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Found 3 results

  1. A timeline of my canoniverse, up to 2,000 years before the present day. A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE AS WE KERBALS HAVE COME TO KNOW IT: est. 8,900,000,000 cycles B.T: The universe is created. It takes another 500 million cycles (est.) to develop any sort of planets/galaxies, and Kerbal scientists are determined to find out why the hell it waited so long. Maybe it wanted a nap. est. 8,400,000,000 cycles B.T: First galaxies are formed, with boring proto-stars and planets. est. 5,200,000,000 cycles B.T: Supposed birthdate of the Kerm- the greatest deity of th
  2. Kerboin's Spur A KSP Fan Project Table of Contents Introduction Nations of Kerbin, as of the launch of the Füthor 1 The Füthor 1 More coming soon... Introduction It was merely nine years after the devastating Great War when kerbalkind finally began to explore beyond their homeworld of Kerbin. But - as with most of the explorations that occurred through our history - the launch of the Füthor 1 orbital satellite was not one done simply for curiousity's sake. It was an exploration to prove superiority and dominance. You see, the constructio
  3. Okay I thought I posted about this before but I guess the kraken got it, so here it goes, apologies to KAC for stealing the screenshots from it's manual. What I propose is a new UI element called the timeline, a multi function tracking center and map view utility that combines functions of KAC, warp control, mission updates, and yes even multiplayer warp control. Now i'm not an expert UI guru, so i'm sure this whole idea could be made much cleaner with context sensitive displays and such, but essentially it should be handled like a video/audio editor track that you can 'scrub'
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