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Found 16 results

  1. I really want to know how to decelerate efficient for landing. example, landing to mum, If I decelerate too early, my vessel will drop down, and I have to decelerate again, this will waste some fuel. If I decelerate too late, It's dangerous to crash. so, How to know, what altitude is best to decelerate can save fuel? I see MechJeb didn't have this Item that can display this information. But I use its auto landing function, I see its operation, it's good, very efficient. no more redundant action. But, I don't like auto-operation, I like to control by myself hand
  2. Hello friends! I'm completely new to space things and also KSP, but I'm loving it and enjoying everything I discover about space/rockets/orbits/satellites/etc. So I decided to buy KSP and start with the Tutorials on the game menu. It's good! The hardest thing to me was the docking tutorial, even to catch up the other vessel "Stranded". But watching A LOT YouTube videos about rendezvous and docking I finally did it! So I was thinking... "I'm a PRO now, let's try the scenario with a Space Station, undock the Space Shuttle and try to dock this again". How stupid I was, it looks impossible, I
  3. A guide to help people know common words used in the explanation of game crashes. (Basically like my TCIS's Guide To Words). Mono.dll: Mono.dll is KSP's memory. When your game crashes, and you check the 'error' file, roughly half of the time it says 'mono.dll caused an access violation in module mono.dll'. A simple way to fix this is to remove mods, thus relieving the strain on the memory. Output_log: When your game crashes, it usually produces an output_log. This log shows you the cause of the crash. A great way to get answers for your problem is to upload the log to a file sharing
  4. So I've haven't played KSP for quite some time - I used to play religiously, but things got in the way, and KSP lost its charm. After about 5-6 months of launching the game maybe once or twice, I've decided to finally come back into the game and work like I used to on it (hint, I used to play it 4+ hours every day, 7 days a week. Calling me a 'fan' would be an understatement). But to be completely honest, I'm a bit lost with what I should work on after coming back into the game after so long. I was thinking starting some ship building series perhaps, blogging on my creations and building tips,
  5. I've been building SSTOs, and have made a slightly successful model, that isn't an SSTO, but is very close with 2 recoverable SRBs giving it the extra kick it needs. What would be an optimal fuel-engine-wing combination for an SSTO, and what would be an optimal platform?
  6. Not so much a question as a public service announcement for anyone else that, like me (unless I'm the only one), missed a blindingly obvious part of the GUi that makes life a lot easier. I can't believe that I only (accidentally) discovered yesterday that a simple right click on any of the markers that appear on orbits on the map screen (eg periapsis, ascending node etc) and the value remain visible. Previously I've been scooting back and forth between the marker and maneuvere node I'm adjusting.
  7. Bonus Tips : A Random Guide to PartModules A year ago I started to delve deeper into C# and Unity's API as a hobbyist programer. I've learned a lot since then and now I'm giving that information to you, in no particular order. Random Tip #1 - KSP PartModules are Unity Game Object Components Any class in C# that inherits from the Unity Monobehaviour class is a Game Object component. This is more a conceptual cornerstone rather than a practical tip. KSP's API already has a bunch of ways to get at its many different classes and structs, but keep this in mind. You can always use Unit
  8. Hi again guys =) Is there a way to keep bases on the Mun and Minmus not jump up and down? I thought I finally got a stable general design until I drove a rover within 500 meters from them and heard explosions. =( Regards
  9. Does anyone have any tips for making a space station? I'm planning a Space Station called the "Mike's Plan to Kill Soviets With Missiles That Have Plutonium And Neutrons To create a Nuclear Reaction And Send It Into A Sub-Orbital Trajectory And Hit Soviet Kerbals That Also Have Some Missiles That They Might Shoot At Us And That's Why We Are Bombing Them With the Aforementioned Missile(s) We Talked About A Bunch Of Words Ago Do You Like This Joke?" Or (MPKSWMTHPANTCANRASIIASOTAHSKTAHSMTTMSAUATWWABTWTAM(S)WTAABOWADYLTJ?) For short! TLDR: Do you have any tips for killing the sovie- Making a space
  10. After taking a break from KSP I recently returned and decided to replay the Science Mode to get the hang of the stuff I'd forgotten plus the new additions. When I first played through the Science Mode, (IMO the best way to become familiar with KSP) it seemed to make sense to head to the Mun first and then onto Minmus. It's closer so must be easier, right? This time round and with the benefit of hindsight, I reversed that order. Getting to Minmus is only a little more complex (as you need to tilt your orbit to match that of Minmus) but you can make huge fuel savings during landings, espe
  11. hi guys, I'm going to Eeloo for the first time and I have done the calculations and I have more than enough. But as Eeloo is on an inclined elliptical orbit, and ksp.olex.biz assumes things are circular, which they arent. so how do I know the transfer window? and Idk how to use alexmoons thing so if someone could explain me that would be helpful
  12. I am making a mission to duna in sandbox mode.Can any of you give me tips?Thanks.
  13. Right now i'm doing a Elcano challenge on Eve and ill have to get back somehow. I Have no idea what to do. I tried looking for 1.0.5 Eve returns but I couldn't find anything. And i apparently need about 8500 dv. How will I sheild it though reentry? How do i launch it to Eve? I need you guys to help me on this one. I really appreciate the help.
  14. Hello! I am new to KSP and find myself desperatly scrambling to gather knowledge on this very complex, yet amazing, game. If anyone has any starter tips, then it would be appreciated to post them here so I don't cause any explosions... Thanks!
  15. Hiya! I've had KSP for many years now,and I LOVE Career mode!.......However it's just...not fun when you're progressing at a snail's pace. Basically,I only have a few things unlocked in R&D,and I don't have enough money to upgrade the VAB so I can make bigger ships. (Plus I'm not that great at making ships in general!) It's just not fun! It's also hard when ALOT of the R&D things that cost like 90 Science only give you three parts when I struggle getting 20 science! It's just not worth it,and it makes things harder when that thing unlocks everything else! So if anyone can give me some
  16. hi, can anyone give a bit of advice bilding efficient ssto ? i looked in youtube and othed stuff but thats only helps with the same ssto as it buildet in video. i tryed to build a few by myself, and they get to orbit but they totaly non efficient as they can be. the best way i doing this, jus by putting a lot of powefull jet engines with trust/mass ratio over 2 at start and just raming myself into orbit by 45 degrees just like rocket i know that it's way more efficientt ways to do this. whhat kinda engines do i have to use ?, degress at going to orbit ? trust/mass ratio ? something more to k
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