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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings. The game is simple. Someone says a superpower and the next person to respond chooses a side effect. Example: Forum user No. I: I can fly Forum user No. II: You have 5000 confused cats. Superpower: I can time travel. (repeats until the thread dies or when the earth arrives at it’s unavoidable end). ATTENTION: please specify if you are listing a super power or side effect to avoid confusion. I will start: Superpower: I can summon and throw pizzas like ninja stars.
  2. Howdy y’all! This thread is similar to @Ben J. Kermans what’s your favourite plane/ helicopter thread but just for rail fans. Ill start: I have always liked the sd70. It’s pretty large and makes a very nice growling noise. It’s always fun watching them pass through my town in CN and CP colours. (photo by me) I also like the SD90 which is just a really long sd70. I also like the AEM-7 And last but not least: the ET-41 operated by PKP (polish state railways). And favourite railway/ railroad is the Canadian Pacific Railway.
  3. So, this is pretty much Taco=Sandwich, but instead of a sandwich, it's a gyro. Let's start with this off here with If a taco has meat, lettuce, sauce and a shell, and if a gyro has Pita (shell I guess) meat, sometimes lettuce and sauce, Is a gyro a taco and is a taco a gyro? (I have very normal thoughts, also I swear to God I'm not high) But a few more burning questions: Is a sandwich a taco? is a sandwich a gyro? Is a taco a gyro? Is a gyro a sandwich? Is a taco a sandwich?
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