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Found 1 result

  1. This Mod is now merged with KIU Chinese Pack, specifically the KIU Chinese Human Spaceflight pack, check it out! UPGRADE TO KIU CHINESE HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT PACK WILL BREAK YOUR CURRENT SAVING WITH ICSP VEHICLES, PROCEED WITH CAUTION! Icecovery's Chinese Spacecraft Pack (ICSP) is a spacecraft pack that allows you to build Chinese spacecraft in the game. It is a great mod build by @Icecovery and it is my privilege to continue this mod. ←Automatic start landing burn and inflate airbag Moar image can be found here Content: Shenzhou Spacecraft Tiangong Space Lab Tianzhou Cargo Ship Tianhe Core Module Required Mods: RasterPropMonitor -For IVA props Kerbal Inventory System -For Tianzhou's Cargo Module RealChute Parachute Systems -For parachute of course Highly Suggested Mods: Comfortable Landing -For automatic start landing burn and inflate buoy. NT Chineserockets Pack -Chinese Launch Vehicle pack Waterfall -For engine and RCS FX Supported Mods: RemoteTech Realfuel Installation: It is highly recommended to use CKAN to install this mod. For those of you prefer the it the old-style: 1. Download and install all the required mods. 2. Download ICSP from Spacedock, and drag the ICSP folder into Gamedata. Known issues: The RCS FX on Shenzhou is very buggy, I have not been able to fix it. It will not affect the attitude control or translation. And it can be fixed via waterfall config, so waterfall is highly recommended. Note: This mod is originally created by @Icecovery and I do not intend to add more content to this mod. To-do list: Chinese Localization Stock size config License: Icecovery's Chinese Spacecraft Pack was released under CC BY-SA 4.0
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