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Found 3 results

  1. Due to the rising cost of liquid fuel caused by the cartel KOPEC (not to be confused with the small coins Valentina keeps in her pockets for buying snacks) the order has come down to design a completely reusable "SSTO" that can get to orbit and back using only solid rockets. I put "SSTO" in quotes, because of course there will be "staging" but you may not discard anything. Every item you take off with (other than the solid fuel itself) needs to come back. To make this open to a wide range of skills, there will be various medals. I was going to do the standard bronze, silver, gold, plati
  2. When I go into orbit, I tend to ascend vertically to about 30km then pitch over to about 45 for a bit then cut the engines and time warp to the apogee point so I can create an orbit. My attitude needs to be about 90 degrees (parallel to the earth's surface) before I burn so I can open out the arc into a circle on the other side of the earth. But in map view, I can't see my attitude relative to the earth so I don't know if I'm firing prograde (which is what I want) or retrograde (which I don't!). I realise I have the nav ball, but once I am on my arc the ball starts to move so 9
  3. Description Gecko KEMU Pure Stock + Breaking Grounds DLC Texture mods are Restock and Textures Unlimited Make sure to turn on SAS and enable Radial Out Press 1 to start walking (on repeat) Press 2 to jump or to crouch (on repeat) (jumping only available on low gravity planets) Press 3 stop all Reaction Wheels Press 4 Toggle Solar Panels I, K toggle Tail with Clamp J, L toggle Radar Arm A stock aircraft called Gecko KEMU. Built with 210 of the finest parts, its root part is probeStackSmall.
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