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Found 6 results

  1. In no particular order. To @Allister, @Nils277, @Thomas P., @sarbian and @blowfish, @Galileo, @KillAshley, @Sigma88, @linuxgurugamer, @SuicidalInsanity, @K.Yeon, @JadeOfMaar, @RoverDude, @Rubber Ducky, @Valerian, @stali79, @Starwaster, @Lisias, @Ezriilc, @Nertea, @MOARdV, @Angel-125, @Flupster, @The White Guardian, @Nereid, @Teilnehmer, @severedsolo, @DMagic, @nightingale, @JPLRepo, @cybutek, @Poodmund, @Jatwaa, @Shadowmage, @Ser, @Crzyrndm, @Waz, @panzer1b, @KerboNerd, @pap1723, @maja, @Malah, @whale_2, @ferram4, @SpaceTiger, @NecroBones, @Cydonian Monk, @Tekaoh, @maculator, @mag
  2. So this is it. My last work for the KSP community. A ton of writer's block and negative feedback led to the figurative end of my IRL writing. I just wanted to leave the fans of my favorite game with one final piece. It's a short story, split into three (maybe four) chapters. Hopefully you enjoy it, in all its barely edited glory. First of all, I have some thanks to make. These will be in the spoiler below. Right. On with the story. Thank you in advance, for reading. ANOMALY CHAPTER I- DETECTION The Endeavour spacecraft sped in the black
  3. @SQUAD Thank you for honoring the MERs and Curiosity in the new update. I am an avid admirer of the rovers and it made me quite upset to learn that Opportunity didn't survive the Martian 2018 sandstorm. So thank you again for honoring their memories and legacy. For those that don't know, there are three robotic rover arms in three sizes. OP-E - Oppy - Opportunity - Possible power failure with batteries, sandstorm more than likely covered the panels too, meaning no power at all SPRT - Spirit - Opportunity's Twin - Got stuck in a sand in a ditch CRSY - Curiosity - Still going strong
  4. At some point, in every man's life, there comes a situation when he's exposed to utmost hostility from all corners. Even from within himself, and without . There comes a point when he questions his own validity and the reason for his existence. I am having the same questions right now. To make sure I stay relevant, I have set a target for myself in life. A difficult one, a very difficult one. To achieve that, I can not afford to have distractions, of any kind. That includes Kerbal Space Program, and even this forum. Thus, I have requested an account ban. I am only awaiting the responses o
  5. With @HarvesteR leaving the development of the game after 5 years, and given it was his vision which kicked it off, it may be appropriate to add an Easter Egg monument somewhere. I would suggest in wherever his favourite place is. I know people have come and gone in the development over the past five years, but I think Felipe has been particularly important! Peace.
  6. Let's try to make an official KSP Modders holiday, to appreciate all the work they do for this game, & for us Kerbal fans! Comment your ideas/suggestions!
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