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Found 5 results

  1. Telemachus is back in development again! Issue tracking: GitHub TLDR: Once the Telemachus data link part is installed... or our Brand New Teleblade™ Antenna by @Stone Blue ...you can connect to a telemetry source using your web browser, to obtain several visualizations..... ...and then combine them to construct your own mission control. In the image below we have an example of such a setup: From left to right you have Atmospheric density chart, KSP (obviously), Altitude chart, and a g-force chart on the tablet perched on the shelf. The following screenshots show more Telemachus features. Figure 1 - Send basic commands to your vessels Figure 2 - MechJeb2 integration Figure 3 - Kerbal Maps integration That's not all! Say Hello to Houston UI: Houston has a ton of really cool features, some of which work! A ground track, for plotting the path of a ship in orbit An altitude estimate for said ground track (heavy emphasis on "estimate") Readouts for the stock resource types in KSP Status light indicators A 3D navball (huge thanks to Lokaltog/KeRD for an awesome implementation) Throttle and Atmosphere gauges Position Maps A 3D Orbit Map (using Three.js) A Hohmann Transfer tool (not guaranteed to properly transfer you as per Hohmann's specifications) Links to the Telemachus Console and MKON Data Tables, whoooo! NavBar: More info about Houston at GitHub Download links: Download Telemachus Stable from GitHub Releases or SpaceDock Download Telemachus Unstable from AppVeyor For Compliance of Add-on Rule 5 In case it wasn't obvious already, Telemachus sends telemetry data from KSP to a web browser. If you require precise information on the data exchanged and the protocols used, then please check out the API Documentation. Notice I am not a Telemachus Creator. I am the main continuator of this project, after @tcannonfodder. This is NOT njbrown09's Telemachus Continued. When something will happen, I will change Telemachus name to TeleCore. Links Installation Instructions User Guide API Documentation Source Code Credits License (MIT)
  2. MAKING POSSIBLE TO WATCH ALL YOUR BOOSTERS AND STAGES AT THE SAME TIME! WITHIN KSP OR ON DIFFERENT MONITORS OR PCs! Requirements: KSP 1.12.3 Latest HullcamVDS https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/HullcamVDSContinued/releases Highly recommended mods: Physics Range Extender Latest Scatterer https://github.com/LGhassen/Scatterer/releases If you want to use TUFX you need to use this version -> TUFX JR edition https://github.com/jrodrigv/TUFX/releases Mod Only Installation: Download the zip file for Windows, Linux or Mac from https://github.com/jrodrigv/OfCourseIStillLoveYou/releases Copy the GameData folder into your KSP root folder Desktop & Server app setup: Execute the server located in \OfCourseIStillLoveYou.DesktopClient\OfCourseIStillLoveYou.DesktopClient.exe Execute the desktop client located in \OfCourseIStillLoveYou.Server\OfCourseIStillLoveYou.Server.exe By default the mod, the server and the desktop client will connect to localhost:5077 but you can modify it: Server: OfCourseIStillLoveYou.Server.exe --endpoint --port 5001 . DesktopClient: Open the settings.json inside OfCourseIStillLoveYou.DesktopClient and modify the endpoint and port. Mod: Inside the mod folder there is a settings.cfg file with the endpoint and port. Execute the OfCourseIStillLoveYou.Server.exe first, then OfCourseIStillLoveYou.DesktopClient.exe and finally start KSP Running the server as a Docker Container Pull the image docker pull jrodrigv/ofcourseistillloveyou:latest Create a new container - example overriding endpoint to listen everything and from port 5000: docker run -d -p ofcourseistillloveyou:server_v1.0 --port 5000 --endpoint Tutorial Full multi-camera tracking heavy launch SpaceX style
  3. Hello everyone! For those years, as I played KSP, there were too many mods about Telemetry, Remote Gauge, etc. Some of them have used WebUI, some not. I think if they all have only one, similar to each another, mod protocol, we just can have only one backend and many frontends to it. Without total rewriting of frontends. What about it? I knew kRPC and Telemachus(I am active maintainer) comm. protocols, but I think we should create one unified protocol over HTTP/WebSocket based on JSON. Thx for attention
  4. Playing Demo and I have a few telemetry/control questions: Is there any way to determine the total mass of your craft at any given time during flight? Is there any way to determine how far you are from the ground at any given time? I'm tired of crashing at 120 meters above sea level. Is there any way to reset stages mid-flight, so that I can turn off my engines, throttle all the way up, and then press space to turn them all on at full throttle?
  5. Hi all, I did some searching around and couldn't find anything related to this. I work for a Fortune 500 doing data analytics day-to-day with an incredible tool called Splunk, which takes in logs and application data and can parse and manipulate it with statistical engines, and comes with a bunch of pretty charts and graphs to visualize the data. I'm wondering if there is any way to add the ability to log telemetry data within KSP, as well as other craft events, to a file (or set of files). Ideally this would contain things like time (down to the millisecond), the craft ID or name, type of event that is happening, and other context about the event, such as current body, lat/long, surface/orbit/target velocity, temperatures, effective engine Isp, current thrust force, etc. If this data could be recorded, it could be analyzed with a tool like Splunk to provide common flight paths, common velocities for a given altitude on a given body, average burn times, distance traveled by a given craft, time spent on EVA for a given Kerbal, number of parts exploded, and so on and so forth. I would love to track my KSP statistics, and it would be fairly easy to expand to other players if I had a way to get data from them. You could honestly turn this into a full-blown online statistics portal for KSP, but I'd love to do the analysis myself as well. KSP devs: feel free to PM me if you want help getting this going I realize the granularity of telemetry would have to be defined, as requesting the velocity of a craft in-game 100 times per second is probably a little too often and will likely negatively impact performance. You could start the polling at 2-5 times per second and increase it, measuring performance each time. One benefit of logging is that it really helps troubleshoot errors in the application later... I've seen it many times! By the way, Splunk is free - Enterprise license for 30 or 60 days (can't remember) then limited to 500MB/day intake and no alerts (and other Enterprise stuff). Check it out! I would really love to see this added to the game. Feel free to let me know your thoughts!
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