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Found 6 results

  1. Just a thread for concerned kerbalnauts to post related information and discussion here.
  2. Thread of the month of April ! After 4 months of work, I am very proud to present my first add-on: Aurora Space Center! Presentation Aurora Space Center is a mod that adds IRL/fictives buildings and launchpads! This mod has for vocation to be improved very strongly in the future, come back often to see the thread! Buildings and current launchpads: Features: Buildings and launchpads use stock textures. All other textures (logo or text) can be modified in paint for exemple! Buildings and pads will automatically turn on and tur
  3. Thread of the Month April 2020 Created by CarnationRED Inspired by SimplePlanes' fuselage parts. Designed for limitless shape construction. _________________________________________________________________ KottabosGames' Introduction Video Features Change sections width, height and radius Save/Load section shape presets Various shape modifications CRFP Creator: Pick any 3 or 4 points in scene to create a panel, with surface/edge/vertex snap options Edit with gizmos and/or GUI Quick copy shape and materials using Ctrl+F or
  4. My county is telling us to "shelter in place" avoid The Disease, so my neighbor just knocked on the door, told me he works at a grocery store, and asked me if there's anything I need from the store. I don't even know they guy very well. It was such a nice thing to do in the middle of so much stress and bad news.
  5. This is a spinoff from @Petabyte's Longest Hover challenge. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is simple but probably not easy: Launch a rocket from the launchpad. It must have no jet engines, parachutes or aero surfaces (wings, fins, elevons, propeller blades, etc.) of any kind. Hover around the VAB while keeping the bottom of your rocket below the roof level. Hitting the ground or the roof of any building is of course not allowed either. Land back on the launch pad. As this is a race, entries will be ranked by time from launch to landing, but the real challenge
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