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Found 17 results

  1. As the title says, the Test RT-10 "Hammer" Solid Fuel Booster at launch site contract does not complete after staging while necessary conditions are achieved. Details: Platform -> Xbox Version -> Latest update 31/03/2019 without Making History DLC (I'd suggest that the version number be displayed in the main menu screen or the settings screen!) Control Preset -> Cursor Steps Taken: Accepting contract at Mission Control; Building a ship with a Hammer SFB as first stage; Checking both testing conditions are met: At Kerbin; At Launch Site; Launching rocket trough staging; Recovering rocket and re-launching through manual part activation with the cursor. Results: -Contract does not complete through staging or manual part activation; Notes: -There was no problem completing the same contract for the Flea SFB; BACC "Thumber" SFB and RoveMax Model S2. I believe this problem may be related to the part redesign, with the game believing the object "Hammer" SFB from the contract is not the same SFB I have fitted in my ship. Video: https://xboxclips.com/Arch3rAc3/4a6517ce-1b65-4840-93ee-f0d822c082b9
  2. TBKW (Turn-Based Kerbal War) Created by Mieyo The idea started a while ago, let’s say three months back in the past. It was a turn-based wargame using my favorite version of KSP, 1.3.1. I played it with my friend and we had a blast. But why is it so fun? Probably cause it’s so simple, it may not be as large scale as I want it to be but the 1v1 idea is really interesting. The game is all ran through KSP 1.3 and a messaging platform of your choice (Discord, Gmail, etc) this is all done through downloaded quicksaves and a lot of effort in the setup of the game at the start. It’s mostly stock I'm adding BD Armory and Hyperedit into the mix I feel like this will make it a lot more fun! And since it’s mostly stock that’ll make people wanna build better ships with more brains than brawn. (Gameplay example below) Here’s a good example of a small bombing run in case you’re confused about how it works: Let’s say I built a small airforce base on the western side of the Mun, but you built one very close to mine. So I decide to attack you with one of my many space bombers. So I attack you, blow up your base and land back at my base, this is a total of 3 turns, you get a max of 5. After I do all of this, I quicksave the whole thing send it to you and laugh at how awesome my bombing run was. Then, you counter-attack (or something) send that quicksave to me and then we keep going until someone surrenders or I kill all your Kerbals. That’s the basics! (for now) Below I will post open spots and other do-dads that are important to the game. Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions that are relevant to the game itself. I hope y’all have a wonderful day/night! Open Spots: Mieyo Lapis Arco123 Capitalist Kerbal Planets legal to battle on: Kerbin Mun Minmus Point system: 1 point for destroying a small air/ground unit 2 points for bombing and destroying a small air/ground base 3 points for obliterating a medium air/ground unit 4 points for clapping a medium air/ground base 15 points for clapping out of anything bigger than 200 parts (Whoever has the most points at the end of a battle wins)
  3. I have tried completing this contract with all 3 variants of the Terrier engine's shroud, no joy. I have both the "at Kerbin" and "at launch site" green in the contracts tab, then tried activating the engines both by staging and by manual cursor activation, it does not complete the contract. My guess is that when the Terrier has been updated, it's code changed while the contract part code has not been updated, therefore the Terrier engine the contract is looking for is not the same engine we have now. This is just like the bug I reported back in march with regards to the "Hammer" booster (which I believe was also updated by that time).
  4. the mission consists in: docking to a target, undocking, redocking, undocking, redocking. the result is unpredictable, sometimes it works some times not, maybe you get the first 2 right but the third bugs, and so can't move on. I kept trying and retrying, but still I can't manage to find a way that ensures completion to the task. Sometimes it seems that it is related to a vehicle modification before mission test, so I deleted and recreated the docking tests dozens of times, but only sometime it seems to be the solution... In the screenshot you can see the project. During the last 2 tests the ATV-gemini dock has worked fine, and triggered the message, but "undocking 1" dind't work the first tima, and not even in the second after I tried to recreate it. I just don't get it, it has the same vehicle specifications of the other, but it fails.
  5. Hello to the KSPC, I've joined the Kerbal space race recently, and i've come across a type of missions i can't seem to be able to complete. i.e: Test Rockomax Brand Decoupler splashed down at Kerbin Test Rovemax Model S2 splashed down at Kerbin When i complete those missions, the 2nd and 3rd ("kerbin" and the "splashed down") lines get the green check mark, but the first line the one that says "Test..." doesn't. Could this be a bug? Has anyone had the same issue? Or am i just doing something wrong? Guidance needed over here!
  6. Hey all. A long time ago I made this spaceplane and got it into orbit and back. I'm not one for testing planes so I want to see if anyone else would test it out. Tips for an optimal trajectory for takeoff would be appreciated. Also, feel free to edit it and send it back(but keep it stock, save MJ, and don't go too far off of what it is.) Remember to check the action groups too. Thanks. Link: https://kerbalx.com/Brendo/Shadowhawk Sorry, but the imgur album with my pictures for some reason shows up as someone else's starcraft game so I don't have any here.
  7. I have a contract which literly don't get completed. "Test TR-2C Stack Separator landed at minmus" I have seen a "Test XYZ" option on a item i needed to test when i matched the test-conditions. I don't see a "test" button in one of the stack seperators. The Contract has 2 conditions: Landed and Minmus. I am at Minmus and i am landed (both has green marks). I have 2 of the stack separators on board - one really build in another stage and one at the top of the rocket. https://photos.app.goo.gl/L4hQUh0hobHOkD0W2 Currently my attempt to upload any picture to my new created account on imgur.com failed with Chrome, Firefox and Edge - no luck today...
  8. Hi everyone. I started a few weeks ago with KSP because a friend showed me the game, and I loved it. Now in the carreer-mode I have trouble with the contract "Test TR-18 Stack decoupler splash down". The splash down is not that difficult, I can do that with no problems, but how can I test the decoupler so I've finished my contract. The with contract "Test heat shield (0.625m)" can no issues after I've found out that there is a test-switch on the heat shield, but the only option I see on the decoupler is the "crossfeed" (whatever that means..) Hope you can help me futher. I also saw the topic "How to splash down things" but I cannot seem to find the solution in that topic. Best regards Dave
  9. make your font size 8 and put this this andthis on and write a message and see if anyone can read it and see if you can read the one above it. May be fun. who knows. Heres mine welcometothisgame its kinda easy to read but its the best I could think of Also if you get it right I give you a like
  10. https://youtu.be/ADniojiWMJ8 Beautiful example of how NOT to fly a shuttle.
  11. I decided I wanted to start a KSP komic strip. I have created some comic strips in the past and have also wanted to start a Kerbal story at some point. So I have a plot thought out which is great! However I am the kind of person which gets bored quite easily and quits. So don't expect anything big! I also think that when I start, there won't really be a schedule for when I post new strips. At most, it would be weekly. And just so you know, before I start, I have to finish Oberth station in LKO and build a Munar space station and a Munar surface base. So this probably won't start for a few weeks. However I decided to figure out how to make these. MS paint isn't great for comics of this type. Publisher kind of is but I want to be able to combine it into one picture as well as upload it to imgur and share it. So what software did I use? Powerpoint. Yeah. It was the only one that could combine all the pictures into one and make the file small enough to save as a picture and upload to Imgur. So here it is. (If you are wondering, the payload is part of Oberth Station.) Feedback is appreciated and tell me: what software do you use to make comics and how? But that's it for now. Fire
  12. All, I suspect that the wheel collision problem (craft skittering/ flipping/ wheels exploding/ etc) is due to a transcription error in the .cfg files or coding. I swapped the suspension distance and position values in the .cfg file for the fixed gear and the problem disappeared. I would like others to try this fix for various wheels and see if it also solves their problem. Be sure to keep accurate notes of the original suspension values so you don't get hosed up. Please report your results here (good or bad) so we can take it to Squad for a hot fix. Or... you know... not (depending on how it goes) Thanks! -Slashy
  13. All, This adjustment to the .cfg file seems to eliminate the skittering problem with the stock LY-01 gear. Please download it and temporarily replace the existing .cfg file to see if it works for you. Rename your stock .cfg file, but do not delete it! http://wikisend.com/download/102902/GearFixed.cfg Please report your findings back to this thread so we can see if we're making progress. Best, -Slashy
  14. Greetings, Newbie, I have a simple ship with an RT-10 Hammer SRB, a coupler, a pod and a shoot. The test says to stage at 58-61K Meters and 360-450 M/S. I right click run test and it launches but I am going to fast at 58K and suspect that is why I am not meeting the test requirements. I keep fiddling with the throttle to see if I can nail the right speed? I also noticed the test button is still available in flight, am I suppose to click that once I am at property altitude and proper speed? Confused but loving the game!
  15. Have you ever wanted to know if you have what it takes to be an astronaut? The Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) and Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) developed a prototype astronaut selection test for the European Space Agency (ESA) and are offering a trial version for you to try yourself. By taking part in this test you will help with the selection of a new generation of astronauts. To participate, click on the link below: http://www.nlr.org/the-astronaut-selection-test/
  16. Unfortunately I took a mission in my career mod as "test rt-10 "hammer" on 100000m orbiting kerbin. I almost have basic equipments. How should I do this. I completed orbiting kerbin. But I can't do this. I need to fire rt-10 while in orbit of kerbin. I don't want to decline this quest. I have 30 parts limit and 140 tons limit. Also I googled videos for this mission but no luck. Thanks.
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