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Found 10 results

  1. We Love Tesla. Don´t we? So I've always had a question... Why's that no one has ever done or released playable models of the newest cars from Tesla Motors Inc. available? I've been using @fast_de_la_speed's Fastcorp Autogarage mod since I ever started playing ksp, and I found it amazing, the Tesla Roadster model got me impressed, and I'm more likely to play with the Roadster than with any other model, to be honest. Since this mod is only parts and it can be used forever. Is there a way in wich I can change the models so I can play with custom model S, model 3, model X, model Y, CYBERTRUCK, and the new Roadster? And why not? The Semi as well! I would really appreciate your support here, as I know nothing about modding nor modeling. (Credit: @TheBigElon) What if you want to create a unique Tesla mod for KSP? I truly encourage you, if you have the skills to create a mod like this, to do it. You'll have my full support with as much as I can help and I'm sure that so will this comunity. Tesla has got millions of fans around the world that also play KSP, so see this as an oportunity to grow and create as a modder and as a creator. All of us Tesla fans are eager to play with an actual CYBERTRUCK model on KSP! Or to feel the thrilling acceleration of the 2020 Tesla Roadster and more! Let's see what we can build from here! The discussion is open!
  2. Are your cars boring.. do they keep crashing Well now we have Jeb's magnificent Multicar!!! Now you can crash it even more this car can: Be a car!! Go faster Crash!! Fly!! Fly faster!! Go to your favorite vacation destination! [Rocket not included] Crash at your holiday vacation! Lets see what jeb thinks about his car Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nfefktj7fjay56s/Jeb´s MultiCar.craft?dl=0 (you need the making history expansion) Here are the controls Key Function 1 Toggle hover rockets 2 Retract/Extend Wheels 3 Activate sepratron boosters 4 Activate normal boosters 5 Extend/Retract Landing legs Backspace In case of an emergency Good luck with driving/flying My youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx793lGty6iIoOreAoEA90g?view_as=subscriber
  3. Here is the story: First encounter: We were driving down FM 1960, and then we saw this weird looking car passing by up going the same direction. I looked cool and sleek. I looked at it closely and saw the words "Tesla"and "Model X" on the back. I was soo excited to see a tesla car. Here is a fuzzy rare snapshot I took https://imgur.com/e9RbHwV second encounter: We were going to Jason's deli. We parked and, a Tesla Model X was parked three spaces away from us! We came towards it! This was my closest encounter with a tesla car! It was black and shiny. We tried to look inside but the windows were fully tinted black! We wanted to know who was driving it! We went into the food place, and it was still there. We ate, and I kept an eye on it most of the time. I turned away to eat. When we left the deli, it was gone! "Aww man!". I wanted to see who was driving it! third encounter: We were at Panda Express drive thru and I saw a white TESLA car go by!!! "TESLA" I yelled. "TESLA!!!". That was the last model x I've seen so far. ------------------------------------------ The car I've still yet to see is the tesla roadster!
  4. I'm back. https://kerbalx.com/He_162/162-Tesla-Roadster 0-60mph in <2s 0-100mph in <3s 0-250mph in <10s Top speed of 285mph, 127m/s. Just like Elon, I need to prove this, so I made a little video. - Oh, and that's the base model.
  5. Hey all. I did it again. Went to look at the "Starman" in his car. Drifting away from the Earth. And my right hand reached for the arrows on my keyboard and tried to rotate the car around so I could see the other side and a better view of the Earth. Too much KSP obviously. Anybody else care to admit to it? ME
  6. Hello guys. I have a suggestion here. Recently, Falcon Heavy, world's most powerful rocket, launches into the orbit with Tesla Roadster in it. So why don't we add that into game, launch the rocket,the car orbits around the universe and landed on the moon or mars or any other planets? Sounds cool right? Plus, make it drivable.
  7. With the Falcon Heavy's first test fire just days away, Elon's personal Tesla already mounted to the PAF, and the launch to Mars expected next month, what better time than Christmas break to build a Falcon Heavy in KSP and use it to send a battery-powered sports car to Duna? The Challenge: Build a battery-powered two-seat rover (with a probe core, please; this IS a Tesla we're talking about), mount it on the single-engine upper stage of a three-stick parallel-staged launch vehicle, and send it to a Duna-intersecting orbit! Recover as many components of your launch vehicle as possible. All mods are allowed, but try to keep it as close to stock as you can, and name whatever mods you use. Scoring is based on accumulation of points as follows: Gone For a Spin (10 points): Before the launch, demonstrate your Roadster's moves by driving it around the KSC. Speed Demon (15 points): Test your Roadster at speeds over 100 mph (45 m/s). Falcon Nine (27 points): Use nine engines on each of your booster cores. Autonomic (13 points): Use drone cores; nothing manned. Looking Easy (16 points): Recover at least one parallel booster. Insane Mode (42 points): Recover both parallel boosters with boostback, RTLS (anywhere on KSC continent), and propulsive landing. Downrange (19 points): Recover your center core. Supercruise (18 points): Recover your center core by landing on a boat. Tru Lyfe (33 points): All booster recoveries without chutes. Hail Mary (28 points): Bring back the upper stage. Double Trouble (26 points): Build your own fairings and recover at least one. Purity (30 points): No mods. Destination (22 points): Land your Roadster on Duna and take it for a spin! Leaderboard: @Ultimate Steve: 277 points @LightBender: 196 points @sevenperforce: 190 points
  8. I created this challenge yesterday: And I just managed to complete it. I didn't score all the possible points, but I did successfully complete my main goal, which was propulsively landing all three booster cores within the same save. It's very challenging. The trick is to use a highly lofted initial burn, followed by a flat boostback on the first booster, an even-more-lofted boostback on the second booster, and a high-apogee downrange loft on the core. If timed properly, each booster can be landed before the following booster drops out. I suppose it doesn't look very Tesla-esque, but oh well. It can do about 50 mph, so we'll just chalk that up to it being a little on the old side. Corners ridiculously well, though, thanks to the low center of gravity. It survived this jump, surprisingly, though I believe it lost a headlight. Then came time to mate to the rocket! It's a big rocket. I could have made it smaller with Tweakscale, but didn't want to use mods. The Roadster takes its rightful place. The three cores are virtually identical, except for the fairings up top. Not shown: nine Vectors, thrust-limited to 92% (because Falcon Heavy will launch Elon's Tesla at 92% of its max thrust), with 100% gimbal on the core engine and 75% gimbal on the circle of engines. Time to head to the pad! Sitting pretty. Ignition before clamp release. Each of the 12 landing legs are an aligned pair of landing struts covered by elevons (with control authority turned off), keyed to the gear action group. "Check ignition "And may God's love be with you..." Starting a very, very mild turn at 100 m/s. Going to have a very lofted trajectory. At around Mach 1, I used an action group to cut thrust on all but the core's center engine. It's not perfect; the real Falcon Heavy will throttle all nine engines down to the minimum throttle together, but I couldn't be QUITE that perfect. Up, up, and away! I would have liked to use a reskin but oh well. Cutting all engine thrust to around 65% at 500 m/s to help loft the trajectory a bit more. Coming up on staging. The goal will be to separate and flip the first booster for boostback as soon as possible after apoapsis exceeds 70 km; that's when I know I'll be able to switch back and forth without problems. Am I correct that the navball automatically switches from Surface to Orbit as soon as your apogee exceeds 70 km? I suppose I'll have to test that another time. Anyway, it was the indicator I used. MECO and stage sep! Action groups are your friend. Leaving the core engine firing until I clear the two side boosters. I would have liked to have a single RCS thruster set to "fore by throttle" connected to a single monoprop tank, just to aid in separation, but there's no good way to do it. The core engine will fire until I am 2.5 km out of range, which should give me a bit of a loft. Using the engines to help with the flip on the first booster. The trick here is to get as flat a boostback as possible, but still keep my apoapse over 70 km so I'll be able to switch to the other booster in the brief window of time that I'm officially out of the atmosphere. All right, this boostback is almost done. Waiting to be able to switch back to the other booster... This one takes a much more lofted boostback burn, because I need a bit of hang time. I will only have a few seconds after I land the first booster before the second one would unload. Lofted boostback on the second booster, complete. Rapidly switched back to the core; I'd already crossed apoapse so I really have to gun these engines to get back onto a good trajectory. After getting my core to the desired trajectory, it was back to the first booster...with just seconds to spare. Already dropping like a rock. Used action groups to turn off the ring of outside engines but manually reactivated two of them for the three-engine burns to come. The first booster has a very gentle entry and doesn't need an entry burn. Landing burn starts pretty high, though. These engines are still limited to 92% thrust. I would have liked to come down closer to the beach, but I'll take what I can get. Booster is transonic. I'd toyed with using the airbrakes for control, but it never really worked right so I just made them fixed. Made sure to switch to radial-out at the right time; otherwise you end up going haywire at landing. Opening up those elevons and lowering the legs. Legs down; final approach. Throttling for landing. Dropping throttle lower. This will be a perfect hoverslam. And down! Still wobbly, but safe. And again, with seconds to spare, I switch to the next booster core. This time I'm already in re-entry while I'm switching my engines back on. Despite a higher-energy entry (given the more lofted boostback), I didn't need an entry burn on this one either. Starting the landing burn at roughly the same altitude; drag is the great equalizer here. Subsonic. Should have good fuel reserves. Still firing full-throttle. Legs down early this time...not really possible in real life, due to drag on the legs, but the drag from my airbrakes is so much higher than leg drag here that it doesn't matter. Less slam, more hover. I had enough fuel to counter gravity losses; my real concern was getting down fast enough to get back to the core before it hit the atmosphere. Made it! Couldn't resist a glamour shot with this core here and the other one in the distance. I really should have used Tweakscale to bump up the authority on the RCS thrusters, but I wanted to do it pure-stock. Uh oh; the core (and upper stage) have already dropped out of the atmosphere. This is going to be REALLY tight. Glad I didn't blow that fairing earlier. Boosting the upper stage free as soon as possible. I'm going to let the upper stage burn on its own while I switch back to the core. The engine will continue to fire until there is 2.5 km between the two vehicles; then the engine firing sequence is unloaded even though the vehicle persists on its trajectory. With luck, this will be just enough to get out of the atmosphere, but not so much that I waste all my fuel. Back to the core, switching to my three recovery engines. On this one, I'm DEFINITELY going to need an entry burn. (Spoiler: I tried without one, and most of the engines survive but all the airbrakes burn up.) "This is Ground Control to Major Tom "You've really made the grade" Thankfully it doesn't take a very long entry burn, though. Coming down in a mountainous region is going to be REALLY tricky. Deploying legs early to help me slow down, even though again this is NOT SpaceX kosher. Missed most of the landing burn, but here's the very last bit. A good deal of hovering and translation here to find a flat enough landing spot. Yikes! ....but I made it, didn't I. Now to see what happened to the upper stage! Hah! Still in the atmosphere, but with an exoatmospheric apoapsis. I'll go ahead and blow the fairing, though there's not much to see on the dark side. Should be a piece of cake from here on out. Getting ready to circularize. Stable orbit achieved! There she is! Roadster perched atop the upper stage. Now for the exit burn. POW. Five gees is a bit much for the real-life Tesla, but autostrut is our friend here. Pushing out of the system. And there we go! Hohmann transfer above Dunian orbit! Finally, the money shot. "Can you hear me, Major Tom? Can you hear me, Major Tom?" "Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles "I'm feeling very still "And I think my spaceship knows which way to go"
  9. Aside from the 1.1 HYPE for KSP, There's also the HYPE for Tesla motor's Model 3, debuting March 31st. So far this is all we know The Model 3 will be 35,000 USD, which is about half the price of the Model S It will be 20% Smaller than the Model S, making me think it'll be a Coupe (If it is, that will be so cool!) It will have a 200 mile range (321 km/Minimum) Pre-orders start this year, but production doesn't start 'til 2017 There's a Model S, a Model 3 (Which was supposed to be E, but Ford had that), a Model X, and a Model Y, is Tesla trying to tell us something? So would you buy a Model 3, or wait for the Model Y (Or wait for the Model S/X to get cheaper), or wait for the Roadster to come back? http://waitbutwhy.com/2015/06/how-tesla-will-change-your-life.html (This is just a fan rendering, we have no idea what it'll look like) EDIT: Here's what it looks like
  10.  2017 Tesla Pickup Truck Concept Will this be reality?
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