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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome to the "OneOscar" Fan Club! This is a standardized craft build to test your piloting skills at their smallest and most stylish limits! -Collect the Island Coin and Flying Tiger coin to claim serious arial cred! "OneOscar SG" Everyone is welcome to join in the fun! "OneOscar" Biplanes make a wonderful addition to any aircraft collectors hangar! The challenge is simple: Become a Member of the "OneOscar" Fan ClubTM How to become a member: Build or Download (Copy/Paste) a "OneOscar" biplane, then use it to complete, or compete in, another forum.kerbal community challenge. Suggestions are: "Threading the Needle" by @milosh "Lightest to the Island Airfield" by @azgar "Fastest Under the Bridge" by @Meta Jonez "Air Launch to Orbit" (I will soon have a craft you can use for this) Any KSP2 challenge you feel like you can reasonably complete or compete in a "OneOscar" Plane Join your chosen community challenge with your "OneOscar" and be sure to brag about your cool paint job or spin. Let them know which variant of "OneOscar" you ride so they can look at you in awe. Once you've completed that, submit a screenshot of your "OneOscar" with the addition of a link to your external challenge submission in this thread to complete membership. (to get the link to your external post, click on the three dots at the top of your submission). Optionally, just post in this "OneOscar" thread if you are uncomfortable posting elsewhere; we still know you are a true fan. Pick up a craft file here (CTRL+C outside of game) -> (CTRL+V in the VAB): Sample Submission: CLUB MEMBER BENEFITS Pictured Above: The Newest Iteration of Club Member Coin- Representing the sentiment that Early Access really is for those brave enough to venture into KSP2 while the enemy is scaled to unreasonable difficulty. Featuring the flagship "OneOscar" FG reaching beyond Kerbin despite the challenges faced... (Or maybe it represents despondance, the crew report just says, "We've got to get outta here! The Kraken is coming!" which has officially been interpreted by Administration to be read as excitement rather than fear) Other flair: Members will be eligible to wear earned Flair in their Signature. All members automatically earn the "OneOscar" Coin. "OneOscar" Club challenge coins (see post below) can be earned once you are a member. Coins are optional. The real joy will be the OneOscar in your arsenal. Other membership perks: Once you've completed the initial challenge your name will be added to the club database* at the bottom of this post and you will be eligible to earn Club Badges! (Badges are an honor system reward. Take one from the screen and resize it on Postimages — free image hosting / image upload for your signature) *Remember this is a club, not a gang. But if we start needing our own subcategories within challenges, then so be it. Build Tutorial: For "OneOscar FG" Shared Craft on the Forum "OneOscar FG"- "R2-Redo" (Pastebin and KSPbuilds) How to Fly Your "OneOscar": Other Club Compliance Guidelines and Specifications: "OneOscar" Wing Specs and Other Rules: MEMBERSHIP ROSTER
  2. This post is simple and can be very useful for everyone. Seeing the new parachute physics made me think that maybe the physics systems got a lot of attention for KSP2. Please come up with ideas of what and how to test in KSP2 to see if the STOCK physics simulation quality is improved. I will start with: 1. Air intakes should not have the same drag coeficient as nose cones. 2. How slippery the ground is (for wheels and landing legs) should depends on the material it's made of (not only on the gravitational acceleration). 3. Test wheels. 4. Properties of a part should vary according to where is placed, not according to where it's initially attached. 5. Clipping tanks and pods together should account for combined external surface, total internal volume and the weight of the walls: A clipped with B = A + B - (A intersected B) 6. Materials strength should be more realistic (don't take into account only G-Forces and pressure). 7. Very wide fairings should not be viable (atmospheric drag should apply greater resistance). 8. Any part that's floating in the air should require structural support (struts). 9. We should not be able to visibly pull apart two parts (like docking ports). Parts should not visibly compress and auto-clip into each other under high acceleration. 10. Climbing ladders orientation should account for the direction of gravity (no more going down the latter upside down). 11. Lack of persistent rotation. 12. Clipping craft into each other when time warping. 13. Kerbal surviving high speed crash by jumping out of craft at the last second. Test collisions in general. 14. Test the stacked decouplers exploit and other kraken drives. What other tests could we do day one?
  3. cubinator

    AP Tests

    For those of us taking any AP tests in the next couple of weeks, good luck! I just finished the Physics 1 test, and will take the US History test Friday. AP (Advanced Placement) exams are exams given by the College Board primarily in the US and Canada to high school students. These tests are graded on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. Students can take AP classes during the year if offered by their school. These are advanced, college-level classes that prepare them for the test in May. Many colleges will give college credit to students who do well on AP tests, meaning they don't have to take some classes in college that would be necessary without a good AP test score and thus save lots of time and money.
  4. I am trying to complete the contract that wants you to test poodle engine. I ran the test on kerbin somehow. But I just cant run test on orbital fligth and altitudes from 80000 to 90000. pressing run test doesnt do anything nevermind... I got it You have to be in an orbit, at 85000m altitude.
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