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Found 3 results

  1. Ravien’s Critical Temperature Gauge version Displays the temperature gauge when the temperature approaches the critical level for the craft. Highlights the critical part and/or displays its name Shows temperature values of any part in the right-click menu Localization: English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese Known issues: Settings window does not scale with the UI. Available via CKAN. Download from GitHub: https://github.com/formicant/CriticalTemperatureGauge/releases Source: https://github.com/formicant/CriticalTemperatureGauge
  2. After some related discussion earlier this week, I've seen fit to re-do my old 1.1 thermal extremis testing for 1.3.1! This time I've built a fun little testbed of a nuclear engine, an NCS adapter with only 8 units of LF in it, a z200 battery, an OKTO core, another z200 battery, another NCS adapter with minimal fuel, and another LV-N NTR engine; and once again attached various cooling structures to it. I've saved those as new craft, and to save time this time, used the in-game hyperedit to toss them into an 88km orbit. Methodology was again to turn on infinite fuel, burn to an internal
  3. For the past month or so, I've been doing crazy thermal extremis testing in 1.1! I built a little testbed of a z200, two little solar panels, an OKTO core, a nuclear engine, and an NCS adapter with only 8 units LF in it, then attached various cooling structures to it, saved those as new craft, and launched them to orbit on a modified aero-equis to test how well they can radiate the heat produced. Methodology was to turn on infinite fuel, burn to an internal temp 1100 in the probe core, record burn time by comparing MET to MET at start of burn, then cut throttle to see if it can coast coo
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