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Found 1 result

  1. So, I've been building a series of different whip probes, and was wondering what kind of results other folks get from this style. This probe's purpose is to leave at bad transfer times, "Whip" around another SOI for a flyby contract (without orbiting), then get itself shot home ASAP. To do this, I'm aiming for triple, if not quadruple, the standard dV necessary for the transfer, and I want solid TWR (0.4+)so that the burns can be made with reasonable accuracy and not having to 'wind up' an orbit. The best I've been able to fit into my 140 ton limit (255 parts, but I don't even get near that) has been between 11,500 - 11,800 m/s d/V at launch if I want decent takeoff TWR. Here's one variant with some of the staging a bit off (I've been goofing around since then): EDIT: Due to some confusion as to the purpose of my original image, this is one that has its staging correct and works as an example instead of a stripped down version showing most of the parts in play. It runs at 12,909 d/v on the pad and hits orbit with about 9,700 d/v left after ditching the mainsail and finishing its burn on the Terriers. There's an entire array of Oscars, Ants, science gear, antenna, and other stuff inside the fairing. Now, I realize Nukes change the landscape completely, but I was wondering who else had come up with purposely over-engineered vessels like this with limited tech so we can compare notes.
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