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Found 3 results

  1. License: CC-BY-SA-4.0 https://spacedock.info/mod/3004/X-wink vs Kiefighter Welcome to Xwink vs Kie Fighter. Updated to 1.2.0 on 22/6/2022 Change Log: For 1.0.1 (New Change log below) Corrected many spelling mistakes. Added forgotten resource file. Added Tie interceptor nacelles to make up for it. 4 space fighters based on the Star Wars models. 2 from each side. Apologies. I did forget something The ships run off enriched uranium and I forgot to add the resource file so I will add a link to the Community Resource Pack, that has it, or if you have the YnoT1300 mod it has the resource file in it. Uploading to Spacedock is spotty for me so it might take time to update. Community Resource pack link on Spacedock. https://spacedock.info/mod/31 Each body is basically a flying wing that is directed by their reaction wheels. Though they are straight forward to fly they won't react the same as craft that use elevons to change direction. The Tie Fighter based craft are pretty precise because their nacelles are basically vertical wings and so provide enough drag control surface to catch the air for turning sharply. The X-wing and A-wing need more of a banked turn so that their bodies act as the drag. This is especially true of the A-wing at speed as it will slide as if on ice as it turns without banking the body to act as a brake. Each craft is 2 pieces so that the engines and RCS systems are on separate pieces, this resolves a conflict that can arise from having both systems on the one model. In the A-wings case this is an RCS cross that clicks inside the body. 3 of the craft have Landing gear systems that require Linuxgurugamer's small plugin AnimateGenericEffects and I will provide a link to it. https://spacedock.info/mod/2345/ModuleAnimateGenericEffects For the Tie Advanced it is a retractable ladder at the back so that Kerbals can climb up. The Tie Fighter has an invisible ladder on the left nacelle so they can climb up and down. The RCS systems are powerful in order to take off and land vertically and should be thrust limited down when used in space. They are not required for flying in atmosphere. Generally getting back on the A-wing means climbing the nose or leaving it with the gear retracted so you can just walk up it. The X-wing comes with 2 extra parts, as it is designed to be used with my R2D2 clone called RND. An elevator and a docking plate that RND can attach to and be lowered and lifted in and out of it's hole. It can also undock and redock to the plate as it has the ability to dock built in to it's feet. The docking plate has it's white side as being able to dock. I WILL PUT 2 CRAFT FILES IN THE MAIN FOLDER, ONE OF THE X-WING SET UP WITH THE LIFT AND ONE THAT ALSO HAS RND ATTACHED IF YOU HAVE GOT THAT MOD ALSO. Change log:1.2.0 Added a Tie Bomber, A Y-wing and a Snow speeder. Added a Concussion Missile tube that can be placed anywhere and uses the Fireworks system. Added a VTOL motivator that can be attached to any of the craft for VTOL and hover. Is visible on the base Tie fighter and Tie bomber but have made it see through so it doesn't stand out too much. Added more colour variations to all craft. The Snow Speeder has 2 Airbrake flaps to give it the look from the movie, they are functional but not very powerful, so as to not impact the performance of the speeder. As it is a speeder the engines are only good up to around 3km up. All the craft now use the new light system and now have head lights. Updated the nodes so that the VTOL clicks into all of them. The Snow Speeder uses the A-wings RCS cross and has nodes for the flaps. The RND lift has been visually shortened to not seem to be sticking out of the bottom of the Y-wing. Have included craft files for a Tie Bomber and a Snow Speeder in the main folder. VTOL set to Custom Throttle 1, Concussion set to 1 and bomb on bomber to 2. THE RND LIFT REQUIRES BREAKING GROUND TO WORK I hope that covers it. I am sure there will be something I have missed. Enjoy.
  2. 04/07/2016: Spacetackle's K.I.E Fighter mod. 1.1k Support for official 1.1 Release. Support for RasterPropMonitor 0.25 Support for Module Manager 2.6.22 Back on spacedock with even more features! 9 modular parts including two varieties of K.I.E fighter panels and two engines types. Mix and match any combination (fully compatible with stock) IVA - Fly the K.I.E Fighter and take over the galaxy in First person! (optional raster prop monitor & Asset props support coming in future update) Custom engine scream View your kebals inside the K.I.E cockpit from outside! Cockpit emissive lights ** Test - RasterPropMonitor & ModuleManager support. (This is NOT for an official release of these mods and is intended to help test for 1.1) CURRENT VERSION 1.1k DOWNLOAD: SPACEDOCK CURSE INSTALLATION: open the stKIEFighter1_1k ZIP file and copy the contents inside your GameData folder. LICENSE: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License COMPATIBILITY: Should be compatible with most mods. KNOWN ISSUES: - Some symmetry issues in VAB/SPH CHANGELOG: 1.1k Support for official release of KSP 1.1 Support for 1.1 Compatible versions of RasterPropMonitor 0.25 and ModuleManager 2.6.22 1.1j - minor fix: - adjusted pilot seat position. 1.1i Improved flight in atmosphere added support for ( 1.1 pre-release RasterPropMonitor and ModuleManger TEST builds) Improved view from cockpit Added new collision meshes other small tweaks 1.1h fixed EVA hatch error.
  3. A LONG TIME AGO IN A KSP GAME NOT THAT FAR AWAY... Meet the TIE Striker! It's a replica of said craft from the new movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Described in the fiction as "a streamlined starfighter" meant primarily for atmospheric patrols over Imperial installations, this TIE fighter variant is a two-seater! The front seat is the cockpit, and the rear a passenger/copilot seat. On this replica, both are functional. However, a word of warning: Due to the size limitations inherent with replicas of this type, the TIE Striker has limited LF/O fuel, so if you want to get creative with it, be sure to enable infinite fuel in the cheats menu. In addition, due to how TIEs weren't really designed to fly under real-life aerodynamic conditions, the Striker doesn't fare too well in atmospheric flight. More shots from a TIE Striker over Laythe Scarif: For the Empire! Download Link
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