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Found 5 results

  1. Please, leave the like and commentaries on YouTube. Thank you. Download in description
  2. With the new 1.11 reassembly function added, the goal of this challenge is simple, but deceptively hard: design and build a ride home. Rules: At least 2 kerbals (1 pilot, 1 engineer) are to be stranded on a target body. You may cheat them into position if you wish. A probe piloted "rescue package" must be de-orbited and landed for them to use to make their escape. From this package, craft a new vessel capable of bringing them home. Scoring system TBC, but my thinking is along the lines of ((# of kerbals rescued/mass of rescue package in tons)^(relative surface gravity*))*100 *Where relative surface g = 1 for Kerbin, 0.3 Duna etc. Kraken-powered entries are discouraged but will be permitted: resulting scores will be held separate from normal, glitch-free entries.
  3. If someone has already created this, please post a link. I looked. Just a straight speed challenge: How fast can a prop driven electric craft move? Rules: Craft must be ELECTRICALLY powered. - This is for standardization. What goes up must come down, in one piece. No dropping parts. Your craft must land in one piece. I understand you might be a long way out over water or very high after completing your speed run, so it is acceptable to just fly around KSC and land to show that it can land without falling part. This is not a test to failure, if your craft falls apart trying to achieve high speed, then it doesn't count. The idea is to be repeatable. Your speed must be recorded in LEVEL flight. So, your screen shot needs to show your speed and your attitude. No additional propulsion is allowed. Just electric motors. No glitch drives or exploits, including the heatshield lift exploit. No extreme clipping/offset. Parts need to visibly attach. This is intended to cover a range of aero exploits... don't go looking for exploits, that's not the point. No physics/parts mods. DLC required.
  4. Well not so small actually, but small in-game. Also technically it's a spaceplane. I recreated my 'mini-shuttle' with LEGO bricks. Features include folding wings and a protected docking port. Jeb in his classic orange spacesuit. Due to the messy structure, only his head will fit inside the cockpit. The engines. I should be using a terrier but opted for a set of twitches as they work inside atmosphere as well. Docking mode. This was my crappy solution to the I-want-to-balance-my-craft-with-a-fuel-tank-but-a-Kerbal-crawling-inside-it-seems-too-unrealistic problem.
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