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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys! This time I made 5M science only from the Mun. Enjoy the video:) And I'm looking for someone to write down a sentence for the flag. Please comment down below. Also hope you guys subscribe to my channel. That's what motivates me:)
  2. Hi guys! I made a video of making 500,000 science only from 2 biomes at Mun!! This video is the first part where I send a Space Station to the Mun. Here's the link for the video:) Enjoy!
  3. This I call an episode of Accidentally going to Space I was surveying for my Mun city, and adjusting some terrain on the mun using kerbal konstructs, and accidentally lifted the ground above the kerbal's head. I decided to see where this would go. It speeds were moderate at first: But a few minutes later, as I approached the core, things really picked up. Note the Gs KER is reporting. Suddenly, the direction fliped. We'd flipped round the core, and were now shooting out the other side. I was thinking he might impact on the surface from below, but that did not happen, weather because that's not possible, or we were just going to fast. But nope, Lanbro was rappidly making his way to the stars. I soon discovered I could not timewarp at all. Or leave the space center. I checked the log, and it didn't yield anything I found useful Interestingly, all along the game treated him like he was ragdolling across the surface. I had little control over his actions. According to the EVA report, he was in Kerbin's desserts. I assume because he's now considered landered, but in the Kerbin soi Eventually, I got bored of waiting with nothing new happening, and no time warp - so I called it in and looked at the F3 details. Take a look at those Gs. And so, I have a proposal for you. Mine down to the core of the Mun. Maybe Kerbin Even. Start dropping spacecraft down there. The planet cores could be a source of infinite delta V. Or perhaps repeat the experiment with something that has instruments.
  4. My rocket was a Saturn V replica and i was playing on 1.5 version. So i launch the rocket, peform a orbit burn, munar injection, docking with the lunar module and land near an easter egg. Yes, i landed near an easter egg. It was one of the 3 Mun archs on Mun. When i see the easter egg, i was suprised, because i didn't see an easter egg in my front. I was thinking if i could pass near him and plant a flag, but i didn't, cuz i was scared if my kerbonaut dies in EVA flying with EVA proprellant. So i decided that i will plant my flag where i landed, getting back and rendezvousing with the CSM, docking again, transfering the kerbonauts, undocking the LM, injecting to return to Kerbin, taking my notes, re-entry the atmosphere, deploying the parachute and land. That's it! So yeah! I was just doing my Mun mission normally and a Mun arch had appeared in my front while i landed on Mun's East Crater. That was my happy moment as a Kerbal Space Program player.
  5. When I go into the tutorials especially the Mun ones I get to a point where the dialog box freezes and I can’t interact with it and continue the tutorial Im playing on Xbox one ive tried refreshing the tutorials and nothing happened and so I don’t know how to get to the mun and all my 42 attempts have all failed without getting close to the mun Plz fix this.
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