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  1. Common Suggestions. Delta V Display Multiplayer Aliens Axial Tilt Clouds Bug Fixes (These happen with every update) Career Improvements KSP 2.0 Lagrange Points Life Support Mod (insert name here) added to stock Multi-threaded Physics (Done, Unity5 and PhysX supports this) Music! New Parts New Planets N-Body Physics Realism (And Kerbalism) Science Improvements Steam Worksho
  2. I've recently posted two videos to YouTube now. I think they're pretty good myself, but they're not without flaws. For one thing, twenty to thirty minutes long. I think the problem is that I want to add all the shots into the video that I've made. In the second one, I condensed each shot in an effort to try to shorten the video, though the problem is that I repeatedly put very similar scenes (e.g. the space tug reentering the atmosphere and landing) into it, still making it too long for a normal video. You can watch the videos here and give me some constructive criticism and advice so I can no
  3. I was looking at an old topic about orange version of the 5m parts, so I would to see a revamp of the shuttle/SLS based parts. A, 4.2m wide orange fuel tank because kerbal scale is half of human scale and the Shuttle ET was 8.4m wide. B, The vectors be slightly bigger or have a less powerful bigger version of the vector that is more like SSME (space shuttle main engines) . C, Bigger mono pro engines based off of the OMT (orbital maneuvering thrusts). D, Orion based capsule that is around 2.75m and other 2.75m parts. E, The pollox boosters have bigger nozels, have an aft skirt, be able to gimba
  4. weather its light wind or heavy wind, storm or lightning, turbulence or whatever you get the point, there should be weather in ksp 2, think about it weather affects rockets in real life and it'll be amazing for us to have realistic weather in ksp2 i think there is a mod for that in ksp 1 but im suggesting that there should be at least some form of wind or storm that goes in ksp2 and a weather indicator that tells you the weather for the next 7 days, the weather should also be different on other planets too like raining acid on eve or heavy snow on laythe or extreme storms on jool or radiation
  5. now this is a great idea because the stock ksp game doesn't have life support, but it would be really cool if ksp2 had life support systems put into the stock game, i know it would be more of a challenge to maintain your craft by monitoring your food water and oxygen but the thing is that cramming kerbals with nothing to eat is pretty unhealthy for them but if they had self sustaining bases or motherships then it would be amazing to build but hey, its just a suggestion, hopefully take two sees this and considers putting this into the game. Now, this is not pressuring take two to put something
  6. Having been discussing this, and slowly fleshing out the idea further, I would like to suggest a set of level 4 upgrades for each of the KSC facilities should be available, as well as (as a reach-goal) some way to upgrade the alternative launch sites (the Desert Runway needs an upgrade to its length/width/surface, in particular). Why: - Gameplay progression and "reach" goals for longer-running campaigns by more advanced players (although, these should not be out of reach of any player, they should require even greater Funds cost than the lvl 3 upgrades). - Rule of Cool. Bigger
  7. Kerbal players aren't exactly professional pilots (so landing is hard for many of us), and the runway is annoyingly short for some of the heaviest/largest spaceplanes we might build (ESPECIALLY given the lack of any Stock jet engines larger than 1.25 meters- meaning our largest spaceplanes tend to end up light on Thrust..) Thus, I would like to suggest that there be a longer/wider runway, which players can upgrade to as a "Level 4" runway (only effect is having more room to takeoff/land) in Career, or have from the start in Sandbox. While we're on the subject of facilities, a
  8. Here's the thing: Kerbals are a bit... same. They always have the same heads and the same suits, which sort of gets boring. Instead of just 2 heads, they should have a lot of different heads, and would be chosen like the name generator. Now, I know what you guys are about to say. Why not just use TextureReplacer or TextureReplacerReplaced? Hear me out: first of all, they are both very complicated to use for most players, and second, they are both outdated. Instead, an in-game UI like Kerbaliser should be implemented, so when you are trying to edit a kerbal through the cheat menu, you can just
  9. Hey. KSP has just updated (version unknown, date 12/05/2019) together with the launch of Breaking Ground, but a lot of things are still amiss. I made a list of points I'd like to go over here, some are bugs, some are suggestions, some are slight rants from issues that have been present since the game launched and have been not given any attention yet. 1) Show game version number at main/settings screen: when reporting problems we are having to resort to giving the date and hoping you guys can at least figure out which version KSP should be updated to by that given date since the
  10. Here are some things I'm kindly suggesting for KSP 2, most of which are very simple and have great consequences, something lot of people have been asking for years. Most of these have been made possible by mods, but now there is no reason to leave them behind. Let modders deal with fresh ideas. (Order of suggestions is irrelevant.) Cosmetic enhancements: realistic sound behaviour - gradual transition to muffled, deep sounds of rocket engines in low pressure, screechy rumble in IVA during chemical engine operation, Kerbal breathing on EVA with sounds they would hear in sp
  11. Is it possible that when parts with fuel and oxidizer explode, a shockwave is generated and destroys stuff around it?
  12. I think kerbal space program 2 looks stunning. I like the idea of interstellar travel and colonization, but I am worried that we can't keep the freedom ksp 1 had. I would suggest some mandatory things to stay, like the nav ball and all the keyboard controls. Then I would suggest a Gameplay mechanic so we ca place Colonies ANYWHERE. First : launch a factory to the place you want to colonize maybe a beautiful hill or something like that. Second build construction rovers. Third plan your colony, like the way you build bases in subnautica. You can place without you materials but it will only be a
  13. Just a small suggestion, I think the veteran Kerbals should have their signature orange suits on EVA, it’s slightly out of place to see them change into the ordinary default suit every time you hop out of your vessel.
  14. after we got RemoteTech, InfernalRobotics, PreciseManousers, Kerbal Engeneer, etc as vanilla what i think its nice, i suggest: ScanSat: some dishes sensors scanners to identify biomes altitutes anomalies, so that we can find the new cool breaking ground stuff with our sats and probes via kerbnet. TransferWindow || Alarm Clock: the last missing HUD help thats missing is a transfer window calculator so to find the sweat spot to fly to duna, i think a timer will be the best choice, to you can fly to duna in 241days and the window stays open for 3 days, like that. maybe req
  15. I usually don't mind calculating Delta-v for missions on my own, but this seems to be a really useful tool. In my opinion would be a great addition to the enhanced edition for new and old players. Hope @SQUAD is considering adding this to a future update. Here is the discussion posted by @UomoCapra
  16. Here's a few ideas I had for new spaceplane parts, as well as a few suggestions for the current ones. And I know some of these suggestions are inside of mods, but I would like them in the base game for stock builds. New parts: A bigger Goliath - 3m Goliath anyone? But seriously, bigger engine, more thrust, for those heavy payloads... or just to get a tiny payload moving ridiculously fast. A bucket reverser 1.25 meter engine - Buckets are kool. A 1.8 meter engine - not as small as the J-20, but not as big as the J-90. A middle road jet engine. 1.8 meter aircraft parts Bigger FAT
  17. Hi guys I'm considering to make a star mod, just like Kerbal Galaxy, and I'd love to have some ideas, as I do not have a lot of ideas for now. You can post system ideas down below, and if you want, you can add textures. My ideas for now: Segit: The black hole in the center of the galaxy. Dalykthen: A blue white dwarf. Eodis: A small red dwarf like VB 10. Kahlos: A T-type brown dwarf. But I don't have planets yet. I'd like some more ideas please. Thank you in advance, and happy posting!
  18. Looking for music that appeal to the Ksp community for a channel debuting in April, Music Requirements: -Copyright free -free -preferably without lyrics If you have any suggestions give me a song title and link below, -theLizard
  19. I know this topic has been brought up, but I wanted to expand and say some things that I would like to see in a KSP Toy. It's probably going to be pretty long, so I'll ad a TL;DR at the end. Recently I came up with an idea for Rocket Figures that weren't launchable, but you could take them apart and build your own with the different parts from different sets that you buy. The rockets would be based on the Stock Rockets. The rocket building sets would include little Kerbal figures, like Jebediah Kerman (the quantity of the Kerbals would be based off of how many Kerbals can fit in t
  20. Hello, I'm going to try a BDB themed career, but I'm just looking for mods that can spice it up. Stuff like emulating tech/real world designs up to (reasonable) near future tech, and minor base-building/colonising efforts with a nicely-orangised progression. so far, this is what I've got listed: entire Near Future suite (Mid-late game doodads for fun and profit) BDB (The bread/butter of the pack itself, with about a bajillion different parts for launcher variety) ProbesPlus (Probes became interesting to design with this ^_^) RSS @ 2.5x stock scale. (I mean, we
  21. Hey, guys. Been killing time waiting for the expansion (constantly stalking the Challenges subforum; lookin' for good ones), and I feel like I need some new horizons; so to speak. It's been about 2,500 hours with the stock game (and nothing really left to accomplish accept a proper Grand Tour), and I'd like to see what else is out there. I've heard the names of other planets and moons enough times that I'm definitely interested. So I was curious which route you guys would go, OPM or GPP? At this point, I'm leaning towards OPM. It looks like it can just be added on top of an existing game; whic
  22. I'm not sure if I just suck at googling as of late..but if I'm the first so be it. I've been trying to figure out how to give suggestions to the mod community. I don't have many and I started this thread only thinking about one in particular. But if there isn't any other place, id like this to be a place where players can give their ideas, some may be extravagant, some small and practical. but I've always wondered how all these mods get created without some central brainstorming type area. I could plead to ksp devs themselves, but this seems more promising. If I'm in the wrong plac
  23. For a civilization, there isn't any visible signs of it on Kerbin except the two KSCs, the Island Airstrip, and the Ancient Ruins My suggestion: Add multiple [5? 10? 20?] Cities into the game, each with their own airport Possibly have contracts for ferrying passengers between cities? Airshows? There are really many possibilities
  24. I myself am HORRIBLE at this game, I haven't even made it to the Mun! But, I honestly think that this is a amazing game so I have some suggestions, you can vote for which suggestion you like the most. 1-Detailing the planets more 2-Being able to create bases which you can walk into and decorate on other planets/moons AND being able to make launchpads on other planets (suggestion from panzer1b) 3-Expanding the campaign If you have more suggestions, please feel free to comment!
  25. I have a whole big thing I wrote but lost to a cookie bug, so I'll summarize: Suggestion #1: Please rework the contract weighting algorithm to be a matrix of contract types on one axis, and contract locations on the other with the weighting in the cells (not simply contract types as I believe it is now). It would make the game a lot more enjoyably playable if I could keep cancelling "build a station orbiting the Sun" contracts and have fewer of them show up, but still get the same number of "build a station orbiting the Mun" contracts (I also like shuttling passengers back and forth to Kerbi
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