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Found 16 results

  1. Hey guys, I have a good working RSS/RO modpack for the Version 1.10.1 Everything is fine only the fact that something seems wrong with the delta V maybe i am also just not good with RSS But the thing is I have a Rocket that uses 42000kN thrust for a payload of 18tons... that should end in an orbit 400KM aboth earth. SpaceX needs only about 10.000 kN thrust for 21Tons. But it makes also nearly no difference with the deltaV if I am on the surface of the earth or somewhere in space it changes only 1000 deltaV. I am new with Real Solar System so maybe it should be like
  2. Hi everyone , I've got a little story to tell you that will end with a couple of questions on how the configuration of engines with multiple nozzles works. But before I start, here is a... TLDR: How can I configure an engine with multiple nozzles in KSP? And is it possible to tamper with the multi-nozzle configurations of stock engines by modifying their config file? If yes, how does it work? Okay, so I have been a little dissatisfied with the stock Launch Escape System for quite some time. It does its job when aborting mid-flight, even although in many such occasions it would
  3. I tried to build a moon rocket but I have a graphics issue I think.. Just look! https://ibb.co/Pg2b56j https://ibb.co/P4Wx9cC https://ibb.co/DMwDyvp Sorry but the insert image button doesn't seem to work. Below is my installed mods list: https://ibb.co/xLnJ0vW Thank you!!
  4. Assume a rocket is standing on the ground with mass = 1000 kg, and near the top of rocket we apply a force of 100 N for say 1 sec,now assume that this is sufficient to tip rocket over/start tipping over. If the rocket is mid air and accelerating at 30 m/s^2, then likewise how much force would be required to tilt it pi/180 rad or change its trajectory by some degree, please neglect the change of mass due to consumption of fuel because the value calculated with this assumption is going to be a a value higher than required, so that is not an issue. Will the force required mid air be the same as t
  5. I've made this kick-ass SSTO that could get up to 20 people to Laythe. In previous tests, I managed to get to LKO (and Minmus' surface for refueling) and re-enter with no problem. However, after I was done with the ALT-12 Laythe tests, for some reason the Poseidon started to fail. More specifically, it lost thrust and speed as it got to Mach 1 and never got past 400 m/s during the initial ascent. For more details regarding the previous Poseidon tests, read my "Neptune Mission Files" post about them. SPH image of the latest variant
  6. Don't you hate it when you have too much fuel/oxidizer laying around? Which you could change the mixture ratio that your engines use (like the J-2 did in real life)? Want no more. Introducing: EMRController With this mod, you can configure your engines to use different oxidizer/fuel mixtures, and have the ISP and thrust adjust accordingly. You can even set up your engine to run in "Closed Loop" mode, emptying your tanks at the end of a burn. This mod does not contain any configurations, but if you use Realism Overhaul, you'll see that the J-2 does have configurations that work wi
  7. Hello. Nuclear engines on my SSTO produce no thrust, while using fuel in vacuum. In atmosphere it works fine. I understand the low TWR, and it's my second flight with this issue. Right clicking the engine shows regular parameters, ISP, thrust, fuel usage. Technicly they are fine, but not phisically. (IDK how to spell that). Hope you'll help me! Have a nice day!
  8. Simply, I am working on my physics thesis and I need to observe the effects of gradual change in mass of a rocket in orbit without any force being applied, namely thrust. For this I need fuel consumption, the rate of which I can modify but no thrust. The only thing that comes to my mind is using a 0 Isp engine but I don't know how to change the files. Do you have any suggestions other than a modified engine? If not, how do I change the Isp and thrust values of engines in the game? Is there a mod I can use?
  9. I created an SSTO which works fine in Kerbin atmosphere, has plenty of fuel to get into orbit, however, when trying to circularise the orbit and using the nuclear engines in orbit, the SSTO keeps on pitching up, even when all control surfaces are turned off. Any help please? The SSTO has a mass of 56.3k kg, 4900 units of liquid fuel and 880 units of oxidiser, with 4 rapier engines and 2 nuclear.
  10. In a plane the Centre of mass is just ahead of the centre of pressure, so it is stable. When elevator movement is given, it does go nose up but it doesnot climb. Instead in it tries to come down. How to make it climb. P.s Rhodes34 airfoil if used inclined at 8deg Basically I want to know what affects the rate of climb and vertical velocity
  11. Nevermind this, I saw a thing called Firespitter. I know the engine and engine fx modules already exist but what do I put in my plugin code to make a part produce thrust? I'm trying to figure out how the stock engine module works but I'm having issues with that because I can't see the source for it. I at least know it increments/decrements a vector based on throttle and fuel input somehow and the api documentation at the wiki isn't showing the somehow.
  12. Hi, I am currently modding the J404 Engine to fit it to my SU27 replica (might release as part mod eventually). I noticed something weird when I was editting the engine curves and trying them out ingame and this is true for Stock KSP engines aswell. The static thrust of the J404 is 130kN, @ Mach 2.5 it is supposed to be 219.5kN okay that is as advertised when you try it out. However when I look at the curves the thrustmultiplicator of the J404 at mach 2.5 is 3.5. 219/130 is a mere 1.8-ish of the thrust that the curve says. I thought the atmospheric curves play a role in this and might expl
  13. with a v simple craft using the MK1 cockpit. after going eva I realised that the craft was spinning. (when it wasn't before hitting the EVA button) so i got back inside and stopped the spin with some SAS. then the moment i hit EVA and my kerbal is holding the ladder the craft is spinning again. so i checked the map and notice that my PE and my AP are going down together at about 20meters a second. I've tested this out with a few similar craft but with no luck recreating it. but this one craft always does it. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92121741/broken 1.craft th
  14. I'm fairly new to the game and play on Xbox. I saw a video where someone set the max thrust of his solid rocket booster so that he had a thrust to weight ratio to his liking. When he left clicked on the booster to lower its thrust, there was a pop up that showed (among other things) his TRW. He was on a PC. Is there a way to view your TRW while you build your project on the Xbox version? Clicking on a booster only displays the Thrust Limiter and amount of solid fuel.
  15. Greetings all. This is going to sound stupid but, is there anywhere else that can cause thrust to show backwards in the game? I know its correct in Unity, I exported it and another part with the same thrustTransform rotation and the other one works fine. Any ideas? I might have been refrencing the wrong .mu. Any mod is free to delete this.
  16. Hi all, I've got a bit of an odd question regarding engine thrust. I'm designing an asteroid "puller" to bring in a Class E. I have my nuclear engines out on 4 radially-symmetrical nacelles, which were angled at about 45 degrees to try to clear the asteroid for unimpeded thrust. On my first attempt, the angle was not sufficient, and I had some of the engines (but not all) obstructed by the asteroid, leading to more asteroid-spinning and less asteroid-moving. So to address this, I tried to increase the angle of the engines (i.e., make them closer to perpendicular to the main axis
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