proposing is that the runway start off very short, and progressively get longer, instead of the runway starting off very bumpy and getting progressively smoother.
  16. Maneuver nodes can't be made when not connected to Commnet, but it should be possible to delete them. I want to be able to warp to a point in my orbit instead of worrying about a burn I made three KSP years ago!
  17. You should know there should be a button to stop the use of all of a certain type of resource
  18. Every who played KSP know that Kerbin orbit start about roughly above 70 km but i wonder why not make atmospheric drag affect even at higher altitude like it is in real life. So even satellites on LKO are not safe like it was on real life, and make Kerbol affect the Kerbin atmosphere
  19. So when you place stuff in radial symmetry in VAB you have the options to place the part 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 times in radial symmetry. Now, when you want to attach child parts to these, they have to be either placed single or in the same symmetry setting as the parent part. My suggestion is this: Allow placing of child parts in a fractional (e.g. halved or quartered) symmetry count (not sure if that's the right way to call it), if the result is a full number. Or as a complete list: parent 4 times -> child 1, 2 or 4 times parent 6 times -> child 1, 2, 3 or 6 time
  20. I remember back just before 1.0 there was a mod that allowed you to toggle a button in the hanger menu of a thruster or engine to essentially make it a giant RCS thruster as it it was controlled by the RCS system. I really think something resembling that would be amazing is the stock game for when you want to use RCS thrusters on a large to massive craft. The mod also auto adjusted the thrust of the thrusters on your ship during flight(if you wanted it to) so the center of thrust would always be directly on the mass. It was an amazing mod if someone can find an updated version of it. I w
  21. Are there any plans to get KSP supported by the Curse Client or (preferably) Steam Workshop? I've tried using community-developed mod managers, but they haven't worked out for me. Now the game goes Challenger whenever I try to launch it. What I need is a simple mod manager. I'd like to be able to add, remove, enable, and disable mods on the fly, much like games using the Steam Workshop.
  22. Hi folks, it is Casualnaut back with another suggestion for the glorious Squad development team. I was wondering if there could be an end-tier rover wheels that used the Rocker-Bogie System JPL uses on the Mars rovers. They would come in entire sets of 3 wheels, and would crawl up terrain like this: Image provided by Wikipedia Note: I may edit the thread as responses come to make it the best suggestion possible.
  23. I have been making a new rocket, and I was surprised to find only one launch escape system (I'm inexperienced). I am wondering if squad can add more launch escape systems in stock?
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