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Found 1 result

  1. WW2 Warships Can be used for building modern ships as well. WW2W now has a 100% compatible sister mod: Big Ships! It let's you create commercial vessels and docks in real size and mass. Want to recreate the Titanic or Seawise Giant? Then this is for you! Ships that can really sink instead of just fall apart and stay afloat! Very versatile mod with a lot of new parts and one custom texture. When the hull gets damaged, a compartment will simulate a flooding. If too many compartments flood, the ship will sink. Showcase: DKM Prinz Eugen heavy cruiser replica made by SaturnianBlue Topic: Early test carrier. 360 meter long. Great for naval battles! Features: Boiler in two sizes, run on heavy fuel oil, create steam. Electrical generator in two sizes, run on steam. Ship turbine, three sizes, main propulsion. run on steam. Bow thruster, currently one size, runs on steam. Keel. The backbone of every ship. Six sizes. Hull plating A, This belongs directly attached to the keel. Contains fuel tanks. Multiple sizes. Hull plating B, the vertical part of the hull. This provides the buoyancy of your outer hull. Attach this to Hull Plating A. Multiple sizes. Structural plating, for internal and super structure. Numerous sizes. Most of the larger ones have a buoyancy rating for adjusting ship behaviour. Deck plating. Relatively soft and light but still many times stronger than stock steel plates. Numerous sizes. Heavy ship strut. Funnels in three sizes. Rudders in two sizes. Energy management will be key, there is a limited amount of power, and the boiler needs to heat up (takes minutes) before giving enough of it, depending on demand. Old style boilers have a fixed fuel consumption when running at 100%! If you're running at a thrust & speed setting lower than power requirement for a long time, it's best to switch off 1 or more boilers! Also, they don't produce smoke nor sound. New boilers can be throttled, produce smoke and sound and have a much nicer fuel consumption. Guns will not be included, but I'm thinking of including a missile made out of stock parts, with a super heated tip. The principle: Under the waterline are indestructible keel parts and they generate a resource: water. Also under the waterline are destructible hull parts and they convert water into intake air and dump the excess. Destroy the parts and water will no longer be drained, and the lower hull part will become heavier. Also very effective for future submarine buoyancy control and battles. Also just added on the roadmap: simulation of fire. Don't control it and it will ultimately consume the entire ship. All thanks to the new ModuleConverter code. This mod is built to use BDArmory and Naval Artillery System (NAS). Forget about using stock weapons on these, you'll only scratch the paint. Required mod: Kerbal Joint Reinforcement . Without this you would need a lot of struts, keep the wobble and get a lot of kraken attacks. Suggested mods: Vesselmover for transporting ships to the water. Is more flexible than Hyperedit for moving and you can set up a fleet easily. Hyperedit for teleporting ships to the water but also for changing resources on the fly, nice for testing buoyancy. Beware! It's best to temporarily hack gravity when teleporting. These ships are heavier than the biggest rocket and the splashdown can have nasty side effects. Hangar extender. Unless you fancy swinging 100+ meter ships back and forth with the editor offset gadget. No Offset Limits Helps with reducing part count, one of the best editor enhancements ever! Kerbpaint If you want some colour on your ships instead of the dull grey, get this. Physical Time Ratio Viewer Let's you adjust physics delta-t between 0.02 and 0.20. In other words, smooth and slow gameplay or faster gameplay but low fps. If you get a kraken attack after unpacking your ship, set control to 0.02. Here's a building tutorial! I always like to see the creations of others, feel free to post them. I'm also open to suggestions. FAQ: Q: I leave my ship in the water and go out of physics range. When I return my ship either explodes, get's launched into the air or just disappears. What's wrong? A: There is a bug in stock 1.0.5. It has already been patched and will be included in the 1.1 release of KSP. Q: KerbPaint doesn't work (correctly). A: Read the KerbPaint topic for tips and tricks. Summary: the package has an old version of ModuleManager in the KerbPaint\Plugins folder. Delete that one and put the most recent version in GameData. Q: I have strange problems with your mod. Double parts listing or missing parts, strange textures and models. A: Always make sure you download the latest version from Kerbal Stuff, and delete any old versions of the mod. It has two folders: WW2Warships and Shared. They reside in Gamedata\77Industries. Q: My ships always sink. A: Did you follow the tutorial? Use Hull Plating A attached to the keel, Use Hull Plating B attached to A and assign an action group to the FLOAT IT function. When physics start you'll see the "water" resource bar filling. Press the action group until it starts to decrease. If water is at 0 and it still sinks, add structural plating with Buoyancy = >0 preferably flat, left and right of the keel until it does. Q: After physics kick in, I get a Kraken attack! A: This often happens the first time you try it. Choose refly, it usually works better then. If not there are a number of things you can do. First of all you can add a few ship struts, they're super strong and you only need a few at strategic spots. If possible, use diagonal placement, best at angles close to 45 deg. See the tutorial for more info. Second thing you can do is install Physical Time Ratio Viewer and set it to 0.02. And remember to use the 77I launch clamps only attached to the keel. Q: My ship is flimsy and bends in all direction. A: Did you install Kerbal Joint Reinforcement? Q: I used hull plating type A & B and set up action groups, but my ship fills with water anyway. A: It's most likely you've forgotten to add a Hull type B to the action groups, this happens often, even to me. A bug in KSP has the effect that if you add parts mirrored, add function to action groups and then remove and re-add them, you need to go back to action groups, remove those two from the list and re-add them. It can also happen when you think you attach a B to an A, but miss and attach it to the next. I always like to see the creations of others, feel free to post them. I'm also open to suggestions. Newest version of WW2 Warships: Download
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