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Found 7 results

  1. This is a Kerbalism profile to allow it and TAC-Life Support to work together. This removes kerbalism processes of food,water,oxygen consumption and co2 and waste production in favor of TAC. It leaves most kerbalsim systems intact. License:Unlicense Download Link: Spacedock Source: none as its only 2 .cfg files Install instructions. 1.extract 2.copy over kerbalsim install. 3. optional. includes a modified profile for those that dont use MKS. If you dont use mks then install that profile.
  2. Hi guys, Can someone look at this image and tell me if TAC is glitching or I just don't understand how it works? I have Electric Charge in the command module, but TAC says I'm out of electricity. Is TAC Electricity a different thing? Wasn't finding any tutorials around with that detail. Thanks!
  3. Depois de alguns milhares de anos fora do fórum do KSP e por fora do jogo, enfim voltei. Dessa vez, tentarei trazer uma missão que estou planejando faz um tempo. Consiste em ida e volta a Duna, tentando usar um pouco de realismo. Por exemplo, usarei TAC, usarei uma grande nave (ao estilo Perdido em Marte) para levar os kerbais para Duna, uma nave que ira ascender da superfície dunar até essa grande nave, uma pequena base em terra, enfim, tentarei trazer a maior dificuldade possível, e o maior realismo que eu puder, com as configurações do meu PC. Para começar, estarei deixando esse tópico some
  4. This thread has been superseded by a new release thread from JPLRepo: Find it here Thunder Aerospace Corporation Life Support (TACLS) update and development Mod License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Creative Commons License TACLS originally by Taranis Elsu TAC Life Support is under new management in conjunction with the Realism Overhaul team! We are glad for the opportunity to keep this great mod alive. We are also very grateful to @TaranisElsu for creating TAC Life Support. Our hats are off to him. What is TACLS? TAC Life Support is a mod which adds f
  5. Does anyone have/know of a TAC LS cfg/patch file that makes the mod easier to use? I was trying to fidget with the settings but wasn't sure exactly what I was changing.
  6. I installed TAC Life Support exactly like it said and I'm experienced with installing mods for a lot of games so I'm for sure it is up to date and installed correctly. However, my kerbals aren't using any resources and I don't have that little green button on the top to look at the resource usage. I have all the parts like the canisters and everything but It just wont work. I have looked all over for a solution but I cant find one. The mod says you need module manager but I thought that was just for people who are creating the mods. Plus I don't know what to do with the ModuleManager.dll,
  7. Well, it all starts with the TAC life support. When I installed it, I saw an option says :"EVA life support" or some thing like that. And then I tried to let Jebediah went out of the Mk1 command pod. I then noticed he had some lifesupport resources on him. Then the question comes: How? How can we make a config to make EVAs have extra resorces, such as supplies in USI life support?
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