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Found 6 results

  1. Kerbal personalisation, reflections and texture replacement and improvements. The old thread was closed since I wasn't able to edit OP any more due to some forum bug. TextureReplacer is a plugin for Kerbal Space Program that allows you to replace stock textures and customise your Kerbals. Originally, it was created as an alternative to Universe Replacer, which significantly lowered frame rate and caused lags on vehicle switching. TextureReplacer has no such issues plus it has many other cool features. More specifically, it can: replace stock textures with custom ones,
  2. Kiwi Suits and Skins Pack [Download (Github)] I liked the basics of the vintage suit pack, but wanted to customize it for my career by adding specific class-specific suits that "aged" as my Kerbals leveled up. I also wanted some more diverse faces and in my universe, Kerbals are also purple. This includes a large pack with 130 Male and 64 Female faces (I got a bit bored) with different combinations of hairstyles, facial hair, hair color, and aging (Young and Veteran if you want to roleplay that your Kerbals may age on that journey out to Eeloo). I have edited the color scheme slightly
  3. Kolonization Suits An extension to Scart91's Class Suits While playing KSP with USI's Kolonization installed, I noticed that the extra classes it adds were registered in TextureReplacer. Because I did not want every kerbal to go unidentified, I created an extension to Scart91's Class Suits mod that has customized suits for the 9 extra classes that Kolonization introduces (it also has a tourist suit). By using Scart91's suits as a base, a simple hue shift in Photoshop, and some custom icons, 9 beautiful suits were added to the Kerbal wardrobe. Take a look below. From left to
  4. A not so photo realistic, good looking, Sun's perspective correct , ultra high resolution Milky Way background CubeMap for TextureReplacerReplacement. Methodology used in SpaceEngine: 1 - "Land" on the Sun. 2 - Orient the camera so that the equatorial grid is aligned (Top is North), looking through the 0h, 0° coordinates. 3 - "Disable" the Sun and planets. 4 - Adjust magnitude limit and stars brightness to adequate level. 5 - Generate the cubemap. Each of the 6 images are 6000x6000, 24 BPP, lossless compressed .TGA file. I tried going higher than
  5. After the overwhelming "kill it with fire!" response from test audiences to my "realistic" Kerbal faces, I've decided to override common sense and popular opinion and post them here on the official forums! Space Dock Link All of these match up to the in-game UV maps and can be applied to any desired Kerbal with TextureReplacer. These are intended to be the first of a small-ish series of astro/cosmonauts and we begin where it all started with Yuri Gagarin. Also included are the Apollo 11 crew, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. The l
  6. I have made a video tutorial on how to make and add your own custom skyboxes for KSP using texturereplacer in minutes.
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