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Found 2 results

  1. Anyone know how to setup a Taranis for use with KSP? Note: I regularly play Liftoff with my Taranis but never have gotten KSP to detect the controller. Thank in advance! Redacted
  2. Im user of a social webpage for readers called wattpad, where you can post your own stories. I post a story based on space called "Eisntein's cage" (on Spanish, sorry), but i felt a bit dissapointed when i saw that other "science-fiction stories" (firtsly and mots hated by me: the zombie's ones) got more famous than mine and more quickly, when i knew that my story (here's coming my egotistical mind) were better. After that, i had that conversation with myself: "If the readers want zombies, should i give them zombies?" "No, dani, you can't, you hate that topic. You cant do it" "I hate the zombies stories of other people, but what about if i do my own story? Made a story that doesnt seem a zombie-like story, but that has them, and also had space, and all the pother things that made my stories mine". "It could work. Now, think. If you dont want a copy of other work. You need a diferent scenario." "A distant planet, with a little human colony" "Okey, it should be enough. Think about the disease that changes the people into zombies, think about the zombies. They cant be normal zombies, they should be special." "The Disease would be a virus of high complexity. The colonists would call it "Güestia"". the zombies wont be zombies, they will be "Heralds"". "Now you need to mantain the story as you write others. You need spaceships. You need an explanation about spaceships, you need and explanation about the entire colony." And after many thoughts, and a longer conversation, the base of my story appeared. Its short for now (i still writting, but it isnt the first time that i wrote an entire chapter, i read it and i say "it sint good" and i delete it. But im progressing. If you are interested on read it, here's the link: (If you speak spanish, theres also a link to the spanish version here) https://www.wattpad.com/story/63567731-taranis-english-version Also, i will be posting the chapters here, so the ksp community didnt need a wattpad account to see it.
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