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Found 8 results

  1. Once I watched a KSP video of an author. Every time he finds a dark green Squad stele (just the same as one outside KSC) on an planet, he will be given a random new technology that he hasen't unlock at the research centre. I don't know whether it is because of a mod or a setting in the difficulty. Anyone can help? I think this give me more prolulsion to explore other planets.
  2. This is from Nuclear Reactor Lasers: from Fission to Photon: http://toughsf.blogspot.com/2019/04/nuclear-reactor-lasers-from-fission-to.html Nuclear Reactor Lasers: from Fission to Photon Nuclear reactor lasers are devices that can generate lasers from nuclear energy with little to no intermediate conversion steps. We work out just how effective they can be, and how they stack up against conventional electrically-powered lasers. You might want to re-think your space warfare and power beaming after this. Nuclear energy and space have been intertwin
  3. Im trying to write a story about a scientist who is working on something in the era of the New Republic. He does not believe in the Force. I just need something for him to be researching. It really isn’t that important to the story; it just has to sound cool and scientific. Also it can’t have already been done in Legends or Canon. I want a fresh idea. It cannot be - A time machine -A teleporter -A matter replicator -Synthetic tibanna gas -Synthetic coaxium (hyperfuel) -A singularity Weapon - Any typ
  4. What would it take to freeze a human for upwards of 100 million years (enough time for the universe's structure to noticeably change) and still be able to revive them afterwards? Could i get to see the end of the universe? Pretty please?
  5. Hey everyone! So today I was watching Rick and Morty and came up with the idea of a Rick and Morty Science Mod for KSP! This mod will add parts found throughout the Rick and Morty episodes. These parts can be integrated with the Community Tech Tree as end game items. I have added links to additional information where it can be found. If any mod developers are interested in making this mod a thing, feel free to contact me through the forums or discord (PR1ME#6043) and i can help as much as I can (I can do texturing, blender modelling, and a bit of coding). H
  6. I learned something from our history as people. We seem to advance the most in our knowledge of new technology, the we feel it is at our advantage. The space race, Soviet Russia, & The United States, one of the greatest times of knowledge and advancement of technology. The Russians were so determined, as were the Americans. They both each changed the world. Going to space has brought us great things, such as artificial limbs, and MRIs. It happened to fast and so quickly! But now here we are, in 2016, you would think that we would have gotten much further than where we are now. Sure we "had
  7. There are older posts about this in the Lounge and Fan Works, but I'm interested in what the Science & Spaceflight audience thinks, and I think it's pretty clearly related to spaceflight. It also ties in to recent threads about manned vs unmanned exploration, which destinations should be prioritized, which technologies show promise, etc. (I discovered it today via a related link after someone else linked another story on the same site.) This PDF is a gigantic, extremely detailed chronological flow chart depicting a path from the status quo of 1989 into a future of space stations, off
  8. How do you think Star Trek technology compares to our technology? Warp Drive > Alcubierre drive (Video) Communicator > Smartphone Laser weapons > Navy LWS Tricorder > MRI/Whatever comes out of the Google XPrixe competition Computer assistant > Siri/Cortina Hull plates > Transparent Aluminum/ModuMetal/Carbon Nanotubes & Graphene. Do you know of any others?
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