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Found 5 results

  1. does anyone know the name of the mod I forgot? it adds fuel tanks, cargo tanks, epstein drives and similar stuff I'm not searching for alternatives, just for this mod
  2. ReMeMber the KANTERBURY ! Ice Hauler from The Expanse; Stock Kerbalified. Oye Beratnas, Kanterbury be chowing A'rocks all cycle long. The SAS is pomang kaka so use your RCS for fine navigation, sass? Kewe to pensa? For the Earthers: This is a sort-of-replica-what-I-call-Kerbalified-version of the Pur'n'Kleen Ice Hauler Canterbury, from the series "The Expanse". While it's designed to look (nearly, but not quite unentirely) like the ship its based on, it is at The Expense of making the thing work reasonably efficiently in KSP. So, part count is a low, low 200 I
  3. MCRN Corvette Class Frigate The Expanse is my favourite TV and Book series of all time. It's third season is releasing in just under 2 weeks, so I thought I'd celebrate with a replica of its hero ship and my favourite spacecraft, the Rocinante, a Martian Corvette Class Frigate, legitemately salvaged and used by the survivors of the Canterbury. My replica is just under 1:2 in scale, and uses entirely stock parts, though taking advantage of the paint function of DoctorDavinci's wonderful DCK mod. As the insanely efficient Epstein Drive puts out a whopping 5m/s Delta-V, you'll have
  4. I recently saw a post by @goduranus showcasing their way of replicating the (admittedly overpowered) fictional fusion rocket engine from the sci-fi series The Expanse, the "Epstein Drive". This propulsion system, invented in the series' backstory by a Martian drive engineer named Solomon Epstein is a unique way to tackle the "torch ship" concept- a very high TWR fusion rocket engine with near-fantastical levels of delta-V and fuel efficiency allowing for long 1G or higher thrust burns, created as a stroke of dumb (and ultimately fatal) luck by a man tinkering with his personal spacecraft.
  5. New game exploiting propulsion system found, move aside, kraken drive! Inspired by the Epstein Yacht from the Expanse TV series, this is a technology demonstration ship capable of crew crushing acceleration and nearly unlimited deltaV. Careful now, the Gs will make your Kerbals pass out, and you won't get controls back until the next solar system. Equipped with self-regenerating fuel systems for near infinite deltaV, a base for anyone who wants to build the Rocinante. https://kerbalx.com/goduranus/Epstein-Drive-Test
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