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Found 4 results

  1. Ravien’s Critical Temperature Gauge version Displays the temperature gauge when the temperature approaches the critical level for the craft. Highlights the critical part and/or displays its name Shows temperature values of any part in the right-click menu Localization: English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese Known issues: Settings window does not scale with the UI. Available via CKAN. Download from GitHub: https://github.com/formicant/CriticalTemperatureGauge/releases Source: https://github.com/formicant/CriticalTemperatureGauge
  2. Hello everyone, I'm currently working at my first mod, and have not found any information on this: How would I go about finding the current heat flow through a part? Also, am I able to change the parameters of other modules of the part on the fly? Many thanks in advance
  3. Parts would have minimum temperatures, and some would passively radiate heat. When minimum temperatures are reached, the parts wouldn't explode or anything. They would merely stop functioning. However, based on a setting in the difficulty options, if a command module or spacesuit reached minimum temperatures, the kerbals could be at risk of freezing to death. Different kerbals would have different time limits for staying below minimum temperature, basically like gee tolerance. Something else that should be added would be parts specifically meant for heating the spacecraft. Drills, convert
  4. KSP was always a demanding game for my CPU. But with KSP 1.1 it even got worse. Especially in the VAB/SPH. What bothers me the most is, that my CPU temperature (i7 2600) is now at up to 90-97 °C which is near the limit of Tj of 98°C. It has a total CPU load of 40-50%. The temperature on the motherboard maxes out at about 43 °C during play. I don't know where the sensor of the CPU is located. But this temperature feels worrysome to me. Even if the CPU is not yet throttling back to prevent thermal overstess. When in flight, the temperature decreases to about 80°C, which is also odd,
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