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Found 2 results

  1. Since a few weeks (possibly since Module Manager 4.0.3 was released) I am having problems with some mods. I managed to solve most of them but two persist until now and I am running out of ideas what to do. 1.: The "Link" function of Kerbal Attachment System is no longer availble. It's not just that it is not functioning anymore; the button just disappeared. 2.: The Magnetometer from the DMagic mod does not scan Ore anymore. Similarly to KAS, the necessary buttons aren't there anymore. As I said, I tried various things e.g. checking the Debug Window or running CKAN over it, reinstalling them and uninstalling other mods in case there are interferences. None of this made any difference so I am now turning to the Forum for help.
  2. This is my Imgur Album of pictures that I've taken with the Tarsier Space Tech Mod. I find these very nice to use as Wallpapers or Profile pictures . Follow me on Twitter: @baserunner0723. I've made a Weebly website for posting these pictures: http://tstspacepics.weebly.com/
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