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Found 1 result

  1. Hallowe'en (HLWN) Hallowe'en themed parts pack for Kerbal Space Program. Jack-O'Lanterns not included. By zer0Kerbal created by KerbSimpleCo Features This mod adds twenty Halloween themed parts three sizes of candle (LuniticAeronotics) themed fuel line themed strut connector antenna (nli2work) hats (if KIS installed, else just animated structural parts) (nli2work) night light (nli2work) plaque (KIS or no KIS) (ColbaltWolf) KerbalKoffin (nohark) Jack-O'Lanterns not included Ah, Mission Control, there's a baby Kraken on my helmet and it's making strange noises See more Help Wanted Localization Installation Directions 1 Dependencies Kerbal Space Program 2 Recommends Jack-O'Lantern (JACK) Eterno-Rest 2000 (REST) Hallowe'en (HLWN) Radial Omni Seperator (ROS) KaboOom! (BOOM) another way to not go to space today Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) Suggests On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC) GPO (Goo Pumps & Oils') Speed Pump (GPO) Foundations (FND) Helps prevent ground constructions from floating away Stack Inline Lights (SIL) Stack Inline Lights Patches (SILP) Transparent Command Pods (PODS) TweakScale (TWK) Supports Either 3 Module Manager Module Manager /L JSI Advanced Transparent Pods Tags parts, config, flags red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date Credits and Special Thanks see Attribution.md for more comprehensive list @CobaltWolf - Configs, models, and textures @nli2work - Configs, models, and textures 'Tuareg` - Configs, models, and textures @ximrm - Configs, models, and textures Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance) DONATIONS: How to support this and other great mods by zer0Kerbal and it is true. Connect with me Track progress: issues here and projects here along with The Short List this isn't a mod. ;P↩︎ may work on other versions (YMMV)↩︎ Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date!↩︎
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