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Found 6 results

  1. Introduction This is a small collection of mini mods which I would class as "life improvement" mods. They were created to address my lack of patience when playing the game, so their aim is to speed up some of the more mundane day-to-day tasks. Although many will not understand this, if you do then hopefully you will get some enjoyment/relief from these! Additionally, as I have to play on a pretty low-spec laptop, I've tried to design them to be as "lite" as possible. My game is also swamped with taskbar icons so I've refrained from using any for these on principle; again I know that's not
  2. What’s hard for you in KSP? I know mine is getting a Minmus encounter. It like the only planet/moon I can’t get too.
  3. Custom Parachute Message is a Kerbal Space Program mod that adds a perseverance style customizable parachutes, with a cool shader! Review by @Kottabos Features: Encode message to your parachute just like perseverance Customize parachute color palette Customize each and every individual section on the parachute (There are 320 sections!) Over 30 pattern presets Share custom patterns with your friend Preview parachute pattern in VAB/SPH Cool looking and more realistic translucent parachute shader Just visual c
  4. For me it was the first time I got to orbit then deorbited and didn’t have to bail because I put drogue chutes instead of parachute
  5. Introduction KHSK is used for extend kerbal's capabilities. This mod will provide some parts that kerbal can equiped with stock inventory system. Two parts are working in prograss, and almost finished. Maybe i will add more in the future, but i don't have any idea about them now. Overview Parts: 1.Exoskeleton When you put the part "Exoskeleton" in kerbal's inventory. This part will be equiped on kerbal automatically. Exoskeleton will increase kerbal's "ConstructionWeightLimit" 15 times in Construction Mode.It means kerbal engineer can lift 0.9 tons
  6. The KSP forum moderator's team presents the Threads of the Month April 2021 edition Greetings to all our Kerbalnauts, the builders of dreams, the electronic explorers pressing to worlds unknown, and those who tinker around: This is the third month in a row I've volunteered to do the Thread of the Month! I am really enjoying this experience of compiling the recommendations, and sorting through them. It seems that COVID-19 continues to impact most of our KSP community and with that, we are seeing a lot of new faces as lock-down boredom leads to more gaming (and snacking, of course
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