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Found 18 results

  1. These new Triangular panels made me pretty excited at first, until I tried using them in the SPH and found the mirror symmetry feels all wonky and wrong for them, making it hard to design certain things with them. Look at these screen shots - the mirrored symmetry isn't making actual mirrored parts. It's behaving just like radial symmetry: The first two images are with Mirrored symmetry. The last image is with radial symmetry to compare. I don't see any difference.
  2. KSP suffers from the low-symmetry syndrom. No CKAN-compatible mods (that I could find) can do it and I know that 5-way symmetry is something the community wanted since forever. If we have 3-way, why not 5-way? The upper limit of symmetry should be configurable in the menu OR in the UI, with a slider under the symmetry button, so that players can set maximum modes they want to use (for example, a maximum of 6, but including 5). After all, a per-user customizable experience is always better. The default could be 6 or 8.
  3. Hi guys! I am a fairly new player, but a very addicted one haha. I started playing KSP just by curiosity and now I can't stop playing. Anyways, despite I only have half my science tree unlocked on career mode, I decide to design a new "kinda" rover that could land and move across the surface of the moon. The idea is to carry the thing to the moon with a big rocket, cancel the horizontal velocity with the last stage and then descent only with the rover as vertical as possible, using the lateral engines to cancel gravity. As I said, I am new and is my first attempt to do something like thi
  4. hi, ok my symmetry is really weird sometimes when i try to build stuff. I know how to change symmetry mode with R and all that but its still really wonky. Example: I tried using breaking grounds mechanical parts and wanted to make a VTOL with flip up wings but no matter what symmetry mode i used the motors would always rotate in opposite directions on either side. the same with structual parts. wings work with no problem but when i use a structual part wich is shaped like a triangle (so kinda shaped like a wing) it points two different ways??? Ive played ksp for quite some time now but h
  5. Problem: 4 radially symmetric tanks somehow drain at different fuel priorities Description: have main fuel tank > pick up decoupler, switch on radial symmetry, set to 4 times attach decoupler to main tank enable decoupler crossfeed pick up smaller fuel tank, symmetry still set as radial 4 times attach small tank to decoupler, 1 becomes 4 enable fuel delivery overlay = despite the fuel tanks being identical due to 4 times radial symmetry, their fuel priority is different: > the ones on VAB East and South (2 on the left in the attached ima
  6. The Symmetry Glitch Description: In this topic I will explain a method for multiplying symmetry numbers that allows you to use a practically infinite range of symmetry numbers. The symmetry glitch involves how the game handles symmetry numbers, say you place a part with symmetry, such boosters on a rocket with 4 way symmetry, and you try to attach fins to those boosters with 2 way symmetry, upon doing so the game will automatically jump the symmetry number up to 4. This phenomenon is utilized in the glitch. By placing daughter parts on a parent part with symmetry, and then placin
  7. I just installed planetary bases systems, Near Future Tech, cyro rockets, and all the other stuff that Nertea makes, which come bundled with a bunch of probably outdated config mods like b9 part switch, dynamic battery storage, etc. I am in 1.5.1. Have a feeling it's because of the b9 part switch thing that lets me modify the tanks' contents conflicting with something. I don't know how to make it stop. It stopped randomly once but it's happening again. It might be a hotkey that toggles this behavior. It's also freezing a lot, once every 0.25 seconds, staying frozen for a full second, as I hove
  8. (I thought I used to know a way to do this involving Alt-Right-click or Control-Right-Click... but it's very elusive.) I've placed 4 tanks around the big one in 4-way symmetry. Now I want two solar panels on two of those tanks in 2-way symmetry. And then I'll put e.g. 2 fuel cells, in 2-way symmetry on the other two tanks. I've resorted to 1-way symmetry to place each solar panel separately but then the symmetry isn't perfect. This is just an example. I'm looking for a general technique. I'm pretty sure this is possible in stock. (I'm not too interested in mods fo
  9. I'm following this tutorial on building a Vostok capsule: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNb_paQ_GHM&list=PLyKPnVKJAfBEwlqi98tD4a1_MPa_Ei7-k and I am having a symmetry problem. I have eight panels, and I want to place four packs of batteries on them. Every time I try to do so, the symmetry automatically switches to eight. I tried using the X key, but it would only then switch between eight and no symmetry. The guy doing the tutorial managed to work around this without placing them individually, but I did not get how he did it. FYI: The relevant part of the video is at 27:10.
  10. ">View post on imgur.com">Album will appear when post is submitted The triangle structural panels are not mirroring correctly and aren't symmetrical.
  11. Can't use the shortcuts x and shift + x to cycle symmetry count this used to work only until recently when I deinstalled the trajectories mod because it gave me terribele framerates FAR and the trajectories mod didn't seem to like each other I tried to install it again but it still doesn't work I also tried to use different versions of KSP, deinstalled all my mods and much more but nothing worked I play in 1.3 and use CKAN
  12. So I built a fighter plane that has two missiles mounted under its wings, one left, one right. I built one missile and then placed two using symmetry, but apparently, I can only fire (aka activate engine and decouple) both of them at the same time, because due to the symmetrical placement, they count as one part. Has anybody got an idea how to control one part of two symmetrically placed? Issue number two: when I put "activate engine" and "decouple" into the same stage, the missiles are decoupled without the engines activating. I assume this is because activating an engine takes half a se
  13. I'm in the 3rd tutorial. Brick wall. I'm supposed to put 4 fins on by toggling symmetry to 4x. When i click the symmetry button, or x, i get the options of single, or double. What could i possibly be doing wrong...
  14. Hi, I'm much more experienced in rockets than planes, but I wanted something to enter Laythe, look for landing place, land, and reach orbit. This thing just does that. It's really very very simple. Craft file is here: SP01 simple 01deg v2.craft It has wing AoA of 1 pixel rotation (is that a degree?), control surfaces and landing gear rotated back to 0°, very little clipping other than the pre-cooler which is offset into the adapter tank. It flies nicely. About 15 "presses" of elevator trim for takeoff and for the climb up to 9km. Down to about 8 presses of trim to hold a progra
  15. The game currently supports 1-way mirror symmetry. I would like to see support added for 2-way and possibly 4-way mirror symmetry. I feel like this would greatly simplify building of both spaceplanes and rockets.
  16. Whenever I load a spaceplane into the VAB - the available symmetry options go wonky after a while. Trying to put a three engine rocket to propel my plane into the upper atmosphere - but I keep getting only two or one point of symmetry available. This is even after saving the plane in the VAB and having had three point symmetry available - it disappeared after a failed flight and the revert. Ideas?
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