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  1. Hello All I have lots of mods installed... And I'm sure most of you guys have got a lot installed as well. So I was thinking if maybe in the main menu there could be a tab where you can view all mods installed and if possible, disable/enable them. The KSP Modding community is a grand one and I'm sure it would make a lot of people happy if this was a thing. Cheers, WhiskyHotel3
  2. So this feels like exactly the sort of thing Kerbals would come up with, plus it would settle the 'is the runway flat' debate forever, and be awesome to actually use:
  3. I know that there has been talk in the past of bringing back the old part models. I believe I have a method of doing so. Basically, some new parts with the old textures (smoothed out, but staying true to the original textures) would be added as cheap, low-tech items for an early space program. TCFF-01 A cheap but heavy fuel tank. Its designers insist that TCFF does not stand for "Tin-Can Full of Fuel." TCFF-02 The half-size little brother of the Tin-Ca-... I mean... TCFF-01. BR-1A One of the first rocket engines ever produced on Kerbin. It was
  4. I think that in the career tech tree, unmanned probes should come BEFORE manned crafts and parts. It makes no sense to send kerbals up before satellites. (That is, if you can get "Stayputnik" not to stay-put :P) It would be way more realistic and easier starting, since you don't have enough money to keep hiring and killing more kerbals. -Thanks for reading
  5. The physics toolkit in KSPEdu is very good, but it's missing one thing: torque visualisation. I've used KSP with Infernal Robotics to investigate torque with students, and it works pretty well. You make a satellite with 2 fuel tanks and 2 small engines, each on the extendible piston part from IR, so you can change the force radius to change torque, and change the mass radius to change the moment of inertia. (You can also cheat to add or remove fuel from the tanks to change moment of inertia also.) This would take more work to do in KSPEdu, but even without IR parts, a way to see/meas
  6. Hey, For me, at least career mode isn't for most fitting, because i cant build whatever i want. So Science mode is mainly what i play, But i think there should be more career stuff in science. Example: You can upgrade Facilities by science points instead of fully upgraded ones. And another main thing is that contracts in science mode, because sometimes it gets boring. I am glad that kerbal experience can be turned on at science mode, but it still needs more career options. Of course this can be achieve by playing career and max out money and then remove science points
  7. Hey there! I haven't been playing ksp for a while now, but in the meanwhile, I came up with an, in my opinion, good idea! Currently Ksp offers you a bunch of planets, on which you can land on and visit different biomes, to get more science. And thats pretty much all you can do with planets... In my opinion kinda boring . So my suggestion would be to make planets more interactive, and therefore much more interesting. As you may know, rocks are not solid. You can walk through them... But this is just one thing that bothers me. In my opinion planets also look a little bit boring. The t
  8. Following up from a thread in gameplay, my suggestion for the next release is a revision of the fuel transfer mechanism. Instead of the rather rudimentary ALT+click to fill a tank, you should be able to specify how much fuel/ox/monoprop you would like to transfer. This could be acheived (I'm guessing) by making the fuel/ox/monoprop sliders manually adjustable, as they are in the VAB. It would also be helpful to be able to lock liquid fuel and oxidiser together so you could transfer in the right ratio. Another option might be to be able to specify how much fuel you would like to transfer f
  9. How about Solar Flares and Radiation management - could include a basic spectrum of challenges, eg: seperate shielding types for different threats (neutrons, charged particles, EM etc) This would make manned travel far more costly than unmanned, at least beyond the Kerbin magnetosphere (with the exception of the Van Kallen belts ofc.) so some extra advantage of taking crew would be appropriate - such as enhanced sciencing (but that is another topic). Want to bum around Kerbin-Mun-Minmus? Not much in the way of shielding required, unless you intend to spend significant time orbit
  10. Previously I had expressed some grievances regarding the way that KSP handles signal strength and data transmission. After some time with my nose buried in information theory books and 30 year old PDFs about the DSN, I propose an improved system that is a little more realistic, but not too technically challenging. First, the concept of bands. The DSN is capable of operating in several bands, and these are; L-band (1-2 GHz) S-band (2-4 GHz) X-band (7-11 GHz) and more recently Ka-band (26-40 GHz) Lower power bands are available earlier in career mode, and the T
  11. When the information panel is displayed for a docked docking port, include a readout of the current angle of the face of the docking port relative to its partner. Include + and - buttons to rotate the partner docking port (and attached structure) without undocking. This would allow a much greater degree of precision in the construction of structures and vehicles in-situ. For example, two short 2.5m vehicles with two Rovemax XL3 wheels each in mirror attachment could dock with Clamp-O-Tron Sr. ports to form a large rover. It would be much easier to ensure that the wheels are all facing in
  12. In the current system, any science transmissions are multiplied by your signal strength, reducing the science return for your experiments. Before 1.2, transmitting science only incurred a proportional penalty for transmission versus recovery, but now this proportional penalty is again divided by signal strength. This seems non-intuitive - If I collect n bits for return, I should be able to return all of n of those bits, and a weaker signal just means that the transmission will have to have more redundancy to prevent data loss. It seems silly that my data is just lost to the ether because of
  13. I think this is a well-known problem throughout many versions of ksp, but (I believe) because the Mk2 cockpit is a single all-in-one nosecone, it generates a monstrous amount of re-entry heat. I have trouble not exploding the thing on relatively gentle reentry angles (40km periapsis) just returning from 450k orbits (still true in 1.2 despite pointy-object aerodynamic changes). The inline Mk2 and Mk3 cockpits have separate parts as noses (like a shielded docking port) which seems to disperse the heat better and solve the issue. Just about any re-entry is quite harrowing with the Mk2. Is th
  14. Here's what I'm thinking: If realistic water buoyancy can be implemented, why not ground effect? It would open up a whole new avenue of designs, like ground effect vehicles. It would also make takeoff and landing in spaceplanes and aircraft easier, as the amount of lift is increased as you approach the ground. However, that could be balanced out by reducing the effectiveness of control surfaces. It should also be easy to implement as the effect kicks in at or below the length of an aircraft's wingspan; This data is easily obtained, as it is already in the engineer's report. Please fe
  15. When assigning Action Groups, it would be very useful if we could use a Delay within the group so we could program a series of events just with 1 button press. We could get some really neat and creative things going on with just adding this one thing. I'm sure there are countless things we can come up with, but the great thing about it is it would add so much play value to the game, for such an easy thing to insert. You'd probably want to be able to assign a value to the Delay, and all the actions would need to flow top down for it to work. Just an idea.
  16. What if - Part 2 I was Just drinking my coffee on my monitor, while watching the Orion Rocket Getting ready for launch to duna, when this came up to my mind. -Gene Kerman- Suggestion 3 What if.. There Was Baby Kerbals?.. I know this might seem crazy Baby kerbals going to space... but it would be actually funny to see that i never saw any mod maker or person do that . so Squad if your intreseted this idea is for you Suggestion 4 What if There was a Astroied Belt in Outermost Kerbol system? that would be a pretty intresting place to go , if your reading this and you
  17. Picture poor Jebediah sitting inside a MK1 capsule atop an overly complex rocket (aren`t they always?) waiting on the launchpad. He is smiling despite knowing that he is being sent to Duna on a one way mission (or at least until the Space Program decides to send another vessel to collect him) all on his own, within a space suit, within a tiny capsule and with no other entertainment than a minute window that will show nothing but cold cold space for the whole 200+ days of journey. Once within Duna`s sphere of influence Jebediah can look forward to a couple of days of achieving orbit, landing an
  18. Hi, we all know music is one of the worst features of the game. In fact, many players (including me sometimes) play without any music neither sound. But more flavor would be added to the game if each celestial body had its own music,..
  19. Hi KSP! I wanted to say that the aerodynamics are quite advanced, very beautifully and awesomely made! but I can't support it none the less. for two reasons: 1. "Monoplanes produce more lift than for example triplanes, having less wing bodies. that is because triplanes have wings that are so close together that their aerodynamics mix (don't have enough space)" (That is what they thought me on school) So the problem here is: In Kerbal Space Program you can cheat by putting wing(s) in each other and producing more lift, for example. You see that often in large or unrealistic craf
  20. Hi, I'm playing on Kerbal space program since 0.9 version, I was wondering about the futur of KSP, and I was wondering, why don't you port it into the game? I think it would be an amazing featur to add, to be able to literaly create your own part in game, thanks to some tools, with a new building. Starting with something like real fuels did in his mod. Be able to select the size and the shape of your fuel tanks. And it would be limited by the techTree, and the type of engine you are able to take. This way you would be able to implement more and more featurs without much work on par
  21. Sorry if this is on a no-suggest list or has been discussed to an end already, so far I've only found really old threads that got no actual answer, so I decided to try my own luck: Alright, so I just discovered NVIDIA Surround and was trying different applications with it... And who would have thought, but KSP actually works! The only "problem" I'm facing is that the UI spans over all screens, which, for my setup at least, looks really weird (having to move the mouse across two and a half screens just to exit the VAB after part selection... yeah). Is there a way to fix it? Like, have
  22. I would like to have end-caps for all the sizes of fuel tank. They would not have to match the colour of the tanks. The end-caps would have an airlock with a top/bottom indicator or perhaps a built in ladder. These airlocks would not be able to hold a crewman for flight but would facilitate the logistics of the crew. By right clicking the airlock I could EVA any crew-member in the vessel. By telling a kerbal to board at the airlock, the available sections for crew would be highlighted and I could select which compartment to board. In much the same manner as transferring a c
  23. Hello, I was trying to get into KSP in a less freestyle way, that is, throwing stuff into the air and see if it lands in a not fireball form. So I decided to try the tutorial and it is hard to follow, the text constantly jumps to the right side of the screen, the text itself is tiny and it is written in large blobs of text. All those together makes the tutorial really hard to go through. And I have a feeling it can be fixed easily by having the tutorial voiced, have somebody that is clearly and well spoken to voice act the text. Have the tutorial pause by itself whenever it
  24. Can you add boat parts and make that World War 2 engines used in planes like P51-Mustang or Yakolev Yak-3?
  25. It would be really cool to be able to sort our contracts by expiration date. That way, I don't have to check every contract before a long flight. I could just look at the closest one. Right now, the list seems completely random, and far off contracts muddle up the list for more immediate things.
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