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Found 6 results

  1. The Bahamuto Science Drill certainly is a very handy Part for Probes. Unfortunately that Thing is MASSIVE and doesn't really fit onto most Probe Cores; not to mention the RoveMate Rover Body (I like Rovers). It can't be scaled down by TweakScale either, what would make Sense in my Opinion since a lot of Probes carry Experiments like that-just reasonably sized. I know that the Interstellar Mod includes this Drill in a tweakable and rerunnable Version but I am a bit reluctant to install Interstellar now because it wrecks the Dawn Engine which I am using in some Probes that would the become usele
  2. I have tried to get on top of a monolith through multiple skydiving attempts so I can collect a surface sample, but no luck so far. Has anybody already done this? It could be fun. You could easily get onto a Mun arch but I don't know where they are on the Mun and am too lazy to find out, so I'm still working on the Monolith near KSC.
  3. This is something I just thought of. Custom EVA reports or surface samples... Some of the mods I've had gathered don't include these, if any. The normal surface samples such as the one on Duna seem low in detail. I want to know if there is any way to edit or add surface samples or EVA reports. Not a suggestion, really.
  4. Got an contract doing one single surface sample, that is new, usually its multiple locations. Area was close to base so it should be very easy. Did sample and was told it was wrong and was sent to another area, then a new one three times I think. Luckily this was on Gilly so it was easy to move around, but had been less fun on many other bodies. Looks like an pretty rare contract type as I have never gotten it before.
  5. Hi all this is my first post, I am using Kerbal space program 1.0.5 I am trying to transmit surface data at 100% and I am unable to find out the parameter to change, I understand about "xmitDataScalar = 0.4" change 0.4 to 1 and that works for all the instruments but I can not find and entry for surface samples, if I look at the save file I fine surface sample had a line "xmit = 0.25" and if I change the value to 1 then it transmits at 100% but the next sample the value returns to 0.25 in the save file. Thanks for any help in advan
  6. 1.0.5. I'm allowed to collect surface samples without the Astronaut Complex. I do have the Lv. 2 RnD. Derp?
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