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Found 19 results

  1. KML - Kerbal Markup Lister v0.9 - 2021-03-05 (WIP) Download: GitHub Do you face a problem with broken docking ports or need just a little fuel-cheating? Do you got tired of editing save games in a text editor with long loading time and so much scrolling to compare different parts and vessels? So did I and decided to make a more helpful external editor to display the XML-like structure (the "KML" - Kerbal Markup Language) in a tree view and pick out vessels, kerbals and parts to be displayed in more eye-candy way. The current version is almost feature-complete and functional, and
  2. Not 100% sure this is the right place to post this, but I created a single-use widget for calculating resonant orbits to deploy satellites into a circular orbit at regular intervals along that orbit. It’s at http://meyerweb.com/eric/ksp/resonant-orbits/. In case you’re wondering “what the heck is this?”, a resonant orbit is most commonly used to set up CommNet constellations around non-Kerbin bodies. Suppose you want to put three relay satellites into circular polar orbit around Minmus. You could launch them one at a time from Kerbin and do all kinds of shenanigans to get them into a c
  3. KSP Mission Flag Builder V1.0 Flag builder for missions in the Kerbal Space Program. How to use below on .gif image: I created this web application just for my personal use initially, but now I come here to share. Aplication: http://kerbalflags.epizy.com/ *Credit for jfjohnny5 and his topic Customizable Mission Flags - KSP Fan Works - Kerbal Space Program Forums
  4. Gillermoo's Kerbal Engine Mapper is a tool that can help you determine the optimal rocket for your mission. Optimize for either lowest mass or lowest cost. Install here: [snip]
  5. Hello people, I came here to talk about my new project called KSPython. As the name suggests, it is an open source library made in python for the KSP community, to help with designing and developing new rockets. The idea is to have something that empowers the user to make quick prototyping and to verify designs feasibilities. The library also allows the user easy interactivity with other python libraries, in order enable a great deal of functionalities, like plotting and optimization. While still being accessible to new programmers and python users. If you're interesting in chec
  6. Hi there. I wrote a small tool to allow for rapid prototyping of rockets before actually building them, as I like to tinker with the components until I get just the dv and accelearation per stage I want. Although I play without mods, I believe this does something similar to KER, but without the need to actually build the rocket. As the tool was getting more and more useful to me, I thought maybe other people might like it. So I made it public (and FOSS) and uploaded it to gitlab. I would love to get some feedback. It runs on python3 and I tested it under GNU/Linux, but I don't see wh
  7. The Symmetry Glitch Description: In this topic I will explain a method for multiplying symmetry numbers that allows you to use a practically infinite range of symmetry numbers. The symmetry glitch involves how the game handles symmetry numbers, say you place a part with symmetry, such boosters on a rocket with 4 way symmetry, and you try to attach fins to those boosters with 2 way symmetry, upon doing so the game will automatically jump the symmetry number up to 4. This phenomenon is utilized in the glitch. By placing daughter parts on a parent part with symmetry, and then placin
  8. To whom it may be helpful, I like to share a small tool I have written in Java / JavaFX to "manage" part configuration files of my KSP installation. There are certain parts in the game and some of the mods which I personally tend to ignore because of several reasons. Instead of using other mods like "Janitors Closet" to remove those parts from the game, I wanted a small tool which just renames some part configuration files so the game does not load them at all. The tool has to make it easy to find the parts by name or title and shall give an overview of what is active and purged in an ins
  9. About INSTANTIATOR is the plugin that allows you to place primitives and billboards around the celestial bodies and do a lot of manipulations with them. How to use it? 1. Drop everything from the .zip file to your GameData folder 2. Open the file "Object.cfg" in any text editor (Notepad++ for example) This file contains the list of the objects and its parameters. The object config node looks like this: SCALED_OBJECT { name = ExampleSphere type = sphere scale = 12000, 12000, 12000 shader = Unlit/Transparent main_t
  10. A while ago, I attempted to create a tool to animate kerbals, for things like cinematics and other plugins, but I ran into a completely breaking issue, that only occurred on some computers, and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Thankfully, my computer began encountering this error thanks to the Windows 10 update, and I was (hopefully) able to fix it. So here it is, Kerbal Animation Suite v1.1.3.2. It runs with KSP 1.0.4, and allows the creation of animations for kerbals on EVA. These gifs demonstrates this mod: http://gfycat.com/DifficultDeterminedGalapagospenguin h
  11. Who has never looked for a certain orbit, when wanting to install some stellites? Pausing the game -> going into the Internet searhcing ksp data -> looking for planetary body and then looking for a certain orbit or worse caluclate the orbit itself. OrbitFinder will provide a simple tool in flight and in trackingstation where you can search for an Orbit based on period or semimajoraxis. Options to change the distance measurement between kilometer and meter, timing can be set by minutes or hours. Download: Github Source: Github Changelog: Legal s
  12. So I think i finally understand the ratio entry in the moduleengineFX, and its use with ISP. However, does anyone know of a way to easily calculate what the values should be if i want to, say, add a small amount of ablator/metal (from CRP) consumption to the engine? I don't know the exact amounts yet, waiting of copies of research papers, but is there any way i could input the maxthrust, isp, and ratios and get out the actual amount of resources per seconds? (Or some other combination) Just wondering if any other modders already have their own scripts so I don't go reinvent the wheel.
  13. I've been trying to offset some engines for my first space plane and it seems that after trying to "move" it using the tool, I cannot get anything to work again unless I exit and enter the assembly building again. Also the move itself doesnt work. Once I presset the part I want to move nothing else happens. I cannot offset it at all. Even the other tools like place and rotate wont work once I have attempted to move things. Any ideas? edit: So I tried removing all the mods and reinstalling the game. Still the same... After pressing "Move" nothing works right in the assembly buil
  14. KerbalFactory Resurrecting my old Kerbal Parts Editor project as KerbalFactory, a tool designed to visualize parts and resources spreadsheets. Still in WIP status, an Alpha version is available now for testing! Screenshots Download KerbalFactory v0.1.1 ALPHA Sources and releases are available on Github! Current Features (Alpha) Browse to your KSP Install Folder and get all the existing parts and resource definitions in detailed and customisable spreadsheets. Check many parts parameters with one glance on the list, like costs, mass or drag
  15. The KSP Fuel Calculator is a tiny tool to improve modders workflow. You can enter a fuel amount (lq. fuel or oxidizer) and the program calculates the missing propellant amount. You easily can do this by yourself with a calculator but this saves you some time if you are working on multiple fuel tanks or often have to chance it's values. The statistics may help you to not having to chance values for ballancing purposes too often. It currently just displays some vital informations about fuel cost and weight. This tool isn't in active development any more! But please feel free to share ideas,
  16. Recent Changes UI Performance enhancements. Fuels are auto-discovered based on current ship to aid compatibility with mods such as RealFuels. Resources to ignore can be set in the afu_settings.cfg file. Ore, ElectricCharge and IntakeAir are ignored by default. There is now a slider bar to empty/fill all types at once fuel types. There is a now an input field for each fuel type for precise entry. Hello everyone, This is my first mod for KSP, indeed this is my first mod of any kind for any game. It's a little mod which I created for my ow
  17. This tool has been succeeded by the Advanced KSP Mission Tool. Please check out the new thread. I've spent the last few weekends doing some rocket science, and I'd like to present my KSP Mission-Based Rocket Designer & Simulator. The aim is to abstract away as many design decisions as possible that don't have any bearing, per se, on the mission you're trying to accomplish. Instead, the calculator will attempt to optimize for the lightest possible rocket able to get the job done. Try it: https://jsideris.github.io/KSP-Mission-Based-Rocket-Designer/ The tool will algorithmica
  18. I'm using RealismOverhaul mode with Realistic Progression addon which marks quite a lot of parts as non-ro (not supported by mod). I would like to delete them to reduce memory consumption. I also found that when a lot of mods installed, some parts become unnecessary because of mods overlapping. For example, Procedural Fuel Tank (from RealFuel mod, I guess) makes most other tanks needless. I want to remove them too. The problem is it's time-consuming and boring to browse GameData by my own, looking for parts that I don't need. So basically what I need is a mod or external tool
  19. Initial gets-results version of a 'probe helper'. Right now it'll report the mass, cost, power needs, and energy needs of a probe with the selected components and properties. You can specify how patient you are for the batteries to recharge, if the probe's experiments will be transmitted one-by-one or in a big batch, and how long the probe should be able to function in a shadow (I'm looking at you, Ike). v0.1.4 charts! making noise about this again http://probehelper.appspot.com/ Planned improvements: tooltips path finding
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