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  1. VERSION 2.7! Download from Spacedock Download from GitHub ================================================================================================================= AlphaMensae's Modular Launch Pads Tired of wimpy launch clamps? Feel your KSP launch experience is lacking something? Well, then make any rocket launch an event by making a complete launch facility with launch base, towers and other accessories. Board your crew, start the countdown, then go for ignition sequence start! Modular Launch Pads is a collection of parts, including various launch clamp-type bases, towers, crew elevators, hold-downs and other accessories. You start by either attaching a base to a bottom center node on a rocket; this can be either the bottom node of an engine, or an attach node added by one of the included path files that add an extra node to various mod rocket tanks, stages or engine mounts. Towers attach to the four nodes on the sides of the base. Swing arms and drop umbilicals attach to nodes on the towers; other parts can be attached to the tower tops. Holdd-downs are surface-attached to the deck, frame top or support pad on the base. IMPORTANT: All the parts are now hidden by default from the stock Structural category. This was done to keep from clogging up that category with a ton of non-rocket parts. Use the included custom Community Category Kit tab or the stock custom category (accessed from the Advanced Mode in the part picker, also has subcategories) to find the parts. Delete the Hide_Parts.cfg file from the ModularLaunchPads/Category folder to bring the parts back to the Structural tab. IMPORTANT: Use of the left-shift key with the offset gizmo is required to customize the layout of the bases and towers, holding it down when dragging the gizmo's arrows gives you 20m of offset range; otherwise you won't be able to move a part very far. IMPORTANT: B9PS node-moving function doesn't work properly with rescaled parts, but the latest version of Realism Overhaul has patches to work around this error with the affected Modular Launch Pads parts, primarily the modular service tower sections with the top node that is moved as height variants are selected. I provide no support for RSS/RO/RP-1. Use at your own risk. I don't use RO so I cannot help with it, sorry. Please ask the RO users for help in using Modular Launch Pads in RO/RP-1. IMPORTANT: NOT compatible with Katniss Cape Canaveral, the launch bases will not work with it, they will explode upon spawn. If you want to try to get MLP to work with KCC, then you are on your own. IMPORTANT: The new anchoring system introduced into KSP after 1.8.1 causes a problem with the crew elevators, where the Kerbals riding the elevator car up start to phase through the bottom of the car floor and may even fall out entirely. The elevator car speeds have been slowed down to help reduce this effect, but cannot be eliminated completely. Solutions to this problem are either have the Kerbals jump and/or move while the car is going up, or else attach command chairs to the floor of the car and install Animated Attachment to have them move with the car. ================================================================================================================= NEW in 2.7.0 Revised Atlas Launch Stand by tweaking the meshes of the Atlas Pipes and adding deploy limit slider animations to allow the pipes to be used with the new Bluedog Design Bureau Atlas. Updated BDB Compatibility patch with atatch nodes for the new BDB Atlas 3400 and Atlas V 5300 tanks. Renamed RO Example craft files to begin with "MLP RO Example". NEW in 2.6.0 New General Launch Bases in six sizes--Micro, Mini, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large--with different styling and fewer exhaust hole options per base. New Ariane V Flat Mast and Scissor Umbilical. New General SRB Hold-Down part with adjustable bolts. New N1 basic modular stackable tower part and separate platform part. New Aerobee Launch Stand-Tower with optional integrated cover New Modular Multi Tower part in three different sizes, each main size has multiple sub-sizes. New separate Multi Top part for all the sizes. New Micro General Strongback Tower featuring partial Electron styling, fits on the mew Micro Launch Base. Minimized the size of the launch clamp meshes in the launch bases, stands and plates that don't rely on them for the visual structure; added switch to turn them off, which does not affect the actual clamp function. Retitled a number of the General Parts to follow a more coherent and consistent naming scheme. Added craft files for the KNES Ariane V, TantaresLV N1, Chrayol PSLV, DodoLabs Electron and Taerobee Aerobee rockets. The three old General Launch Bases have been deprecated in preparation for version 3, they will not make the move to v3.0. Version 2.5.3 Note: Added patch, courtesy of KSP Forum member Zelda, to remove MOARdv's Avionics Systems (MAS) flight computer from the MLP crew arms and elevators that have crew capacity and the stock generic3 IVA. MAS (and maybe with the use of the Reviva mod as well) causes the screen to go black when these parts are present. NEW in 2.5.0 Added crew capacity to all Crew Elevators and hatches (Airlocks) to the elevator cars, so Kerbals can still "ride" the elevators up and avoid the anchoring system shenanigans which plague Kerbals on EVA. The hatches have no mesh, but the colliders are big enough for easy clicking. Elevator car floor should be at least a few cm above any crew arm walkway or tower floor to avoid the hatches being blocked. Greatly increased the speed of all crew elevator cars, as the slow speeds were no longer necessary with the new hatches. Apologies to anyone wanting to use the elevators normally in KSP versions after 1.8.1. NEW in 2.4.0 Added additional height variant, front wall options and umbilical attach nodes to the Mini General Crew Elevator Core. Added new Mini Crew Walkway, a stripped-down short version of the Mercury-Atlas Crew Walkway, designed for the Mini General Crew Elevator. Retitled the crew elevators and crew arms to a standard scheme so they will be grouped together in the CCK category in Simple Mode. Retitled the General Service Tower parts to add "General" at the front so they will be grouped together in the CCK category in Simple Mode. NEW in 2.3.0 Added Delta IV Launch Stand, Service Tower and three Delta IV-specific swing arms. Added attach nodes for rockets to all four launch rails and updated Module Decouple for the rails accordingly. Rockets still can surface attach to the rails, and made the rails surface-attachable too. Modified the Saturn Hammerhead Crane to have a switch between the full crane and the remnant core, which appeared for some shuttle launches. Added v2.3 craft file for the Bluedog Design Bureau Delta IV Heavy using the new Delta IV parts. Updated BDB MLP patches, adding extra attach nodes for the Delta IV lower core tank and the Saturn LRB Engine Mount. Updated MLP Custom Category. NEW in 2.2.0 NEW: Animated Decouplers has been replaced by Staged Animation, graciously provided by NathanKell Staged Animation, It has the same animation staging function and decoupler icon, but no actual decoupler function. It also works with Mechjeb's auto-staging feature. NEW: All uses of the stock ModuleAnimateGeneric have been replaced with ModuleAnimateGenericExtra, contained within the StageAnimation .dll and also graciously provided by NathanKell. This version allows for custom titles of the deploy limit sliders used by many of the parts, and also can fully disable the animation toggle/start/end buttons. The PAWs for those parts are now far more understandable as a result. NEW: Titan III Launch Stand added to the historic launch stands group. It is designed to work with the existing Titan III Auxiliary Mast and Service Tower parts. Can be configured for both the Titan III and Titan IV, and has integrated hold-down bolts that are fully adjustable in position. NEW: General Fallback Umbilical Tower added to the General Service Towers group. It is a generalized, square-truss version of the Thor/Delta Fallback Tower, with many more height variants. NEW: Extra Large General Crew Elevator added to the General Crew Elevators group. It replaces the old 130m height version of the Large Crew Elevator Base, and is compatible with the Large Crew Elevator Section and Side Extension. NEW: Saturn Milkstool Launch Stand has been added. It is a standalone launch-clamp version of the Saturn Milkstool part, with a short height variant along with the default full-height version. REVISED: General Droop Umbilicals have been remade, with an additional size added. An adjustable-length mount extension tube has also been added to provide better custom-fitting to a rocket stage. REVISED: Large Crew Elevator has been revised with new General and Saturn truss styles; the General style is the same as that of the new Extra Large Elevator. The Elevator Tower Section also now has more switchable detail optons to allow it to be used with the Extra Large Elevator. REVISED: Color of the side panels for the Large and Extra Large Crew Elevator towers can now be separately switched. REVISED: More attach nodes for umbilicals and swing arms, including new side mount rails, have been added to the Large General Crew Elevator Section part. REVISED: Large Crew Arm now has an option for a bare hatch interface, with all three sides open and no angled hatch brace. REVISED: An additional height variant has been added to the Large, Medium and Small General Modular Service Towers. More attach nodes for umbilicals and swing arms have been added as well. REVISED: Integrated hold-down support pads have been added back into the Large, Medium and Small General Launch Bases. These have three width options, and are adjustable in position with newly custom-titled deploy limit sliders. REVISED: The Delta II single-piece service tower now has an adjustable-height structural detail group via deploy limit slider, so it can be positioned where desired. REVISED: The Atlas Launch Stand's center clamps are now toggleable like the side umbilicals, for use with the Atlas IIAS (the one with the Castor SRBs). REVISED: The Redstone Launch Stand's integrated umbilical pole can now be switched among 8 positions on the ring, and it's horizontal position is now adjusted with a deploy limit slider. REVISED: The Mercury-Redstone Crew Elevator now has a new long mount rail option, and the tower's rollback position can now be adjusted with a deploy limit slider. REVISED: The Titan II GLV Service Tower droop-style umbilical arms have been revised to match the style of the revised General one, and also include the adjustable extension tube. The Gemini version also has been changed to match. REVISED: The Saturn Launch Stand has been retitled the Saturn IB Launch Stand to make clear what it was designed after. REVISED: The old Saturn V combo swing arm part has been separated into individual arm parts, one for each Saturn V arm (8 total) and one for the Saturn IB's S-IB first stage. Internal revisions have made each arm much smaller in size than those in the old integrated part, and only one animation is now run when retracted. REVISED: The old Saturn Tower General Swing arm has been converted into a telescoping adjustable arm like that of the General Swing Arms, greatly reducing the complexity and .mu size as a result. The pipes can also now be independently switched among 15 variants. REVISED: The Saturn and Shuttle Launch Bases now have the attach nodes for towers and accessories move properly when the base is rotated with the B9PS switcher. The things attached to those nodes won't rotate, but they will be in the right position. REVISED: The Saturn Tower Hammerhead Crane now has an 180° rotation animation and a deploy limit slider to adjust the rotation amount. REVISED: The two crew access arms for the Shuttle FSS Tower have been retitled to "Shuttle Tower Crew Access Arm: Orbiter" and "Shuttle Tower Crew Access Arm: Rodan" to position them later in the part list. REVISED: Title changes for the Saturn Tower sections, Shuttle Tower sections and Shuttle Tower arms to better position them in the part list. REVISED: Nunmerous edits to to the part .cfg files to add/modify B9PS UI Groups and switchers, and to use StagedAnimation and ModuleAnimateGenericExtra where needed. REVISED: Edits to the Saturn and Shuttle custom subcategory names to "Saturn V Mobile Launcher" and "Space Shuttle Launch Platform". NEW in 2.1.0 NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW All parts are now hidden from the stock Structural category. Use the custom CCK category tab or the stock custom category (which has subcategories) to find the parts. Delete the Hide_Parts.cfg in the Category folder if you want the parts back in the Structural tab. The former multi-size merged parts have been split off into separate parts, but the older internal part name is still used for one the new parts. Existing v2.0 craft files will still load, but most likely won't look the same, and will need to be rebuilt. NEW: Historical launch stands for the Bluedog Design Bureau Vanguard, Redstone/Jupiter/Juno, Thor/Delta, Atlas and Titan II rockets, but can be used with other rockets of the same diameters. NEW: Historical service towers for the new historical launch stands. The Titan II tower comes in single-piece and modular section versions. NEW: Jupiter-style Petal Cover for the Redstone Launch Stand. NEW: Mercury-Atlas Crew Elevator, with separate Mercury-Atlas Crew Walkway. Walkway has switchable mounts for use with the smaller crew elevators. NEW: Atlas Mini Modular Tower, which serves as the historical Atlas tower. Has switchable styles for Agena and Centaur upper stages. NEW: Atlas-Agena and Atlas-Centaur retracting umbilical arms. The Centaur arms are also available as separate parts. NEW: Launch Plates, ultra-low profile flat clamp bases for the minimalist style. Three sizes of round and square types. NEW: Falcon 9-style Launch Plate, and interim N1 and Energia Launch Plates. NEW: Mini Milkstool Launch Stands. These are small launch-clamp versions of the Saturn Milkstool, with three sizes, each with two height variants. NEW: Separate non-launch clamp versions of the Mini Milkstools, with built-in decouplers for use with Launch Plates and Launch Bases. NEW: Launch Rails, add-on part for Launch Stands, Plates and Bases. Four sizes with built-in decoupler, can be rotated with Animated Attachment or B9PartSwitch. NEW: Extra-Large General Service Tower, styled after the Titan III/IV fixed service tower. NEW: Titan III/IV Mast, the angled structure which was located on the Titan III/IV Mobile Launcher. NEW: Small General Crew Elevator, comprised of separate modular sections (base, multi-height core, top). Uses the Large General Arm, Small General Crew Arm or Mercury-Atlas Crew Walkway with appropriate mount types. NEW: Mini General Crew Elevator, comprised of separate 2-height core and multi-height tower sections. Uses the Small General Crew Arm or Mercury-Atlas Crew Walkway with appropriate mount types. NEW: Small General Crew Arm, with separate versions for the Small and Mini General Crew Elevators. NEW: Droop-style general umbilicals. Four sizes of simple bent-style umbilical hoses for a bit more realism. NEW: Two more sizes of the basic beam-style swing arms. NEW: Mini size General Fallback Tower, sized for Electron/Falcon 1-style rockets. NEW: Rodan Crew Access Arm, sized for the Tundra Exploration Rodan (SpaceX Crew Dragon) capsule, and used with the Shuttle FSS Tower. NEW: General Mounting Platform, an alternate version of the Mini Flat Launch Base, with solid deck, toggleable railings and side attach nodes. Use for supporting ground structures. REVISED REVISED REVISED REVISED REVISED: General Launch Stand has been split into separate Round and Rectangle versions, and both completely remade. Redstone-style service pole removed from Round version (now in the Redstone Launch Stand), but still available as a separate part. REVISED: Flat and General Launch Bases have been split into separate sizes, with added detail and hole options, and new ladders. Ladders and railings have separate switchable colors. REVISED: General Service Towers have been split into separate size versions, and each split into separate modular section parts: stackable core, multi-height section (except for the Extra-Large Tower) and top section with optional mast(s). REVISED: The former General Crew Elevator and Crew Arm have been renamed the Large General Crew Elevator and Crew Arm. Elevator has been split into modular section parts, with two versions of the base. Large Crew Arm has separate Large and Small Elevator mount types, and more length variants. Large Elevator Tower also has a separate Extension section for mounting on the tower side REVISED: General Swing Arms have been split into separate size versions, and all completely remade. REVISED: General Straight Umbilicals remade. REVISED: Atlas V Service Mast and Delta II Service Tower, with additional details and/or changed styling. Separate modular section versions now available. REVISED: Former Small Test Stand had been split into three separate versions: Cradle type, Tower Type and Engine Type. REVISED: Flat Vertical Bolt General Hold-Down now has a tall bolt variant. REVISED: Saturn and Shuttle Towers have been split into separate modular sections, consisting of the base, multi-heght core, 2-height crew access and top. REVISED: Shuttle FSS tower sections have an alternate SpaceX-style black&white color scheme, and optional mesh side panels added. REVISED: Shuttle RSS Hinge has been split off into a separate part, with the detail being toggleable, and black color option added. Now the current state of the FSS on LC-39A can be recreated without having to add the full RSS. REVISED: Saturn Hammerhead Crane is now an animated part instead of free-rotating. The original-style lightning mast is included, also still available separately. REVISED: The tall white cylinder alternate Saturn Lightning Mast is now the Shuttle Lightning Mast with different mount options. REVISED: Saturn and Shuttle Launch Bases can now be properly rotated using B9PartSwitch--no more misaligned support legs! REVISED: Mass values for the Saturn and Shuttle tower sections have been reduced to tiny amounts. REVISED: The Freestanding versions of the Saturn and Shuttle Launch Bases (in the Extras folder of the download) now have switchable masses: 1 ton for transport, 2000 tons for on the launch pad. REVISED: Soyuz Launch Base parts now have a third blue color option, based on the ESA Soyuz pad colors. REVISED: Soyuz Large Fuel Arm, Small Fuel Arm and Gantry. More height options, straight-sided extension for the Small Arm and switchable-adjustable platform stack for the Gantry. GENERAL GENERAL GENERAL Extensive use of B9PartSwitch transform move and rotate, node move and UI Group features for smaller part sizes and easier to understand Part Action Windows. All launch clamp bases and stands can now have the staging disabled when a milkstool or launch rail or other part is attached to them. Various part title and description changes; part cost is now 1 for everything. Removed simple rescale patch from Extras. Realism Overhaul now directly supports Modular Launch Pads, ask the RO devs for additional support/help if needed, it is their responsibility. Remade all craft files for v2.1. Subassemblies removed, there are now four Example MLP craft files (with a stock rocket for demo purposes), along with bare versions of the Saturn and Shuttle launchers. ================================================================================================================= Recommended Mods: The LC-39 pad statics in particular from KSC Extended are a great companion to the Saturn and Shuttle launchers; the shuttle launcher especially only properly fits on the KSC Extended LC-39, with the RSS sitting entirely on the top of the pad static. The FSS base and RSS both have an alternate variant for the LC-39 pad which shortens the supports so they sit correctly on the top of the pad static. BDB as it is known is the perfect part mod for Modular Launch Pads, as many of the launch stands and towers were designed for and even around BDB rockets. ================================================================================================================= Installation Instructions Modular Launch Pads v2.2 is only for KSP versions 1.8.1 and higher, older KSP versions are no longer supported. Modular Launch Pads v2.1 is only for KSP versions 1.8.1 and higher, older KSP versions are no longer supported. Delete any existing Modular Launch Pads folder. Always do this when updating, as file names can change, and simply copying a new version over the older one can cause problems. In the download .zip file, there is a GameData folder. Copy the folders ModularLaunchPads, B9PartSwitch, CommunityCategoryKit and StagedAnimation from there into your KSP GameData folder. DO NOT put the GameData folder from the .zip into your KSP GameData folder, there can be only one GameData. If you already have the latest versions of the dependencies, then you do not need to copy them over. Otherwise copy over the ones you need from the .zip into your KSP GameData folder. B9PartSwitch is required for all mesh and texture switching, as well as transform moving, node moving and the UI Groups, and must be present in your KSP GameData. CommunityCategoryKit is required, as the parts are hidden from the stock categories by default, and the custom CCK category is needed to find them. The included stock custom category (located in the Advanced mode of the part picker) can also be used, and includes subcategories. Staged Animation is required and replaces Animated Decouplers, but it also has ModuleAnimateGenericExtra, which gives deploy limit sliders custom titles. Staged Animation does the same animation staging function but without any need for a decoupler action (still gives a decouple icon in the staging stack) Craft files go into your KSP/saves/xxxx/Ships/VAB folder. Subassemblies go into your KSP/saves/xxxx/Subassemblies folder The Extras Folder has the older freestanding versions of the Saturn and Shuttle Launch Bases. Copy the .cfg and .mu files into the ModularLaunchPads/Saturn_Shuttle folder to use them. ================================================================================================================= * * * * v2.2 Features * * * * ================================================================================================================= General Bases and Towers: The Core (cick for full version) Multi-purpose non-specific launch bases, launch stands, launch plates, service towers, crew arms, umbilicals and swing arms for mix-and-match creations. Includes: Three sizes of General Launch Bases, launch clamps inspired by mobile launch platforms that carry a rocket to the launch pad. Three sizes of Flat Launch Bases, low-profile launch launch clamp platforms. Launch Plates in Round and Square styles, with three sizes of each. Ultra-low profile minimalist launch bases for when a full base is too much. Also includes special versions for the Falcon 9, N1 and Energia. Launch Stands in Round and Rectangle styles, with integrated switchable hold-down bolts and clamp arms. Great for early career mode when part count is limited. Mini-Milkstool Launch Stands and separate decoupler versions, tiny versions of the big Saturn Milkstool. The stand versions are launch clamps, with three sizes each with two height options. The separate decoupler versions are add-on parts for the launch bases, plates and stands. Saturn Launch Stand, styled after the historical LC-34/37 stool for the Saturn I and IB, but can accomodate rocket sizes from 4.25m to 1.875m in size. Has integrated adjustable hold-down arm and a separate pedestal for a tower. Four sizes of Launch Rails, add-on parts with built-in decouplers for launch bases, plates and stands that provide a rotatable surface-attached rail for angled launches. Four sizes of General Service Towers, each with three modular sections: a base core section, can be stacked with the base pad turned off; multi-height (except for the Extra-Large Tower) addtional tower section; top plate with toggleable masts. Three styles of Mini Modular Service Towers, simple single-piece multi-height towers which can be stacked to create a taller tower. Seven types of cosmetic animated retracting hold-down arms to provide a visual means of "support" to your rockets. Can be animated manually or via staging with Animated Decouplers. Also includes a General ROFI part, or more accurately a hydrogen burn off sparker for your hydrolox rockets. General Swing Arms, Beam Swing Arms , Straight Drop Umbilicals and Droop-style umbilicals in different sizes/lengths for "connecting" your rocket to a service tower. All are animated manually or via stagign with Animated Decouplers. Three sizes of General Crew Elevator towers and two sizes of General Crew Access Arms for boarding your heroes onto your crewed spacecraft. The Large Crew Arm also has a toggleable transfer airlock to allow boarding of spacecraft inside a fairing via the transfer function. ================================================================================================================= General Test Stands: For R&D (click for full version) Need to do some Research & Development? The General Test Stands can handle it! Three styles are available: Cradle type for horizontal testing of stages or SRBs; Tower type for vertical testing of large liquid fuel stages; Engine type for testing only an engine, has built in fuel capacity to power the engine, no tank needed. ================================================================================================================= The Early Rocket Collection (Sceenshots by AlphaMensae; click for full version) Special Launch Stands and accessories for the Vanguard and Redstone/Jupiter/Juno rockets, designed for those from Bluedog Design Bureau. Includes: Vanguard Launch Stand and Service Tower. Stand has integrated hold-down bolts; tower uses the General Umbilicals and/or Swing Arms. Tower has two height options and can be stacked by turning off the base pad. Redstone Launch Stand, with integrated fallback service pole; pole is also available as a separate part. Stand can accomodate the BDB Redstone/Jupiter-C/Juno I, standard 1.25m rockets and 1.5m rockets Mercury-Redstone Crew Elevator, an animated rollback elevator tower with a ladder to reach the elevator car. Designed to sit snug against the Mercury-Redstone rocket, no crew arm or walkway needed. Jupiter Petal Cover, styled after the special cover used for the Jupiter IRBM, attaches to the Redstone Launch Stand. ================================================================================================================= The Thor/Delta Collection (Sceenshots by AlphaMensae; click for full version) (Screenshots by @Zorg; click for full version) For the whole Thor/Delta rocket family, a specialized launch stand and two types of service towers. Includes: Thor/Delta Launch Stand, with three variants: Original Thor ring style, Vandenberg Delta II ring style, and minimalist style with just the hold-down bolts. Hold-down bolts have three height variants to accomodate SRBs like the real stand had. Early-style Thor animated fallback tower with integrated adjustable umbilicals. The Mini Modular Type 1 and Small General Service Towers can be used for the later square-sided tower. Special Delta II tower in both single-piece and modular section versions. Has various switchable detail options to cover the full range of Delta towers, from the simple red open-truss style for the Delta D to the full blue paneled Delta II style. ================================================================================================================ The Atlas Collection (click for full version) The venerable original balloon tank Atlas space booster gets its own collection of parts. Includes: Special Atlas Launch Stand, designed for the BDB Atlas, but can be used with other rockets of the same size (1.875m); has two frame styles. Integrated hold-down arms and umbilicals have three color variants; they are also available separately for use with other launch bases, stands and plates. Has a rotation switcher orient the stand in different positions. Mercury-Atlas Crew Elevator, styled after the real emergency egress tower, but has an elevator for boarding the spacecraft. Separate animated Mercury umbilal attaches to to the tower. Uses the separate animated Mercury-Atlas Crew Walkway. Atlas Mini Modular Tower, like the Mini Modular towers, but designed for the Atlas with two truss styles and a toggleable front wall for Agena arm retraction. Atlas-Agena Umbilical Arm, an upward rotating "swing" arm with integrated adjustable umbilicals for the Agena upper stage. Atlas-Centaur Umbilical Arm, with two upward rotating arms for the original Centaur upper stage. The two arms are also available as separate parts. ================================================================================================================ The Titan II Collection (Screenshots by AlphaMensae; click for full version) (Screenshot by @Zorg click for full version) The mighty Titan II GLV (Gemini Launch Vehicle) gets special attention. Includes: Special Titan II Launch Stand, sized for the BDB Titan II and LR-87 engine, styled after the real one. Has special attach nodes for the Titan II GLV tower. Titan II GLV Service Tower, in both single-piece and modular section versions. Uses either the special Titan II GLV umbilical arms or standard general umbilicals. Remade Titan II GLV Crew Elevator, styled after the real Titan II GLV fallback erector and elevator. Fits snug around the Titan II like real one. Has theee height variants. ================================================================================================================ Soyuz Launch Base Collection (Screenshots by @Zorg; click for full version) (Screenshot by @DylanSemrau ; click for full version) Fully remade and expanded, the new Soyuz Launch Base is a launch base inspired by the actual Soyuz launch pad in Baikonur, but usable with other rockets with a core size from 1.875 to 3.75m. The base and arms have three color variants: the default "Tulip" green & yellow, gray-drab, or ESA blue & yellow. Base also has a full accessible deck and a built-in ladder for Kerbal access from the ground. Features: Mounting pads for the clamp arms can be switched between the default 45° positions or alternate 90° positions, or all of them can be turned on or off. Auxiliary attach nodes for the fuel arms and service gantry. Separately attached animated fall-back clamp arms with adjustable end pad size. Separate service gantry arms with animated retraction andmultiple height variants. The right-hand arm has a working crew elevator, with adjustable-height elevator pad and access platform, and an adjustable-length walkway extension. Optional transfer airlock can be turned on for crew boarding of a spacecraft inside a fairing via the crew transfer function. The crew elevator itself is also available as a separate part without all the overhead of the full gantry Separate small and large fuel arms, each with several height options and adjustable umbilicals, and with an animated retraction. ================================================================================================================= Shuttle Launch Platform Collection (Screenshots by @Zorg; click for full version) (Screenshot by @DylanSemrau) (Screenshots by AlphaMensae) The full NASA Space Shuttle Mobile Launch Platform and infrastructure, presently designed for the Cormorant Aeronology Mk3-based shuttle stack, but can be used with @benjee10's Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit (SOCK) with a lot of adjustment with the offset gizmo. Version 2.2 of Modular Launch Pads will have direct support for the SOCK shuttle and other shuttles, please be patient. Features: Shuttle Launch Platform base with separate main engine and SRB exhaust holes. It is a launch clamp, but a free-standing version is available in the Extras folder in the download. Fixed Service Structure tower compriese of separate modular sections: Base with the elevators, multi-height tower core, 2-height crew access with separate snap-in access floor, and top for attaching the beanie cap arm and lightning mast. The base has two separate elevators with different maximum height options, and the elevator pads stopping point can be adjusted downward. Intertank Access Structure which mounts to the side of the FSS tower using one of the side nodes. Separate animated retracting service arms: LOX Vent "Beanie Cap", Hydrogen Vent and Intertank Access. Crew Access Arm for boarding shuttle crews. Animated Tail Service Masts with retracting umbilicals and built-in sparkers (same FX as the General ROFI). Animated cosmetic SRB hold-downs with drop bolts. Shuttle FSS Tower sections now have an alternate black&white color scheme and optional mesh side panels for that current SpaceX experience. New Rodan Crew Access arm for the Tundra Exploration Rodan (Crew Dragon) capsule; attaches to the FSS Crew Access Section Assembly Guide: ================================================================================================================= Saturn Mobile Launcher Collection (Screenshots by @Zorg; click for full version) (Screenshots by @Friznit; click for full version) (Screenshot by AlphaMensae) "One giant leap...." The mighty Saturn V Mobile Launcher, complete with the base and the Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT). But it is not just for a Saturn V, the modular nature of the tower parts makes it usable for all kinds of (big) rockets, both real, proposed and imagined. Features: Launch clamp base, with a separate free-standing version in the download's Extras folder. The base has three switchable exhaust hole sizes to accomodate a proper-scale Saturn V (6.4/5.625m), SLS (5m) and Saturn IB (no Milkstool, 3.75m), each with a square and various types of rectangular shapes. The exhaust holes also have switchable hold-down arm support pads in various configurations. Separate tower base section, with two style variants (regular large angled and smaller square types) and two color options (classic red and gray). The base has two separate crew elevators, each with with multiple maximum height options (up to 120m) and furthur downward adjustment via deploy limit slider. Separate "Milkstool", the tall stand used for the Apollo-Saturn IB launches from LC-39. The top ring has switchable hold-down arm support pads that can be adjusted for different rocket sizes. Modular Section Launch Umbilical Tower, comprised of a multi-height tower core section, a 2-height crew access section with a separate snap-in access floor, and a top section with the hammerhead crane mount. All section types have two color options, red and gray. Two separate sets of animated side-mounted angled swing arms: A Saturn V (plus a Saturn IB arm) set modeled after the actual Saturn V LUT arms, with two size options for the the Bluedog Design Bureau and DECQ Saturn Vs, and a general set for use with other rockets, with seven unmbilical types and switchable preset sizes for 1.875, 2.5m, 3.125m, 3.75m and 5.0m fuel tanks. Both sets have the red and gray color options and animated retracting umbilicals, with the swing animation to the right. Crew access arm for boarding your heroes on their Mun mission, with the red and gray color options and animated retraction. Separate animated Hammerhead Crane . Has two color options, either the classic red and yellow version or a gray version. The crane has an integrated lightning mast , switchable between the original Saturn type and the later Shuttle type (first used for the Apollo ASTP Saturn IB launch); can be switched off. Separate Damper Arm, the wishbone-like "arm" that stabilized the Saturn V during the rollout to the pad, with animated raising and lowering, plus the red and gray color options. Separate animated retracting cosmetic hold-down arms, in both Saturn V and Saturn IB versions, and Saturn V Tail Service Masts. Assembly Guide: Version 2.3 Launch Rail Assembly Guide: ================================================================================================================= LICENSE This mod is being shared under the CC-BY-NC-SA license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/
  2. Welcome! I few months ago I got back into KSP after a fairly long time. I was stunned to find how many new parts packs had shown up on the mod scene since I'd been out. BDB, Tantares, Near Future Technologies, just to name a few. Unfortunately this gave me ideas that will probably upset whichever God or Spirit you may or may not believe in. So welcome to Manatee Aerospace! Please don't get mad. Before I start I should preface as well that I am NOT GOOD at KSP, other than reaching Kerbin orbit and flying to and from the Mun, I'm not good at much else. I unfortunately rely a fair amount on the cheat console options. I would never compare myself to the likes of Scott Manley, Matt Lowne, or the like. I'm just here to stretch my imagination. Also I use a fair amount of craft files from KerbalX and Steam Workshop, so I will try to give credit to those creators whenever possible and if you recognize craft that belong to other creators, please let me know. And hey, if you have any crazy ideas you want to share here too, feel free to!
  3. Drakenex Deluxe Counterfeits presents In association with Invaderchaos Tantares and BDB now in Colors! Your favorite skin pack for Tantares and BDB is back. Now featuring the amazing work of Invaderchaos. Download at Spacedock BDBNIC GH Dev (expect missing and broken things) TNIC GH Dev (same as above) Join us and experience your favorite launchers in historical and some other amazing skins, like: Atlas SM-65 ICBM Agena Seasat Apollo CSM boiler plates Atlas Bare Metal Parts * Titan in Delta II blue And many more coming soon! *TU required Authors: BDB Skins: @Invaderchaos Tantares Skins: @Drakenex Amazing screenshots by: @Zorg All works and modification permitted by the great and talented @Beale and @CobaltWolf This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  4. How would I make the docking port from the DECQ Soyuz and the tantares SSVP compatible? I've tried docking them several times after editing the cfg files, does not seem to work.
  5. Vostok Continued When @Beale revamped his Tantares mod, he unfortunately abandoned the Vostok parts. Abandoned and homeless, I took them in, updated the textures, and gave them a home. This mod adds a set of parts designed to re-create the Vostok spacecraft and Blok-E upper stage in a stockalike style. Thanks to: @Beale for making the original parts, and giving me access to his source files and giving me tips. @CobaltWolf for helping me with the textures and getting the parts ingame. @Daelkyr for helping with the aerodynamics and parachute code. Plenty of other people for giving me feedback, encouragement, and help. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. first
  6. It's possible to config the Tantares fuel tanks to rss ?
  7. Someone would have or could make a configuration of Tantares for RSS / RO 1.6.1, I would like to be playing with the N1 but the mod that I usually used for some reason is pulling a lot of ram, anyway this is another problem, but then I remembered from Tantares and I thought it worked on RSS I tested it and found out that I need to change the mod settings to work, could someone do that?
  8. Hi all. I recently asked @Beale if I could add some Bealalike/porkalike parts to support other mods. I'll be seperating these into mini packs as well as a master version when actual development starts, but without further ado, here we go: Stockalike Tech Tree Progression STTP aims to provide parts that match the stock tech progression. Note that the original Beale parts will not be moved... I will create my own unique parts for this mod. Tantares Mod Support Packs TMSP is a place where I want all the ideas you can throw at me. Please. So far, I have two parts for mods planned, those being: A) OSE Workshop Parts -Siniyvo Production Facility B) KPBS Parts -Uotni Semi-Inflatable Habitat -Small Telescopic Corridor -Kazarma Crew Barracks You guys, official development starts tomorrow. I'm gonna ask somebody to move this thread in the morning, so that'll be all. Actually, pushing it back a little while, some stuff came up...
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