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Found 10 results

  1. We Love Tesla. Don´t we? So I've always had a question... Why's that no one has ever done or released playable models of the newest cars from Tesla Motors Inc. available? I've been using @fast_de_la_speed's Fastcorp Autogarage mod since I ever started playing ksp, and I found it amazing, the Tesla Roadster model got me impressed, and I'm more likely to play with the Roadster than with any other model, to be honest. Since this mod is only parts and it can be used forever. Is there a way in wich I can change the models so I can play with custom model S, model 3, model X, model Y,
  2. Are your cars boring.. do they keep crashing Well now we have Jeb's magnificent Multicar!!! Now you can crash it even more this car can: Be a car!! Go faster Crash!! Fly!! Fly faster!! Go to your favorite vacation destination! [Rocket not included] Crash at your holiday vacation! Lets see what jeb thinks about his car Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nfefktj7fjay56s/Jeb´s MultiCar.craft?dl=0 (you need the making history expansion) Here are
  3. Here is the story: First encounter: We were driving down FM 1960, and then we saw this weird looking car passing by up going the same direction. I looked cool and sleek. I looked at it closely and saw the words "Tesla"and "Model X" on the back. I was soo excited to see a tesla car. Here is a fuzzy rare snapshot I took https://imgur.com/e9RbHwV second encounter: We were going to Jason's deli. We parked and, a Tesla Model X was parked three spaces away from us! We came towards it! This was my closest encounter with a tesla car! It was black and shiny.
  4. I'm back. https://kerbalx.com/He_162/162-Tesla-Roadster 0-60mph in <2s 0-100mph in <3s 0-250mph in <10s Top speed of 285mph, 127m/s. Just like Elon, I need to prove this, so I made a little video. - Oh, and that's the base model.
  5. Hey all. I did it again. Went to look at the "Starman" in his car. Drifting away from the Earth. And my right hand reached for the arrows on my keyboard and tried to rotate the car around so I could see the other side and a better view of the Earth. Too much KSP obviously. Anybody else care to admit to it? ME
  6. Hello guys. I have a suggestion here. Recently, Falcon Heavy, world's most powerful rocket, launches into the orbit with Tesla Roadster in it. So why don't we add that into game, launch the rocket,the car orbits around the universe and landed on the moon or mars or any other planets? Sounds cool right? Plus, make it drivable.
  7. With the Falcon Heavy's first test fire just days away, Elon's personal Tesla already mounted to the PAF, and the launch to Mars expected next month, what better time than Christmas break to build a Falcon Heavy in KSP and use it to send a battery-powered sports car to Duna? The Challenge: Build a battery-powered two-seat rover (with a probe core, please; this IS a Tesla we're talking about), mount it on the single-engine upper stage of a three-stick parallel-staged launch vehicle, and send it to a Duna-intersecting orbit! Recover as many components of your launch vehicle as possible.
  8. I created this challenge yesterday: And I just managed to complete it. I didn't score all the possible points, but I did successfully complete my main goal, which was propulsively landing all three booster cores within the same save. It's very challenging. The trick is to use a highly lofted initial burn, followed by a flat boostback on the first booster, an even-more-lofted boostback on the second booster, and a high-apogee downrange loft on the core. If timed properly, each booster can be landed before the following booster drops out. I suppose it doesn't look very Tesla
  9. Aside from the 1.1 HYPE for KSP, There's also the HYPE for Tesla motor's Model 3, debuting March 31st. So far this is all we know The Model 3 will be 35,000 USD, which is about half the price of the Model S It will be 20% Smaller than the Model S, making me think it'll be a Coupe (If it is, that will be so cool!) It will have a 200 mile range (321 km/Minimum) Pre-orders start this year, but production doesn't start 'til 2017 There's a Model S, a Model 3 (Which was supposed to be E, but Ford had that), a Model X, and a Model Y, is Tesla trying to tell us something?
  10.  2017 Tesla Pickup Truck Concept Will this be reality?
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