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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, i have a new Macbook Air M1 with a CrossOver installed GOG version KSP technically on win10 64bit (bottle). Works fine! Really. I want to use the last MechJeb2 mod, but there is no visible text in the box... it is working, I can fly with it, but I don't know, which button need to push... Previously on my old Asus laptop pc worked, I used to fly to Mun... etc. Help!
  2. Flag Texts Version 1.1 For KSP 1.10 This mod adds a set of flags that resemble a font set so you can write on your rockets using the 1.10 decals. the font is Amoreiza, Bold. Licensed under: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) I don't own the font used Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2489/Flag Texts? Changelog 1.0 - Release Version 1.1 - Added 7 Warning/Caution signs you'd see on any aircraft
  3. Hello everyone. i have a problem with ksp 1.7.2 . i am running it on windows 7 and i only get to see pink square's instead of text, strange images and no text on buttons. can sombody please help me?
  4. Introduction I have decided to abandon a previous project and make a new one. I've decided to do something that, no one that I know of has ever done before. A YouTube series and text, all in one. It will be succeeded by my friend @The Minmus Derp's upcoming fanfic, set about 200 (Kerbals live super long, that's like 2 months to you) years after Seeker (which ends in 2200). I personally think that Lucida Sans Unicode is a much smoother font than Arial, so it will be used prominently. At the end of every book, there will be a notice in Comic Sans (see below)
  5. Hey all, i was wondering how to edit / alter the texts displayed during EVA reports or when collecting surface samples, since I don't really like the standard ones - I'd love to write them myself. Has anybody got a clue how to customize those texts? If possible, without requiring any coding skills :D Thanks in advance :)
  6. I have been playing through a career game started in KSP 1.2.x After the 1.3 update, Kerbal names no longer appear in the text. Instead odd symbols are present which I guess are in the source file and are supposed to be replaced at run-time. All the Kerbals are now named: "<<1^n>>" That's not a weird code, that's the name as it appears on screen. In addition there multiple choice substitutions that appear such as: "Ferry <<n:1[/%d]>> <<n:1[a VIP]/tourists]>> safely to <<n:3[destination/destinations/destinations]>><<
  7. This is very handy, so you can copy and paste in the content of your GameData folder quickly, rather than creating a screenshot. Just keep in mind, that this may not show all mods, as some mods just create cfg files inside other folders as is the case with scatterer and EVE configs, or texture replacers for instance. Also, some mods have patches that change how other mods behave, SSTU is a good example but there are others. If you have CKAN installed then simply go to File menu->Export installed mods... This creates a KSP CKAN Mods Export.ckan file which really is just a text file lik
  8. Isn't there a mod out there that can display a simple notepad-style textbox ingame?
  9. Windows,, 32 bit, some mods (Kis, Kas, ScanSat, TweakScale and such, also Engineer v1.1.2 https://github.com/CYBUTEK/KerbalEngineer ) At the space centre, I can see the missions all right. But when going into VAB and SPH, the text is only visible sometimes. When you hover over it, it typically is visible part of a second, then dissapears. Clicking on the icon, right clicking on the icon, or moving it slowly off, then on again, will perhaps show it again for a part of second, or, if I am lucky, it suddenly remains visible, mostly to dissapear again when I move my mouse, but som
  10. I am curious, with the discussion on new fonts/font rendering in the upcoming KSP v1.2, is it possible to drop in an alternate font into the game? The reason I ask, is I happen to have the font "Futura" on my system. Thanks to the research I've done for my custom Kerbal game controller, I've learned that NASA used the Futura typeface on their instrument panels in the Apollo program (and I believe on the Shuttle also). Anyway, I got the font, knowing I'll need it for my controller build. It'll be a desk mounted instrument panel, with real meters, indicators, joysticks, toggle switches, and e
  11. Hi everyone! I have a very strange problem: I upgraded to 1.1.3, and many texts don't appear on the screen (you'll see the problem in the screenshots below). I tried both updating from my older version (1.0.4) with all the mods, and also installing from scratch in a new folder. In other words: a fresh, "virgin" installation also fails. This happens both in full-screen and "windowed" mode. I'm posting the details and screen captures below. Can anyone please help? Did anybody have the same problem? Thanks in advance, Tirs KSP Version: Linux 64 bits
  12. This mod adds a black outline to text on maneuvers. This should make text much more readable when it overlaps bright spots like the sun, and it should especially help when using mods that add clouds to Kerbin like EVE, SVE and lighting mods like Scatterer, or if you just have bad eyes, like me. It works fine in 1.1.3 Code was supplied by xEvilReeperx on the KSP forum upon request, edits, compilation and uploading was done by me. Read nodes easily while using EVE, SVE and/or Scatterer (or when KSP implements clouds): Objects are easy to read, even at bad angles while using
  13. I find myself somewhat frustrated that I can't use ASCII characters, such as the basic accented letters (À/à, Á/á, Â/â, Ã/ã, Ä/ä, Å/å, Æ/æ, Ç/ç, È/è, É/é, Ê/ê, Ë/ë, Ì/ì, Í/í, Î/î, Ï/ï, Ñ/ñ, Ò/ò, Ó/ó, Ô/ô, Õ/õ, Ö/ö, Ø/ø, Œ/œ, Ù/ù, Ú/ú, Û/û, Ü/ü, ß are the ones most reliably compatible across all 3 major OS platforms, I think) It'd be nice to be able to actually name a spacecraft "Mün Lander" or have a kerbonaut named "Jürgen Kerman" or "Zoë Kerman", for example. Would Unity 5 allow for this in KSP v1.1 or one of the later revisions of 1.1, at all? This issue is not a new one, it
  14. Hello everybody, Since yesterday in one of my savegames, a lot of text doesn't show up. It are mostly the grey buttons, like EVA and IVA, the delete, merge buttons in the VAB, flagtexts et cetera. Some of the buttons still work (for example the EVA and IVA buttons), but some of theme I can't press anymore. I hope someone can help me. Jonatan
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