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Found 2 results

  1. I’ve flown across many planets in the Kerbol system during the last 3k hours I wasted on this game… yet… I’ve never payed any attention to the planet where it all began! KERBIN! So that’s why I decided to circumnavigate Kerbin for a change :D. To make things a bit more interesting, I was wondering if i would be able to do it with a tiny light weight “Jetpack”! I’ve been playing around a bit and came up with this design. It’s more of a tiny helicopter then a jetpack to be honest. But it’s nice and compact! Here are the key features of the design: Weight: 480 kg (inlcuding lar
  2. Little Big Science (an obvious pun on the band "Little Big Town") is a challenge to create the tiniest vessel possible of getting hundreds, if not thousands, of SCIENCE!!! The main goal is to collect at least 250 science with a vessel that starts off less than 50 tons. But it shouldn't be THAT simple, shall it? So I have a few things to make it more interesting. Vessels in the Kerbin system must be less than 50 tons and gather more than 1,000 science. NO MODS (except for MechJeb, if you need it) are to be used. 10 points will be removed. Your craft can either be manned or unm
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