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Found 8 results

  1. So I had an idea for multiplayer (did you really? its only in the title, tag and first sentence!) So this would be for a large multiplayer server, maybe the main one. Everyone starts in their own solar system, gradually building their way up to interstellar travel. People can send trading envoys, and establish relations, working together to build up a galactic civilization. No one has to join, it just makes your journey easier. The people you can communicate with (i.e chat) are people inside your antenna range. You can have colonies anywhere and spread your kerbals out, but in a rac
  2. I've been playing KSP for a little while, and I've been occasionally coming to lurk here on the forums, but the other day I had something of a revelation about Kerbin and wanted to share it with the community, so I decided to finally make an account. Sorry if something like this has already been posted at some point, but as far as I know this is new material. Now, before anyone comes in with "it's a space sim game with no plot; they weren't trying to design a world with a history or reasonable geography. Stop overthinking it!" - I know I'm overthinking it. But overthinking it can be fun - or h
  3. This is a place to talk about anything from boringly tame to wildly enlightening theories you may have heard or thought of.
  4. Hello everyone, a few days ago I thought on a theory (the mine one), we could probably live inside a black hole, here's why: The big bang was a sort of an explosion, like a super massive Star colliding on itself making an explosion and the remaining is a black hole, the explosion that has happened that time was the supernova, and the black hole is our universe, then, the matter that black hole "sucks" transforms (inside our universes) into galaxies and stars, this is because it is expanding, and this even means that inside our universe the time goes slower, instead out of it, the time goe
  5. https://www.space.com/34339-should-we-launch-kid-to-space.html
  6. you see my image this. I think revealed proof SSTV Signal Pyramid in the Duna this... Really top secret it's a SSTV Signal Pyramid. SSTV Signal Pyramid explain things (topleft-topright) : LOGO = KSP logo have rockets emit light fire. IKE = you can see it's Ike moon in the Duna. 4 KERMAN ASTRONAUTS = left-right, Jebediah Kerman, Bill Kerman, Bob Kerman and Valentina Kerman. not sure it was not an alien but kerman is an alien? SECRET SATELLITE = unknown, I don't know what it's a weird object (right-top). MOHO, EVE AND KERBIN = there's 3 planets but
  7. Eve is a largest object with surface to stand in the Kerbol system. But what was it like thousands of years ago? I have 2 theories for this topic! 1.Eve was a gas giant years ago. Evidence of that is high density liquid on the surface. And deep in the atmospheres of gas giants there is a pool of liquids with different chemicals. The composition of them depends on atmosphere. But how did Eve turned into such object? Maybe exposure to sun ripped of most of the atmosphere. And result is what we have now. A planet with liquid on surface and atmosphere with crazy pressure. So
  8. this video took me over a month to research and i finally decided to put it out there, it is a theory on the origins of the Kerbol System, with in in depth look at how the planets are forming (i believe that the solar system in KSP is less than 2 billion Earth years old) and my theory on multiple topics, including (but not limited to) Moho in .17, Eve's oceans and the Jool Subsystem. thanks for checking out my video and there is more video's on KSP to come https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2sJX5EwwV8
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